December 07, 2012

Enterprise Data Governance: A Practical Approach to Information Quality Management
It becomes difficult to maintain and manage data without policies, strategies and dedicated efforts by the team across business functions. Data governance seeks to solve these problems, through information policies, data rules, guidelines for managing key data elements and assigning roles for accountabilities and responsibilities.

Finding The Right Blend: Sometimes Pure Agile Isn’t The Way To Go
Agile project managers need to be prepared to work in cooperation with non-Agile project managers, teams that employ traditional methods, and organizations that have resources scattered around the globe. ... Agile adoption doesn’t need to be an all-or-nothing, either-or scenario. The very incremental, iterative concepts that Agile project managers (PMs) apply to their projects can also be applied to Agile adoption.

Gary Hamel On Innovating Innovation
Any innovation effort that doesn’t start by acknowledging that innovation itself is deeply counter-cultural. We’re never going to build a truly innovative company without a gene-replacement therapy. Without that you’re going fail.

SwiftKey Flow review: The Android keyboard you've been waiting for
The new beta version of the popular SwiftKey keyboard released this morning. SwiftKey Flow adds support for gesture-based typing, which means you can type by sliding your finger from one key to another without lifting it off the screen.

Three Examples of New Process Strategy
There are three fundamental ways that companies can improve their processes in the coming decade: (1) expand the scope of work managed by a company to include customers, suppliers, and partners; (2) target the increasing amount of knowledge work; and (3) reduce cycle times to durations previously considered impossible

Telecom NZ trials 4G services
The company announced yesterday that there will be a trial of 4G in the 2.6GHz spectrum band with Huawei in the North Shore, Auckland, while Alcatel-Lucent will run a trial in Lower Hutt, Wellington, on the same spectrum band. In Hawke's Bay, Alcatel-Lucent will also conduct a trial of LTE in the 700MHz spectrum, and in Rotorua, Huawei will trial LTE in the 1800MHz and 2.6GHz spectrum bands.

Don’t Let BYOD Backfire on Your Business
BYOD policies could easily backfire on businesses, unless closely monitored to maintain benefits for employees and the company. Jeff Jones recently wrote a 3-part series on the Microsoft Security Blog called Motivations, Risks and Rewards of the BYOD Trend that examined what the BYOD trend is and then looked at it from the perspective of employees and the perspective of organizations.

.NET 4.5 TypeInfo Reflection
The .NET 4.5 Framework includes some changes to the typical reflection use cases. Most importantly, the Type object has been split into two separate classes: Type and TypeInfo. A TypeInfo instance contains the definition for a Type, and a Type now contains only reference data.

Growth in Cloud Computing to Shape 2013 Security Trends
It's the time when predictions for the new year run high, and when it comes to IT security, Gartner analysts are predicting that 2013 is going to be about expansion of cloud computing and the struggle by the enterprise to achieve appropriate security for it.

Google kills off free Google Apps offering
In an announcement on the company's Google Enterprise blog today, Google Director of Product Management for Google Apps Clay Bavor said that businesses were too quickly outgrowing the free version of Google Apps, and asking for or moving to paid premium accounts. Instead of a free, limited-user version of Google Apps and the paid premium-based version, Google will now only offer the subscription version.

Quote for the day:

"Creativity is the greatest expression of liberty." -- Bryant H. McGill

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