December 30, 2012

Optimizing the cloud for the BYOD movement
Bring your own device (BYOD) policies complicate cloud because they limit a company's ability to optimize application delivery to a single platform -- a major benefit of cloud adoption. There are ways, however, to optimize the cloud so enterprises don't have to choose between either a cloud project or BYOD.

BPM Patterns & Practices in Industry
Download this complimentary whitepaper to find out how Financial Services, Communications, Utilities and Retail customers have adopted business process management, employed best practices, and addressed the pertinent process challenges within their industry to deliver relevant business value.

Resilient Systems - Survivability of Software Systems
What is important to understand about resilience is that failure is expected and is inherent in any systems or processes, which might be triggered due to changes to the platform, environment and data. While Reliability is about the system’s robustness of not failing, Resilience is its ability to sense or detect failures ahead and then prevent it from encountering such events that lead to failure and when it cannot be avoided, allow it to happen and then recover from the failure sooner.

Risk Management Resolutions for 2013
Risks today are interconnected and horizontal, running across departments and business units. In conversations with CEOs, board members and banking executives, there are a few key overlapping risk areas that are most top of mind going into 2013.

Persistence is the Key
Calvin is a C++ persistence library or framework that allows programmers to easily save and load objects using keys. Objects are associated with a user configurable type of key that can be used to name objects specifically and save them or load them by that name. This feature is the primary distinguishing difference between Calvin and the many other persistent libraries.

5 enterprise cloud predictions for 2013
The mega Internet sites and applications are the new era enterprises. These will become the role models for the traditional enterprise. IT needs remain the same with regards to scale, security, SLA, etc. However, the traditional enterprise CIO has already set the goal for next year: 100% efficiency.

The Worst Security Mishaps of 2012
Every year security breaches have been of great annoyance to corporate and enterprises. And this year, there was not much of a difference. The year 2012 was of total mayhem. From hacker exploits to bad corporate behavior, 2012 was simply a plethora of security breaches. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the worst mishaps that marked in the year 2012.

Tools for Building Advanced Media Applications
In the recently concluded //Build/, Mike Downey, Principal Evangelist, Media Platform at Microsoft examined the tools and frameworks that are responsible for the development of Windows 8 apps that feature advanced media playback functionality such as streaming, DVR controls, advertising, and closed captioning. He also demonstrates the role of Microsoft Media Player Framework, which is employed behind the scenes for various live online streaming events.

Reduce Your Breach Risk: File Integrity Monitoring for PCI DSS Compliance and Data Security
This paper discusses the importance of file integrity monitoring (FIM), which facilitates the detection of attacks by cybercriminals, as well as insider threats that may result in costly data breaches. It also discusses file integrity monitoring as a critical component of Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance, and shows how NetIQ addresses both security and compliance challenges through the NetIQ Identity and Security Management family of products.

5 Epic Tech Fails in 2012
Google+ leads tech journalist John Brandon's list of this year's five worst technology failures for its inability to gain traction as a social media service even as Facebook and Twitter continue to boom. 3D projectors also made the list for becoming a clunky tool at business meetings instead of a slick one, as did Bluetooth watches for doing the same things the smartphones already do. Rounding out the end of the list were Klout scores and Dropbox

Quote for the day:

"A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week." -- George Patton

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