September 13, 2012

Haswell: Intel's key for unlocking the post-PC world
Haswell is set to be Intel's key processor for mobile devices right up to servers and its combination of thrifty power consumption and advanced graphical capabilities could power a new generation of post-PC devices.

Your resume vs. your LinkedIn profile
Your LinkedIn profile should complement your resume, not mirror it. Take the time to create a strong profile that provides more depth about your unique skills and experiences to reach a broader audience.

43 Technologies that will impact Indian cos in next 10 years
“Some technologies, such as cloud computing, data deduplication and virtualization, enable new ways of doing business across industries, which will result in a major shift in industry dynamics and will also lead to the creation of a new and improved — and sustainable — ecosystem.

Oxygen Cloud Breathes Life into Content Virtualization
The underlying technology is a virtual file system and that's the key to it all. It is the basis for the synchronization, and then a number of management and policy elements kick in. So, in a way it is the best of both worlds.

High Performance Computing (HPC) in the Cloud'
High performance computing is no longer limited to those who own supercomputers. HPC's democratization has been driven particularly by cloud computing, which has given scientists access to supercomputing-like features at the cost of a few dollars per hour.

Microsoft axes many of its Forefront enterprise security products
Microsoft is ceasing development of many of its Forefront products, choosing, instead to integrate more security capabilities into a number of its other products and services.

Visual Studio 2012 bends to shifting IT landscape
Today's workforce employees expect to do their jobs across a wider range of devices, not only PCs and laptops, but also tablets and smartphones. And they expect their data to be accessible to all of these devices.

Ten ways to spot an egomaniac in business
Do you have an egomaniac in your firm? Just how damaging can this type of personality be in business? And how do you spot them? Here are ten signs that someone is being driven by their ego —and suggestions for a better way.

Yet Another Court Says You're Not 'Negligent' If Someone Uses Your Open WiFi To Infringe
 In July, a district court in New York rejected this argument quickly, noting that the position was "untenable." And now a California district court has ruled similarly, completely rejecting the negligence theory on three different points.

Introducing Creating Value
Whatever the motivation, at the end of the day, it all comes down to creating value, whether it’s business value or personal value. Surprisingly, though, not enough business owners think about this.

Quote for the day:

Really great people make you feel that you, too, can become great  -- Mark Twain

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