September 27, 2012

Enterprise architecture in the age of cloud services
In reading this article, an IT architect will learn how to use EA notations and IBM Rational System Architect to communicate effectively with business users and other stakeholders, including the service provider.

What do cloud and cloud management mean for enterprise architecture?
The main question in enterprise IT is often whether to move to a cloud architecture at all. There is a lot of value in the work that has been done over time to build and adapt an IT environment to suit the business, and a corresponding reluctance to change anything too quickly.

Google Apps axes export support for .doc and other old Microsoft Office formats
The cloud-based office suite will, from 1 October, only be able to export to newer Office Open XML formats such as .docx. This will affect anyone collaborating with users of pre-2003 Office versions, although Microsoft does have a compatibility pack to help out users of some earlier iterations

High Performance Computing (HPC) in the Cloud
High performance computing is no longer limited to those who own supercomputers. HPC's democratization has been driven particularly by cloud computing, which has given scientists access to supercomputing-like features at the cost of a few dollars per hour.

Embracing the Engineering Side of Software Engineering
Drawing from 20 years of research and industrial experience, the author argues that now is the time to make software engineering a true engineering discipline. (with video extra)

Expectation is reality
We hear about perception being reality in service management space. When you are dealing with projects, expectation become the be all and and end all. How your project is perceived is proportional to the level of expectation about the outcomes that you have built.

Analytics Lead Insurance CIO Wish List
Given a $3 million-to-$5 million bump in budget, almost one-third of insurer CIOs would put the money toward analytics, despite already investing heavily in that area, according to “If I Had $5 Million… Where Insurer CIOs Would Spend Money They Don’t Have and Why,” a survey from Novarica.

Europe ready to charge Microsoft over browser choice, eyes Google action
European antitrust commissioner JoaquĆ­n Almunia said in a speech today in Warsaw that both "world brands" were in the Commission's sights – Microsoft over its failure to properly offer users a choice of browser, Google over its fears it "had used its dominance in online search to foreclose advertisers and rivals".

How "Big-Data-as-a-Service" Can Help Smaller Companies Compete
The common perception of how big data is used centers around giant multi-national enterprises spending millions trying to fine tune their business strategies to eke out every last penny from their customers. But in reality, big data is worming its way into businesses large and small, often as a service instead of on-premises software.

Predictive Analytics: Classification Using Decision Trees
When assessing a candidate’s propensity to act in the desired manner, one can use the classification model to review the critical characteristics’ values to get a probability of achieving the desired result.

NetSuite talks 'Appstore' for everyone
Zach Nelson, CEO NetSuite was in London this week talking SuiteCommerce. Rebranded e-commerce or something new? E-commerce has been around for many years but in recent times, the market has become extremely complicated.

Quote for the day:

"Nothing can add more power to your life than concentrating all of your energies on a limited set of targets." - Nido Qubein 

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