December 31, 2012

Brief Introduction to Aspect Oriented Programming
Aspect Oriented Programming, or AOP, refers to this type of functional requirements as cross-cutting concerns and is designed specifically to address this issue: if such requirements are met by coding the cross-cutting concern into objects throughout the system, we can easily end up with a messy, hard-to-maintain implementation split across many objects.

Would You Want To Use Your NFC-Enabled Phone As Car Keys?
Hyundai's Connectivity Concept, which won't actually go into production until around 2015, aims to harness the power of your NFC phone to make it way cooler than your keys ever were. Not only could the phone unlock your car and start it, but it could also save a sort of user profile, flipping to the right radio station or streaming music while adjusting the seat and mirrors for you as soon as you slam it into the dashboard dock.

Building a Business-Aware Cloud Solution
There are three key areas that enable business awareness. The business process area includes the business functions, related-activities, and the individual tasks that must be performed in order to generate the desired business results. The business role(s) area includes the concatenation (grouping) of business activities into responsibilities that can be competently accomplished. Finally, business awareness also requires an understanding how an industry operates and how it is influenced by local, national and global economics.

How to Handle a Manipulative Employee
Most employees really do want to do a good job, but sometimes you run into a few who would rather not bother. Here are five phrases that serve as "warning signs" that an employee is trying to manipulate you, along with advice on how to turn the tables.

Sure, Big Data Is Great. But So Is Intuition.
Claudia Perlich, chief scientist at Media6Degrees, an online ad-targeting start-up in New York, puts the problem this way: “You can fool yourself with data like you can’t with anything else. I fear a Big Data bubble.” The bubble that concerns Ms. Perlich is not so much a surge of investment, with new companies forming and then failing in large numbers.

5 Reasons 2012 Was a Great Year for Linux
The end of the year is always a good time to take stock of where things stand in any niche or field, and Linux is no exception. There's no doubt that there have been challenges for the free and open source operating system over the course of 2012--the Secure Boot challenge A comes immediately to mind--but so, too, have there been numerous successes.

The Most Misunderstood Aspect Of Great Leadership
A leader simply operates at their best when they understand their ability to influence is much more fruitful than their ability to control. Here’s the thing – the purpose of leadership is not to shine the spotlight on yourself, but to unlock the potential of others so they can in turn shine the spotlight on countless more. Control is about power – not leadership. Surrender allows a leader to get out of their own way and focus on adding value to those whom they serve.

Why Wasn’t 2012 The Year Of The G-Cloud?
Despite the tidal wave of interest in the Cloud, CloudStore, the government’s new initiative for procuring cloud services, also known as the G-Cloud, has been slow to catch on since its launch in February 2012. Considering its anticipated benefits, including ease of sourcing and procurement which offer a projected savings of up to £180 million by 2015, the government is hoping this is simply a matter of being slow off the starting block. This article looks at who is actually using G-Cloud, who isn’t and why not.

Is cloud threat for SMB channel partners?
According to Miglani, cloud computing cuts two ways for small SMB channel partners. It allows them to offer new kinds of services and solutions to their SMB customers without having to incur high initial capital expenditures. But automated service delivery via the cloud will also reduce the need for internal IT staff. As a result, SMB channel partners could lose more than 200,000 IT jobs over the next decade, said AMI Partners’ recent Cloud Computing Research studies.

Simon: Open-Source Speech Recognition
After years of hard work, the Simon team is proud to announce the new major release: Simon 0.4.0. This new version of the open source speech recognition system Simon features a whole new recognition layer, context-awareness for improved accuracy and performance, a dialog system able to hold whole conversations with the user and more.

Quote for the day:

"The ability to summon positive emotions during periods of intense stress lies at the heart of effective leadership." — -- Jim Loehr

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