December 23, 2013

IPv6 will allow them to track you down. Not!
It is true that IPv6 will change addressing on the Internet. Many of us hope it restores the ability to identify an actual network endpoint -- a feature that we lost a number of years ago in IPv4. But some appear to be imagining a future where each machine has its very own address, and that these addresses will be easily traced whenever a person visits a website, plays a game online, or even opens an email.  In fact, IPv6 actually has features that are designed to foil these sorts of plans.

Five trends that will affect your cloud strategy
Over the next three years, we expect this trend to accelerate, with an expanded set of providers and offerings. Deploying cloud services will involve substantial integration work, and many CSBs will deliver integration services and employ business process management suites (BPMSs) to address this complexity. Steady investments by IT distributors and communication service providers (CSPs) for cloud aggregation brokerage offerings will help small or midsize businesses acquire, leverage and maximise investments involving multiple cloud services.

The IT industry must come clean on software licensing
Software publishers want to sell organisations an enterprise agreement, according to James Moy, assistant vice-president for IT asset management at Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi. “They love to sell their software, but if you ever ask any of the software suppliers how they keep compliant on their own software, they will have no response,” he says. Moy says most software is coded with executable file and revisions. “How does a user or company actually keep count? Take into account upgrades, patch versioning, enterprise agreements and select agreements and your head is spinning,” he adds.

Quanex halts its SAP rollout, citing a strategy shift
"This is a business planning issue," said Michael Krigsman, CEO of consulting firm Asuret and an expert on why IT projects go awry. "It has nothing to do with the technology. Any time a company changes its strategy mid-stream there are going to be mopping-up costs, which is what this is, and if they don't need the capabilities of an elaborate ERP system then they are wise not to continue with it."

CEO Says CIOs Need to Be a Source of Energy and Innovation
"Suren Gupta, our EVP of technology and operations, sits 20 feet down the hall from me, and we interact continuously. He's on our strategy and reinvention committee, which approves strategy for all our businesses. I walk down the hall to get his thoughts--not just on technology matters but also on business matters--because he's one of the architects of our business innovation. CIOs who aspire to Suren's level of impact need to learn about the business, own the transformation and teach the organization how technology can improve customer satisfaction."

eGuide: Application Integration in the Cloud and On-Premises
Application integration has always been an afterthought for buyers enthralled with the latest new app, and the pain of integration is continually forgotten. This E-Guide provides expert tips and best practices on deciding between on-premises vs. SaaS and dealing with the application integration woes that follow.

PyParallel: A Fast Parallel Version of Python
Python’s asynchronous support is somewhat problematic. It is designed around the Unix/Linux idea of synchronous, non-blocking I/O. This is where a thread continuously polls for incoming data and then dispatches it accordingly. While Linux is tuned for this pattern, on a Windows machine this is disastrous for performance. It is really expensive to copy the data from the polling thread to the thread that will actually process the work. So what PyParallel delivers instead is true asynchronous I/O using the native I/O Completion Ports (IOCP).

Information technology and corporate governance
Control objectives in IT (COBIT) is an IT governance framework and supporting toolset that allows managers to bridge the gap between control requirements, technical issues and business risks. One may visit the ISACA website for a detailed discussion and guidance on IT governance and COBIT. At the end of the day, IT governance has to create value for the business over and above associated costs. ... This requires companies to have people who understand both business and IT.

What I've Learned from 3 Years in the Gamification Industry
"According to Google Trends, the first news article citing the term gamification appeared in August 2010. Badgeville officially launched in October 2010 (at TechCrunch Disrupt.) As a marketer helping grow a new industry, beyond making sure people knew about our product and the value it adds to their businesses, our team had to carefully help explain what gamification was and wasn't."

Seven Tips for Stress-Free Project Leadership
An essential component of the art of stress management is the ability to realize that anxiety, for all its negatives, is not the problem; the problem is how we often choose to deal with it. “When you have just enough anxiety though, you have the productive energy you need to turn your thinking and feeling into positive action,” says Robert Rosen, author of Just Enough Anxiety: The Hidden Driver of Business Success.

Quote for the day:

"Disruption is about risk-taking. But then you become a Fortune 500 co., which is about risk mitigation" -- @SteveCase

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