December 03, 2012

Innovative CIOs Show How to Make Money With IT
A select few CIOs are generating cold hard cash through innovation and collaboration. We rounded up examples of CIOs who generate revenue with IT, either by boosting sales or developing a product or service sold externally.

iiNet: copyright law hampering ISPs
Australia's copyright law and the alleged draft text from the Intellectual Property chapter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement limit the ability of internet service providers (ISPs) to cache content locally, according to iiNet. iiNet estimated that caching can reduce transmission overheads to 1 percent of what they would otherwise be.

Self-healing flash for infinite life
NAND flash is a wearing resource - like tires on a car - which creates many problems for high duty cycle storage. But a Taiwanese manufacturer demonstrates how to overcome that limit. Will it fly in the marketplace?

Enterprise Software is Not Gangnam Style
The entire face of enterprise software now has to look, feel and act differently; the user interface must become more “consumerish.” And that’s where the sex and sizzle will come in. Enterprise software will be forced to look like a game or other smartphone apps. It must be intuitive; there can’t be a boatload of documentation behind it. It must be built so that employees intuitively know how to use it.

Service Locator Pattern
Amy has some pretty strong feelings about the use of the Service Locator pattern in the software we build. They go along the lines of ‘why would you ever use it?’ and possibly (and somewhat mellow dramatically) rocking slowly backwards and forth in the corner of the shower after being exposed to it. So to ease her pain, and perhaps yours, She has compiled an explanation of why she feel so intolerant toward this pattern.

EU countries should adopt UK's business-friendly approach to 'big data' and anonymisation
The UK's privacy watchdog has taken a major step towards enabling businesses to reap greater rewards from 'big data' processing, but conflicting views within the EU threaten that pragmatic approach.

The Best and the Worst of MDM Practices
It’s called “best version of the truth” to reflect the fact you are often picking the best values from individual cells across duplicate records, explained fellow presenter and Informatica representative Ravi Shankar. Shankar is responsible for product and technical marketing activities for master data management (MDM) as part of the data quality business unit at Informatica.

Big Data: A Blessing and A Curse
Big data can also be a curse if the cleaning (deleting) technologies are not considered as part of the Super Software operation. In my previous post, “information pollution”, I have emphasized the danger of uncontrollable growth of information which is the invisible devil in information age.

Mysterious google two step authentication - in debug
I hope you have enabled your google account for two step authentication? If not -I strongly recommend to do so. Do you know the nature of the code generated by Google Authenticator? There are no myth here - this is just implementation of RFC6238. And even more - you can add new level of security to your application very easy without need to use some monstrous security library.

HTTP 2.0 First Draft Published
The editors of the HTTP specification have published an initial draft of v2 which is a straight copy of SPDY and will be used as a base for diffs going forward. Many changes are expected to be done like adding new features, removing existing ones, changing the bytes on the wire, etc. A draft ready for test implementations is expected to be published early next year.

Quotes for the day:

"Your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow" -- Robert Kiyosaki

"I rate enthusiasm even above professional skill." -- Edward Appleton

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