December 06, 2013

5 Ways To Turbocharge Innovation
How can companies avoid falling into the groupthink trap? It starts with fostering "creative conflict," whereby organizations bring cognitive confrontation to the forefront when discussing ideas and innovation opportunities. We've identified five ways to foster an environment -- and mindset -- to turn ordinary ideas into extraordinary innovations through creative conflict.

Using metro storage clusters to manage data growth, add value to IaaS
Service providers may gain significant business value by implementing metro storage clusters as well. They can use the technology to create multilayer data storage packages for customers, depending on which metro storage cluster design they chose to deploy. Requirements would dictate the design, architecture and services to be offered. Cloud providers could offer every layer of service within the data storage package at a premium service charge.

Asus 2 in 1 Device Pulls Off Hat Trick
But this is no ordinary 2 in 1 device. It requires a double take. “There are two (dual core) processors, two operating systems, two drives, two WiFi modules and more,” points out Paine. The Trio can also switch from Android to Windows 8 operating systems with a click of a button. “The tablet experience is optimized with an Intel Atom processor to run Android and the laptop experience is optimized with an 4th generation Intel Core processor that runs Windows 8 and Android,” said Jon Falker, global partner marketing manager at Intel. “It’s a trend-setter and something we’ll likely see more of in 2014,” he said.

Researchers compete to bring humanoid robots to life
"Robots right now, for the most part, are either on stationary bases working on repetitive tasks or working in a lab," said Gill Pratt, a DARPA program manager. "We're trying to move to task-level autonomy. Instead of saying, 'Move ahead a tenth of an inch,' we'd say, 'Move forward and open that door.' During a disaster, communications could be very poor. The robot needs more smarts to be able to do things on its own." Robots have yet to reach that level of development. In fact, to date they are far from it.

RedHat Takes On VMware For PaaS Crown
PaaS typically provides tools, a code check-in and check-out repository, and the ability to roll back a recent build to a more reliable version. It provides team processes and collaborative development tools in a cloud environment. Red Hat Enterprise Linux is already a favored operating system for running workloads in public cloud services. Now Red Hat needs to find its follow-up success, and it's looking to its PaaS offering.

Speedy storage: Pros and cons of SSDs and flash
Enterprise storage architects have developed many ways to increase application performance by implementing flash memory. This has raised the bar for IT professionals, who need to be able to understand the differences in order to evaluate their options. So here’s a handy guide, including use-cases and caveats for typical applications.

IT security pros often seen as 'innovation killers,' says ADP's IT security chief
IT security managers are fascinated with technology, worry a great deal about risks and are often the last to know about some IT projects, especially those involving cloud-based services, because business people tend to want to avoid the IT security department as much as they can, LaRosa suggested. ... Being a savvy technologist is great in and of itself, but talking tech to business people usually backfires because they don't want to hear "geekspeak," they want to find out how to try new things to grow the business, LaRosa said.

Sen. Markey wants to know: Can your car be hacked?
Few controls exist to prevent hackers from breaking into automobiles wirelessly and taking control of systems, McClure said. But because hackers are unlikely to gain much by breaking into individual automobiles, he said they're unlikely to spend much time hacking vehicles. The only scenario where such a threat would be likely is if someone wanted to carry out a targeted attack against a specific individual.

CIO's focus on people, innovative thinking leads to revenue-generating idea
Organizations that really value innovation, Pasik said, have to be willing to fully invest in making it work for the people who generate ideas. In January, for example, Griffin was relieved of his former duties and took the title director of innovation. To easily keep in touch, Pasik moved Griffin next door to his office. They have two officially scheduled meetings every week, but Pasik's famous pop-ins, to discuss progress on projects and new ideas, are frequent.

Steps to Address the Aging IT Workforce
Novarica identifies the impact on IT and the business, including newer systems that were built with aging client/server or Web-oriented technologies that carry great risk of adverse impact on daily operations and IT staffs that are on average less tenured than their business unit counterparts, leading to knowledge management issues. To mitigate the impact of this change, the report lists steps in three areas: processes, people and structure, that carriers can take today to preserve intellectual property, maintain or improve competitive positioning and minimize organizational and operational risk associated with the aging IT workforce.

Quote for the day:

“Those who dare to fail miserably can achieve greatly.”  -- Robert F. Kennedy

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