December 06, 2012

CSA Security Guidance for Mobile Devices
"To date, the majority of malicious code distributed for Android has been disseminated through third-party app stores, predominately in Asia," according to the report. "Most of the malware distributed through third-party stores has been designed to steal data from the host device." Check out The CSA's recently released assessment and threat report on the state of mobile computing.

5 things a tech lead can do that a Project Manager cannot
As friends would banter, we started talking about how our different roles give us different flexibilities and constraints in projects. I really enjoyed the perspective and though I’d share the things that we thought a tech lead can get away with that a Project Manager cannot.

Are IT Roles Changing?
Technology companies were no longer marketing to IT folks. Instead, they found a larger crowd that can immediately consume their product using personal credit cards and they did not have to wait for weeks and months for us to make those large purchases. Borne out of that movement was the consumerization of IT.

Make Windows 8 boot straight to the desktop
Would you prefer to have Windows 8 bypass the Start Screen and boot straight to the desktop? If so, you can do so using a technique that takes advantage of a feature that is built right into the operating system - no third-party tools required. All you have to do is create a specially configured task that is scheduled to run at log on.

12 Essential Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts
Get over it. Windows 8 is different from Windows 7, which means learning new stuff including keyboard shortcuts that can save valuable time vs accomplishing the same thing using touchscreen commands. Here are a dozen of the most useful ones:

Six step methodology for architecting for public clouds
Cloud computing platforms are different from physical and virtualized computing platforms. It is essential to understand the limitation and opportunities while creating solutions for a cloud environment. It also entails the need to look again at architecting methodology. Here we highlight steps you can follow while architecting for public cloud deployment.

Foxtel wants UK-style block on piracy websites
Foxtel, the pay TV network that is owned by Telstra and News Limited, said in its submission (PDF) to the ALRC's review of copyright law that the film studios should be able to go to court and force internet service providers (ISPs) to block specific websites that host infringing content.

PCI validation: Requirements for merchants covered by PCI DSS
Organizations subject to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) must meet a laundry list of PCI validation requirements on a regular basis to certify its compliance to their merchant banks. These requirements include the need for periodic reports on compliance (ROCs), vulnerability scans, penetration testing and Web application testing.

Understanding Windows Identity Foundation (WIF) 4.5
Mohammed Halabi's aim in this article is to explain the “why” and the “what” rather than the “how”. Once you understand that, the “how” becomes really simple. This article does not assume pre-knowledge of the topics of federation, claims, and WIF so it’s suited for beginners. However, he thinks that also mid-level knowledge audience will also benefit from it.

Leadership Caffeine-Encourage Rethinking to Keep Your Team Sharp
The most effective leaders in today’s ever-changing world cultivate an environment where anything resembling routine reflects an unproductive state of “running in place.” They challenge their team members to constantly “rethink” their assumptions and approaches and to try on new ideas in search of that competitive edge or performance break-through.

Why does a balanced score card matter?
The essence of the balanced scorecard is to translate the vision into goals, communicating and linking the vision with employees and customers, obtaining feedback and learning from the information, evaluating the internal business processes and then conducting business planning to meet the needs of the customer.

Quote for the day:

"Striving for excellence motivates you; striving for perfection is demoralizing." -- Harriet Braiker

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