December 20, 2013

CloudSigma makes IaaS security easier with network policies
The new network policy system from CloudSigma, a Zurich-based IaaS provider, will allow customers and providers to configure and control both inbound and outbound traffic through the CloudSigma IaaS Web interface or directly over the provider's application programming interface. The policies can range from a single rule that blocks all external public IP traffic to complex configurations allowing connections to certain ports from a specific range of IP addresses.

Want To Really Be Agile? Swarm!
In order to all be working on the same feature without running into dependency problems, we have to all work on the same story, known colloquially as swarming. That means that the team has to discuss the story, divide it into tasks and have each pair work on a task. Close collaboration is incredibly important since we want to make sure we are all working toward the same goal. We know from reality that not everyone on the team will be able to work on the same story. So how do we share our code changes quickly?

4 ways network virtualization improves security
Add network virtualization to that dynamic environment, and the operational model for networking changes completely. Profound changes of this sort tend to make security professionals nervous, but in reality, network virtualization includes several built-in network security advantages. These include isolation and multitenancy; segmentation; distribution firewalling; and service insertion and chaining. Network virtualization platforms can combine these features with other security functions to streamline security operations in a software-defined data center.

New cybersecurity boom arrives in Silicon Valley
The result is a digital arms race against wily hackers that has Silicon Valley battling to provide the weapons to the good guys. Venture capital firms are pumping funding into security startups, which are getting gobbled up by big companies that see cybersecurity as a source of new revenue. In a region where tech trends go in cycles, cybersecurity is a particularly mouthwatering investment prospect because no matter how much security equipment or software gets sold, the problem never gets completely solved

From the Brink of Disruption to the Year’s Top Corporate Comebacks
In 1991, LL Cool J rocked MTV Unplugged, rapping to the audience, “Don’t call it a comeback.” He didn’t wish to dwell on the flops of the past or to jinx the future. Today, three companies – Best Buy (BBY), Delta Airlines (DAL), and General Motors (GM) – could say the same thing. Only a few years ago, each was dismissed and left for dead. But each has since come back and now stand as the turnaround story of 2013.

VDI is the Primary Enabler of BYOD, Say ITDMs
Handa says, “While the initial phase of implementation looks similar, the extent of investments and the IT infrastructure deployment at the back-end differ from one to the other.” He argues that BYOD has its own set of operational challenges that may not exist when one is deploying thin client/uniform end-computing devices. In the case of Essar, Jayantha Prabhu, CTO, Essar Services India says, “In our case, desktop virtualisation has become one of the primary enablers of BYOD due to its core ability to stream data to mobile devices in an encrypted and containerised manner.”

Big Data, Little Happiness
Can data make companies intelligent? Sure. Can it data make companies more profitable, more efficient, more customer-centric and more strategic? Possibly. Of particular concern is the rate of growth of data capture. More data is collected in one day now than existed in the world just a few years ago. Unfortunately, this speaks only to our ability to capture data, rather than to its inherent utility. This dramatic surge in data is essentially caused as the number of connections that can be made is increasing geometrically between content, users, apps and activities.

JavaScript spin-off asm.js brings web even closer to native performance
asm.js is a subset of JavaScript that is optimised to maximise performance. asm.js is JavaScript and so will run in any browser but to get the best performance a browser's JavaScript engine needs to have been written to take advantage of the optimisations asm.js makes possible. Currently the only browser to support asm.js optimisations is Firefox, since Firefox 22, although Google has expressed interest in adding support to Chrome.

Being Nice to New Hires Is Good for Business
Overall, a consistent pattern emerged. Higher levels of support from both co-workers and supervisors led to new employees’ having more positive attitudes, trying harder to integrate with the group, and being more committed to their job. On the flip side, higher levels of negative behavior by co-workers and bosses led to new hires’ feeling excluded from the workflow and made them more likely to skip work or show up late.

The Rise of the Developer: Why Programmers Are Kings
Collison sees the roots of the developer-is-king trend in the growth of such developer communities. "Over the past few years the online developer community has been getting increasingly verbal, thanks to companies like GitHub, which amounts to a modern day version of a Home Brew Computer Club (where Apple founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniac met)," he said. "One of the advantages for all the companies here is that they nurture an ever growing audience...The developer communities are very close knit. If the product is good enough, the word gets out."

Quote for the day:

"First-rate people hire first-rate people; second-rate people hire third-rate people." -- Leo Rosten

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