December 18, 2012

Chasing the Network Visibility Problem
IT organizations need a virtual tap that monitors traffic flowing over the virtual switch and forwards the information to a centralized analysis solution that presents end-to-end visibility into the application -- across both the virtual and physical network -- from the same dashboard.

Discovering Hidden Purpose and Meaning in the Work We Do
Many search for years, then eventually give up and settle into enduring work with dogged determination while keeping one eye on retirement. However, a few are lucky enough to discover their unique purpose for work — a purpose that uniquely matches their interests and personalities.

Modern Programming Languages
Each of the languages is seemingly designed to take advantage of various platform affordances or work within their constraints. And, as the history of computing has shown us repeatedly, the advent of innovative hardware often leads to a rethinking of language — especially when it comes to the entrenched options (C, C++, Fortran), which are probably not going away anytime soon but might face serious threats from the latest to crash the language party.

More data-wiping malware found in Iran
Maher Center described the new threat as a targeted attack, but said that it has a simple design and is not similar to other sophisticated targeted attacks previously seen in the region. "Despite its simplicity in design, the malware is efficient and can wipe disk partitions and user profile directories without being recognized by anti-virus software," the center said in its advisory.

Incentive-based pricing models for your next IT outsourcing contract
The strength of the gain sharing pricing approach, Martin said, is that even without a contractual obligation, the provider still has an incentive to identify these kinds of cost-reduction measures because they ultimately benefit the provider in the form of improved margins.

The Role of Analytic Databases in Modern BI Architectures
In the year ahead we will see how vendors (and their customers) will choose to adopt the integration of multiple data stores for BI and how modern BI architectures will evolve over the next several years in companies leveraging Hadoop. Likewise, the ongoing balance of semantics as part of the modern BI architecture – with in-database federation, data virtualization and BI services layers – will continue to be increasingly important for BI development methodologies.

Insurers Need CDOs to Maintain a Modern Enterprise
Converting data to information, and then to actionable analytics and modeling, is the next competitive frontier in the insurance industry. The CDO could drive this conversion by creating an ‘Information Strategic Plan’ that would clearly articulate the ultimate vision for information usage in the organization. He or she would translate that vision into action steps.

SSD prices continue to plunge
Dynamite Data said it has monitored the price, rebate and stock status of more than 600 individual SSDs at hundreds of e-commerce merchants over the past three years. In August, it noted in a blog post that SSDs had finally broken the "magic" $1-per-gigabyte price point, proclaiming it "the new normal."

How much money will top tech firms make from mobility next year?
The study suggests that over 2013, Google will generated approximately $4 billion in mobile advertising revenue. Google's mobile ad revenue is predicted to jump 84 percent in 2013 from a predicted figure of $2.2 billion this year, and reach $6.33 billion in 2014, mainly through the tech firm's search and advert business.

IBM: Computers Will See, Hear, Taste, Smell and Touch in 5 Years
The five senses are really all part of one grand concept: cognitive computing, which involves machines experiencing the world more like a human would. For example, a cognizant computer wouldn't see a painting as merely a set of data points describing color, pigment and brush stroke; rather, it would truly see the object holistically as a painting, and be able to know what that means.

Data Decisions: You Can’t Be Held Responsible (Or Can You?)
In other words, what happens when a strategy goes awry, a product flops or investors lose money? Can data analysts be held accountable? Data mining newsletter KDNuggets asked its readers the question: Should data scientists/data minters be responsible for their predictions? Its results are here.

Quote for the day:

"Vision is a picture of the future that produces passion." -- Bill Hybels

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