December 09, 2012

Data Center Operations And Its 10 Biggest Mistakes
For better advantage, companies must ensure their data center operation programs are fully successful and functional. This should be done by using clearly articulated operational requirements and by using design maps that can provide benefits, depending upon the profile of the data center.

Pushing Nginx to its limit with Lua
Lua is a scripting language. Specifically, it is a full-featured multi-paradigm language with a simple syntax and semantics that resemble JavaScript or Scheme. Lua also has an interesting story to it, as it is one of the only languages from an emerging country that has had worldwide impact.

Calculating Metrics and Searching with a CodeDOM (Part 8)
This article is about basic analysis of code in a codeDOM, such as calculating metrics on it and searching it. Sources are included. This is Part 8 of a series on codeDOMs. In the previous parts, Ken has discussed “CodeDOMs”, provided a C# codeDOM, a WPF UI and IDE, a C# parser, solution/project codeDOM classes, covered loading type metadata, and handled resolving symbolic references in a codeDOM.

Futuristic handcuffs would administer shocks, drugs
A patent for next-generation handcuffs offers a future in which the detained can be zapped directly from their restraints, and even injected with a medication, sedative, irritant, paralytic, or other fine substance.

Measuring Performance of Enterprise Architecture
Going by the premise, what is not measured does not get managed, it is important to identify the measurable objectives for the Architecture function itself, so that it is well managed and its contribution to the success of the organization is established. While measurement of Architectural activities is difficult, COBIT suggests a set of measurable outcomes and performance measures

Architectural Decisions
For those aspiring to achieve the VCDX certification, the information in this section should help you fully understand & justify your decisions. Being able to justify your decisions is a critical component of creating solid architecture, and an important thing to remember for your VCDX preparation, and especially your defense!

'Eurograbber' Online Banking Scam Netted $47 Million
Over the past year, about 30,000 European banking customers were robbed of about 36 million euros -- that's about $47 million -- in an online banking scam that worked by exploiting mobile devices, according to security firms that stumbled into the operation.

Google Prepares To Bring Its Smart Assistant "Google Now" To Any Device
The move would make Googe Now, which is currently only available on Android phones using the Jelly Bean version of the operating system, more widely available, and could eventually succeed in changing the way people use Google.

Cloud Fabric From GreenButton, A Multi-Cloud Management Platform
The platform features multi-cloud management with a single tool set, known as Mission Control, and an easy to use software developer kit (SDK), including a development emulator for easy enablement of workloads. Mission Control includes commercial features around billing, reporting with organizational control and chargeback.

Try Meditation to Strengthen Your Resilience
Unless you find solid footing in your consistent, unshakable Self, you'll be thrown off balance and lose your way. You'll change your mind at the first resistance. You'll become overconfident when praise abounds. And you'll make poor decisions, just to feel better.

Quote for the day:

"Success is the result of good judgement, which is the result of experience & experience is often the result of bad judgement" --@tonyrobbins

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