December 05, 2013

How to Get More Value Out of Your Data Analysts
There is widespread recognition of the shortage of analytical professionals. Lesser appreciated is the fact that most organizations are also way short on analytical amateurs. A May 2011 McKinsey Global Institute study on big data analytics predicted a coming shortfall of around 150,000 people with deep analytical skills – and a shortfall of 1.5 million business people with the know-how to put big data analytics to use.

8 key duties of the chief digital officer
Sam Ramji, vice president of strategy at Apigee, has been watching the emergence of this new C-title, and made some observations as to where these individuals should be focusing their efforts. He describes his epiphany coming from listening to digital leaders at the recent Chief Digital Officer Global Forum. (See -- they even have their own forum now...) Here are 8 key roles that should go into the job description of the chief digital officer:

BGP and MPLS-Based VPNs
The multiprotocol extension to BGP4, MBGP, was invented to carry such routing information between peer routers. So once we think in terms of routing 12 byte prefixes, there is a natural way to propagate the information. For security and scalability, MBGP only propagates information about a VPN to other routers that have interfaces with the same route distinguisher value. That reduces the chance of accidentally leaking information about Customer A to Customer B (quite easily done with routing distribute lists in a tunneling approach, or with route maps or distribute lists or prefix lists and ordinary BGP).

Obama says iPhone is insecure; DoD agrees
President Obama has revealed that he's not permitted to carry an iPhone. It's too insecure for the job, he says. Instead, he's stuck with a BlackBerry. Well, someone's got to have one still. However, it turns out that the Pentagon has also outlawed non-BlackBerry smartphones. ... Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment.

IT Consultants: Is Full-Time Work For You?
The perks of making the move can be tempting: the promotions, the bonuses, and the guaranteed benefits. So how do you decide? It would be nice to have a crystal ball; there is no sure thing. But you can still make a wise choice. Start by asking yourself why you're considering the change and what is drawing you in. Then, ask these four questions to help you determine whether a full-time position should be your next move.

PaaS system benefits go beyond just freeing up developers' time
Paul Burns, president of the analysis firm Neovise LLC, believes that PaaS has been used as too much of a catch-all. But he sees an increasing focus on moving existing appli­cations to the cloud with a PaaS system. "You take an existing application and you make it run in a cloud environment and take advantage of some of the underlying capabili­ties like elasticity," he said.

Why Are So Many IT Projects Failing?
"Project managers aren't just project-based, they're supervisors," says Innotas CEO Kevin Kern. "They are managing solutions and applications, as well as managing the software developers, and there aren't enough developers, ever. So, project managers are being asked to take on so many responsibilities that their job descriptions get blurred," Kern says.

Provocative Questions for Analytics to Answer
Consider what young people are learning in school today. Concepts such as mean, mode, range and probability theory, once taught in freshman university statistics courses, are introduced to children in their early elementary school years. Children are taught these methods in a very practical way. For example, if you have x dimes, y quarters and z nickels in your pocket, what is the chance of you pulling a dime from your pocket?

What should a CISO outsource?
Ideally, there should be two parties working in tandem - internal and external (outsourcing agency). A steering committee (including CISO/CIO) should be in command. These days as threats become more complex (mobile malware, APT, organized cybercrimes), some niche services/solutions are best taken in outsourced model/cloud model - rather can implementing all in-house. At the same time, there should be overall visibility available to CIO/CISO (steering committee) at any given time.

Data security laws and penalties: Pay IT now or pay out later
By implementing data security measures already suggested or required, your organization can avoid a host of problems. Whether your organization handles personal information now, or may do so in the future, federal and state laws are likely to set the standard by which unjust enrichment claims will be made and damages calculated. Below are examples of what is expected.

Quote for the day:

"I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward." -- Thomas A. Edison

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