September 14, 2012

Brian Marick on 4 Challenges and 5 Guiding Values of Agile Software Development
Brian Marick talks about several challenges for teams transitioning to Agile and 5 guiding values that successful Agile teams share. The major challenges covered are: courage, working software, naivete, and slicewise design. Successful teams share these guiding values: reactive, ease, solidarity, decency, and joy.       

Testing Mobile Apps
In this presentation Julian Harty covers various challenges and practices for testing applications for mobile devices.      

This Indian Founded Startup is Built to Scare Dell, NetApp and EMC
The company’s mission is to pack a lot more of data for enterprises in tinier spaces without losing any performance. The company gained its popularity as it saves tons of money over traditional systems offered by Dell, NetApp and EMC.

iPhone 5: Why no NFC?
Apple's critics included a U.K.-based communications marketing company called Proxama. "NFC is going to progress at a pace without Apple," said Miles Quitmann, managing director of Proxama, in a statement. "This could be Apple's loss."

Helium-filled WD drives promise huge boost in capacity
Western Digital is preparing to launch a line of hard drives filled with helium gas that is said to drastically reduce internal friction and thus lower power consumption by 23% while increasing capacity by 40%.

Java-Based Apache Wicket Gets an Update
Version 6.0 of the lightweight, Java-based framework comes with a revamped AJAX JavaScript library, out-of-the box JQuery integration, and OSGi-compatible packaging, among other improvements.

SaaS: 5 Trouble Spots
As the market evolves quickly, and ahead of vendor’s Dreamforce conference, we point out a few of the obstacles rising to the top with software as a service implementations. Here are five lingering challenges with enterprise software as a service implementations.

Are You Making Management Too Complex?
In this world of increasing complexity, the best opportunities are for those firms, products and services that are minimally complex (simple). The same goes for those of us leading others and managing our organizations.

Finding the business value in big data is a big problem
Business leaders often "don't know what they don't know," said one frustrated IT manager, and therefore they are incapable of explaining to IT shops what to do with all this data that's being accumulated.

Managing Blind: Interview with Peter Benson
Peter has a vast amount of experience in Data Quality and Data Governance and has helped the industry move on considerably with his leadership of the ISO 8000 Data Quality standard. Here is an Interview with him.

Quote for the day:

"We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret or disappointment." -- Jim Rohn

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