September 07, 2012

The Quantum of Integration
Now, shift the perspective on integration from technology to business. First, the real problem is not that it is too difficult to integrate applications. That’s a subset of the broader issue - it is too expensive to access, maintain, and secure information required to carryout business. Furthermore, it is too costly to change processes in response to evolving business strategy.

Enterprise Architects For Dummies (CEOs)
As Dave Baker of PwC notes, "A business without a design is one that is likely to be overly complex, expensive, inefficient and unaligned." Or as Raja Musunuru, from Gaylord Entertainment Company, says, "It's the difference between the roads in Boston and the roads in Toronto."

Application Performance Problems
The survey indicated that 12 percent of the organizations face application performance problems on a regular basis whereas 43 percent deal with the same once every month. A further 27 percent experienced such issues almost every three months.

Secrets Behind Paychecks of CIOs
According to Lidia Fonseca, CIO of LabCorp, IT executives are measured and paid in the same ways as other senior officers. She states, “For us, it's not just aligning with the business. IT has to be ‘in’ the business. That has been a key driver in being an effective CIO.”

Achieve Scriptless Test Automation Utopia!
Join Darshan Jani in this live webcast on September 13, 2012 as he sheds light on solutions for automated testing and improving ROI through automated scriptless testing. Requires free registration.

IT Managers Bet on Business Analytics
BA has been making inroads slowly into organisations and throwing up huge opportunity for the IT heads and enabling them to provide information in real time to help the business groups to make informed decisions.

Justifying RoI the Holistic Way
The reason being there are no clear metrics worked out on RoI or payback revolving around the said investment or even the real value-add provided. The benefit factor of any technology is overlooked and it would be anybody’s guess what benefits it would entail.

India's big data market to hit $1B in 2015
The Times of India, citing a report by the National Association of Software and Services Companies (Nasscom) and Crisil, reported on Wednesday the country's big data industry is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 83 percent from US$200 million this year to reach the projected US$1 billion in some three years' time.

Microsoft banks on India's developer ecosystem to drive Windows Phone
Redmond has been focusing its efforts and offering incentives to encourage app development on its mobile OS, which was launched in India several months after the global launch.

Germany pushes for an end to massive fines for hijacked Wi-Fi
Under current German law, the Wi-Fi network owner could be held liable as an accessory to the crime and face the same prison term or fine as the individual who committed the offence.

The Value of the PoC in Enterprise Architecture
The perception of enterprise architecture can be badly damaged when the actual implementation of this architecture fails to meet cost, time, or usability expectations. Building a small version of the planned solution before making a large resource commitment and business dependency on the outcome can demonstrate the value of Enterprise Architecture and greatly reduce the risk of wasted resources and lost opportunities.

instant Data Quality at Work
iDQ™ is basically a very advanced search engine capable of being integrated into business processes in order to get data quality for contact data right the first time and at the same time reduce the time needed for looking up and entering contact data.

Quotes for the day:

"Hire character. Train skill." -- Peter Schutz

It is impossible to give what you don't have. Invest in your leadership. Keep learning!

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