December 19, 2013

New DDoS malware targets Linux and Windows systems
"From the analysis we were able to determine that there are four types of attack possible, each of them a DDoS attack on the defined target," the researchers said. "One of the possibilities is the DNS Amplification attack, in which a request, containing 256 random or previously defined queries, is sent to a DNS server. There are also other, unimplemented functions, which probably are meant to utilize the HTTP protocol in order to perform a DDoS attack."

4 Ideas to Build a Culture of Critical Thinking
The reality is that training middle managers on critical thinking skills is much like teaching an adult to ride a bicycle. It takes patience, training and practice to be able to master the art of critical thinking which, in turn, leads to good decision making. The starting point of building a culture of critical thinking is to incorporate critical thinking in organizational training programs.

How CIOs And CMOs Can Be Better Partners
A hot topic over the past year in business and technology circles has been the relationship between the CMO and CIO. And for good reason. We're in the middle of one of the most transformative evolutions of digital technology adoption of our time. But while CMOs and CIOs know they need to find ways to work together more closely in what Forrester is calling the "Age of the Customer," many executives see it as an alliance of necessity more than a exciting relationship. Why? In a word: territory. For years, the two worlds were silos, separated by corporate boundaries.

Putting capabilities to use
A capability is simply the ability to do something: it literally has no function until it’s placed together with a function-interface – the external interface to a service – and with the various other elements that make up and identify and drive the actual service. The ‘service-content‘ frame, from modelling with Enterprise Canvas, summarises where capabilities sit in context of all those other elements in a service:

Implementing Oracle RAC on Extended Distance Clusters
A special implementation of Oracle RAC lets you add an extended distance cluster, also called a stretched cluster, metro cluster, campus cluster, or geo cluster. With an extended distance cluster, components are deployed across two or more data center locations, allowing them to continue to function if one location fails. In normal operation, all nodes at all locations will be active. The distance for an extended Oracle RAC is determined by the type failure against which the Oracle RAC should be protected.

How an Involved CIO Can Help Your Organization Embrace Innovation and Avoid Disruption
The precise role of the CIO will depend to some degree on the technology-driven pressures facing any given company. For some, incessant advances in technology are a blessing. Their companies or perhaps industries are embracing change and innovation and reaping the rewards. Here, the role of the CIO is to help stay at the forefront of technology or at the very least, not lose any ground to competitors.

Top 8 Ways Banks Will Spend Their 2014 IT Budgets
Generalities and industry numbers fail to take into account the specific conditions at individual banks. For instance, at Capital Bank in Raleigh, N.C., the IT budget for 2014 is flat in comparison to this year. Chief Operating Officer Zahid Afzal, says the bank will increase its investment on mobile, cybersecurity, regulatory compliance, and more convenient products and services for customers. IT purchases will include sales and service tools, cybersecurity and fraud management software, mobile and payments products and services, storage solutions, and big data and business intelligence related tools,

The 9 hardest things programmers have to do
A recent discussion thread on Quora got developers to share what they felt were the hardest tasks that the job requires. Using the input and scores from that thread, and another, older one on Ubuntu Forums, ITworld has compiled a list of the 9 hardest tasks for programmers. As you’ll see, it turns out that actually writing code isn’t one of the harder parts of programming. If you develop software for a living, see how of many of these tasks are on your list.

Change the organization or change the organization
It used to be that old-school, industrial-age organizations could accommodate stepped change. For purposes of this article we will consider the mechanical approach to forcing change through (described in Post 1) to be Change Management 1.0. However, with the rate of innovation and competition accelerating, pressure is on organizations to change far more rapidly. Consider organizations such as Kodak, Nokia, or, more recently, Research in Motion, who seem to be failing to keep up. Consider the external environmental pressures such as:

Dell committed to computing solutions
Dell Venture is dedicated to the success of tech entrepreneurs and is aligned with Dell's own strategy and growth objectives. The model is an investment relevant to Dell's strategic objective sand priorities, investing $5 million-$15 million, averaging $3 million-$5 million. Dell Ventures' model is to co-invest with venture capitalists and other strategic actors, servicng as a board adviser and making the full breadth of Dell resources available to the portfolio company.

Quote for the day:

"Good people are good because they've come to wisdom through failure" -- William Saroyan

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