December 22, 2012

India developing own OS to boost cybersecurity
India currently is dependent on many imported OSes based on Windows and Linux, which are likely to have malicious worms and security issues, DRDO's Director-General VK Saraswat said at the Navigation and Communication (NAVCOM) conference, The Times of India reported Thursday. Hence, it is essential India builds its own operating system, he said.

6 Steps IT Can Take to Bring Business Into Tablet Decisions
Tablets are the darlings of hypermobile employees and business leaders looking to improve their processes. Because each tablet-enabled business scenario is different, only business people--those meeting with customers, inspecting stores or sitting in decision meetings, for example--know what they really need from their tablets.

Designing for Resilience in n-Tier applications
One of the most common problems that we face as support engineers is performance issues. Usually, the problem is explained to us as the application being “slow”, “hanged”, “crashed”, “stopped”… well, you name it really! Depending on who’s talking to you and the amount of information gathered about the problem, usually our first task is determining what are the correct symptoms, which many times it’s a challenge on its own.

A look back at 2012's IT news in video
Smartphones, tablets, hirings and firings were all part of the tech landscape in 2012. In this year's Tech News Review, Computerworld takes a look at some of the biggest stories of the year.

Investing in technology: Setting IT priorities in an uncertain economy
In this video Q&A, filmed at the 2012 MIT Sloan CIO Symposium in Cambridge, Mass., Editorial Director Scot Petersen sits down with Richard Soley, CEO at Object Management Group Inc. in Needham, Mass., to discuss investing in technology areas such as cloud computing, big data and mobility.

Amazon Web Services now accommodates big data storage
High Storage, an Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) package, is designed to run data intensive analysis jobs, such as seismic analysis, log processing and data warehousing, according to the company. It is built on a parallel file system architecture that allows data to be moved on and off multiple disks at once, speeding throughput times.

8 Must-Read Management Books for the Holidays
These eight books will keep the professional in your life – or your own management career – advancing during holiday downtime. Leadership guru Art Petty recommends you crack the covers of these books to keep your professional development moving forward.

End of an Era as Kodak Sells Patent Portfolio for $525 Million
Specifically Kodak said under the agreements, it will receive approximately $525 million, a portion of which will be paid by 12 intellectual property licensees organized by the consortium of Intellectual Ventures and RPX Corporation. The Los Angeles Times reports that group not only includes Apple and Google, but Microsoft, Research In Motion, Adobe, Samsung and Huawei.

ISACA Issues Guidelines on Managing Cybersecurity, Private Clouds and Data Privacy
Jeff Spivey, CRISC, CPP, international vice president of ISACA and director of Security Risk Management Inc. said, “As more devices utilize IP addresses, increasing the attack surface, cyber criminals will dedicate themselves to increasingly complex attacks in 2013.”

7 Android trends that need to end in 2012
As we get ready to usher in a new year, I thought it'd be a good time to identify some annoying Android trends that deserve to be left behind in 2012. Think of it as my holiday wishlist. The notion of some of these trends disappearing may be a long shot -- but hey, a guy can always dream.

Quote for the day:

"Knowing that you have complete control of your thinking you will recognize the power…" -- Mikhail Strabo

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