September 25, 2012

Five content filters suitable for both home and business
When you need to block content, it’s a relief to know there are plenty of tools out there that do the job. Here are five such tools that I believe can do the trick for anyone willing (or needing) to take the time to get these products set up and running properly.

IPv6 traffic rises in U.S., but remains sliver of overall Internet
 ISPs are reporting a significant rise in IPv6 traffic during the last three months, even though the overall numbers remain tiny -- less than 1% of Internet traffic.

Oracle releases free ADF Essentials
"This [release] allows the ADF framework to be used outside of the Oracle stack," said Bill Pataky, vice president of product management in the Oracle Fusion team. The package, called Oracle ADF Essentials, promises to be "a really powerful way to create rich Web applications very quickly," Pataky said.

Oracle databases easy to hack, says researcher
"It's pretty simple," Martinez Fayo told the security blog Dark Reading. "The attacker just needs to know a valid username in the database, and the database name. That's it."

Oracle and Big Data
Here are Oracle's big data resources, which includes webcasts, white papers for the Architects and the Analysts.

A Startup Tries to Make a Better Artificial Brain
Vicarious hopes to combine neuroscience and computer science to create a visual perception system inspired by the neocortex, the wrinkly outer portion of the brain that deals with speaking, hearing, seeing, moving, and other functions.

Data Analytics and the Information Transfer Gap
“The biggest problem corporations face, whether it’s customer service, whether it’s sales, whether it’s an airline rep, is that they’re asked to make critical decisions for the corporation, but the information they’re provided is very, very hard to consume and use,” said Opera Solutions founder and CEO Arnab Gupta.

Service, function and capability (again)
Quick background: business-folk tend to use the terms ‘business service’, ‘business process’, ‘business function’ and ‘business capability’ as near-synonyms, which leads to all manner of confusion when we try to build common understanding across an organisation or enterprise.

Mobile Application Architecture with HTML5 and Javascript
HTML5 with JavaScript has opened the door for device-independent user interfaces. This means that user interfaces can be created using JavaScript component libraries that render interactive user interface widgets using HTML5 elements. HTML5 has many new features that support mobility and rich user interface development.

A Better (& Cheaper) Way to Motivate Employees
Most start-ups don’t have much in the way of cash to pay big salaries and bonuses. They might offer stock options to keep a carrot dangling in front of their key people as they spur them to work every waking hour.

Quotes for the day:

"A man of genius makes no mistakes; his errors are volitional and are the portals of discovery." - James Joyce

"If you can dream it you can do it." -- Walt Disney

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