September 04, 2012

Touch Targets for Application Design
In this video, in addition to general guidelines, Luke also showcase a before and after design that converts a keyboard and mouse application to a touch-optimized interface by rethinking navigation, input controls, and more.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Yelp
Next to Google, there’s probably no more important site for small businesses than Yelp. Yet perhaps no other site is as poorly understood. For instance, is it a good idea to encourage your customers to give you good reviews on the site? Does Yelp pay for reviews? How do you go about countering bad reviews?

Is the Era of Innovation Over?
The conclusions that Dr. Brander comes to are less than comforting (if you agree with his view of innovation); his research found the pace of innovation to be slowing dramatically in four key areas: agriculture, energy, transportation, and health care.

Leaders in Beta: Testing What Works
Due to the complex challenges we face in the world right now, leaders would benefit tremendously by embracing a ‘beta mindset’ by not only having a clear, long-term vision of where they want to go, but also being able to adapt quickly, by continually collaborating with those that are affected by their leadership.

New Microsoft agreement: No class action suits for you
Microsoft has notified users of changes to its Services Agreement. Effective October 19, users waive their rights to class action lawsuits - among other fun clarifications.

Analyzing Unstructured Content
UIMA document provides an overview of how to develop simple and aggregated analysis engines. I found this document gripping (which is not a term you normally associate with technical documents). It not only explains the conceptual thinking behind UIMA, but also triggers several ideas and thoughts for further reading.

Can 4K ever become a household technology?
Bizarrely, 4K works better the closer you sit. Even on Sony's 84-inch monster. Sony group manager Paul Colley told us that to get the best viewing experience, they recommend a seating distance of 1.5 metres for 4K video, 3 metres for HD and 6 metres for SD.

10 Steps to Effective Data Governance for SMBs
Data Governance is an emerging business priority. In a recent survey sponsored by IBM, two-thirds of all companies are implementing or planning to implement a data governance program in the next 18 months. Seventy percent see data governance growing in importance in the next three to five years.

Malicious malware targets journalists, free press organizations
An opportunistic assailant attempted to deceive Committee to Protect Journalists and load malicious malware onto a computer belonging to the the organization's director.

Bringing Google+ to work
Whether you’re across the street or across the world, you can hold face-to-face meetings, share updates with colleagues and friends and work on a presentation together in real time. Like Google Apps, we think Google+ can help colleagues collaborate more easily and get things done—and get to know each other along the way.

From MongoDB to Riak at Shareaholic
Robby Grossman talked at Boston Riak meetup about Shareaholic’s migration from MongoDB to Riak and their requirements and evaluation of top contenders: HBase, Cassandra, Riak.

Quote for the day:

"The person who can drive himself further once the effort gets painful is the one who will win." -- Roger Bannister


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