December 18, 2013

Chief Digital Officer to be Asia's hottest senior tech job in 2014
The hottest job will be the Chief Digital Officer because digital transformation touches nearly every market, especially in retail and travel, and will require executives who can navigate the move to digital and mobile platforms, said Yap. The consumerization of B2B requires the creation of a digital experience that matches what customers experience in the real world, she added. The rapidly evolving CMO role is the third in demand, and will see them increasingly using analytics to show that marketing is actually driving revenue and growth, explained Yap.

Creating Test Objects With FakeModel
There are more mature test data creation suites available, but none that I know of that will recognize DataAnnotations and handle them appropriately, its great for creating data if using an ORM. FakeModel will pay attention to the data annotations attached to a property and react accordingly. But as I say, it is in it's infancy, currently at Version 0.0.5, as of last night. FakeModel was recommended to me by a University Lecturer when I moaned that it was difficult to find a test data suite that wouldn't ignore my annotations. I don't know how he came about it.

API vs. SOA? Are they different?
A few weeks back we were at the Gartner AADI Summit at Las Vegas. Some of the best minds in the industry gathered and the focus of the conference was the impact of “The Nexus of Forces” (aka SMACT – Social, Mobile, Analytics (Big Data), Cloud and the Internet of Things) on application development and integration. At the center of this discussion were APIs and SOA. The key take away – APIs have their merits from being more open, easily consumable, mobile friendly, being more business oriented, but from an infrastructure, manageability and governance perspective, APIs are more like SOA.

Security Threats And The Business Network
According to Symantec’s 2013 Security report, there was a 42% increase in targeted attacks on businesses in 2012, with 31% of these aimed at companies employing less than 250 workers. There were 14 zero-day vulnerabilities found and one waterhole attack infected 500 organisations in just one day. This highlights the fact that internet security remains one of the biggest challenges that face modern businesses, especially as the use of the internet and cloud services become increasingly important to the enterprise.

Fake antivirus program uses stolen signing certificates
The samples of Antivirus Security Pro collected by Microsoft used stolen certificates issued "by a number of different CAs to software developers in various locations around the world," the company wrote. The certificates were issued to developers in the Netherlands, U.S., Russia, Germany, Canada and the U.K. by CAs such as VeriSign, Comodo, Thawte and DigiCert, according to a chart. Using stolen certificates is not a new tactic, but it is usually considered difficult to accomplish since hackers have to either breach an organization or an entity that issues the certificates.

Microsoft Lync vs. Cisco UC: What the decision really comes down to
Selecting the right UC vendor also requires careful consideration of the operational costs a deployment could incur, he noted. "As much as Cisco and Microsoft like to talk about their differences, they have very similar architectures," said Kieller, who represented the Microsoft perspective on the panel. "The solutions that you [choose] must be aligned to your specific business objective. Whether it's Microsoft or Cisco, things like training and change management are going to be important for your success."

The great boss as a visionary leader
Developing this kind of visionary leadership team is a boon for both the organization and the employees who participate. When you develop your top talent, you are putting in place a solid succession plan, thus assuring that your future leaders will be ready when they are needed. Moreover, it’s healthy for the bottom line when investors see that a company has a vision and is preparing for the future by retaining its best talent and providing them with exciting opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Spreading CMMI Practices among Agile Teams in Big Organizations
Although often unaware of it, most teams use good practices in their daily work; at the same time, they tend to ignore others that could add value to their solutions. The main reason for failure is the first CMMI principle, known as establishing. “Establishing” and “maintain” have strong meanings in CMMI, and they generally appear together. Summarized, the two terms mean that any involved artifact or practice shall be defined, documented, and used. All level 2 and 3 process-area specific goals contain one or more “establishing and maintain” practices.

Requirements, estimation, and planning: How these work
Estimating work that is creative and unpredictable is just plain hard. Yet we are asked to give estimates for our software projects up front and early—and despite all our efforts to remind management that these estimates are rough. But…… too often our initial estimates turn into commitments.Estimates add value where scope is uncertain and there are associated risks to be managed. That's why Scrum teams engaged on projects typically make use of them, but Lean-Kanban BAU teams generally don't.

Computers with brain-like intelligence are getting closer to reality
Scientists are looking to create advanced computers with these neural chips, which replicate the brain's circuitry and can retain information and make decisions based on patterns discovered through probabilities and associations. Projects funded by the U.S. government, European Union and private organizations are attempting to re-create the manner in which the brain's neurons and synapses work by redesigning the memory, computation and communication features of traditional circuitry.

Quote for the day:

"Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together." -- Vincent van Gogh

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