December 25, 2013

An Artificial Hand with Real Feelings
Now researchers at the Cleveland Veterans Affairs Medical Center and Case Western Reserve University have developed a new kind of interface that can convey a sense of touch from 20 spots on a prosthetic hand. It does this by directly stimulating nerve bundles—known as peripheral nerves—in the arms of patients; two people have so far been fitted with the interface. What’s more, the implants continue to work after 18 months, a noteworthy milestone given that electrical interfaces to nerve tissue can gradually degrade in performance.

Building a Feedback-Rich Culture
Even people who aren’t interested in or skilled at giving or receiving feedback will participate in the process (and improve) when they’re working in a feedback-rich environment. And the most ardent and capable feedback champions will give up if the organizational or team culture doesn’t support their efforts. So as leaders, how do we build a feedback-rich culture? What does it take to cultivate an ongoing commitment to interpersonal feedback? Here are four essential elements:

String externalization practices and considerations for UNIX shell scripts
In this article, we provide practical "How-Tos" and experiences on externalizing shell script messages in a product. Also, we provide suggestions on what to consider before and during translation enablement from a globalization perspective. The target audience is product developers who would like to enable their shell scripts for translation. After reading this article, readers can understand the considerations for externalizing shell script messages, realize the end-to-end process of string extraction and translation, and be aware of some known issues and their solutions.

The End of Data Scientists and Other Predictions
"We don't have a crystal ball at CMSWire — but we're curious about the future. So we’ve collected predictions from some our favorite analytics firms like Tableau, Splunk, Alteryx, Alpine Data Labs and SAP, as well as insights from the Music Industry Association and Ad Age. We’re sharing a few of them with you. For the record, these prophesies do not belong to us, nor do we"

45 Useful JavaScript Tips, Tricks and Best Practice
In this article, I’ll share a set of JavaScript tips, tricks and best practices that should be known by all JavaScript developers regardless of their browser/engine or the SSJS (Server Side JavaScript) interpreter. Note that the code snippets in this article have been tested in the latest Google Chrome version 30, which uses the V8 JavaScript Engine

Best Web Designing Frameworks for 2014
These are frameworks that can help you build fully functional web templates within minutes and with extremely minimal knowledge of CSS and JavaScript coding. There are great expectations for the year 2014. Responsive websites are already the Next Big Thing. Visitors from mobile and tablets have become an important factor for all websites. Every website has to look good and work well in every device. In this article, we will list some of the best CSS frameworks that will help web designers and developers to explore their potential to build responsive and beautiful web applications in 2014

If you are building an application that does not use XML and never will..... XMLFoundation is still a very valuable tool available to solve many very common development tasks. The data structure classes alone ( List, Hash, Stack, Tree, Array, QSort ) are very useful. They all have "Iterator" objects so that data structures can be read-referenced by multiple threads at the same time without blocking. The interface is standard to all data structures.

Blurred lines: Online file-sharing services vs. ECM software
With greater control over corporate data in the hands of users, the traditional enterprise content management (ECM) software market has been disrupted. Traditionally, ECM software has been costly and more complex, requiring user training and users logging into a corporate virtual private network (VPN) to access company files. While files are secure, ECM software hasn't been user-friendly or designed for mobility.

28 Design Principles for an Enterprise Architecture SharePoint Community
Naturally this proved to be a very powerful and compelling technique and allowed many of the design decisions to be taken simply and collectively by exploring the sensibility and applicability of each principle. Not all principles will apply in all scenarios, but those below will provide a useful starting point / thinking frame should you be presented with a similar problem. They should (of course) also be supplemented with SharePoint design best practices.

The Role of Governance in Project Management
From an organisational project management perspective, the word Governance could be interpreted as managing, controlling and administrating the organisation’s initiatives for changing and developing the business. Examples of initiatives may be to develop new or modified products and services, develop new markets, or change the organisation and its support in the form of IT systems. This also applies to contractors or engineering firms who take on projects and assignments on behalf of clients.

Quote for the day:

"Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least." -- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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