December 11, 2012

Future Cloud is safe, agile and efficient
In five years, companies will operate in a converged IT world of cloud, virtualisation and mobile computing where clouds are safe. IT organizations will have better visibility, control and compliance across their private and public clouds. To get there, Symantec extends its security, data storage and information management expertise to help companies transition to safe clouds of the future.

With Zenprise, Citrix Tightens End-User Computing Strategy
Considering Citrix has been standardizing on Xen in most of its product names, the marketing department should be thrilled with this acquisition. There's more to that acquisition than just a cool marketing twist, of course. Citrix has become, in my opinion, the very first company to have an end-to-end end-user computing solution for the enterprise.

Tech World Discovers New Species: The Cloud Architect
Inextricably tied to the internet hype machine, cloud computing is a difficult concept to pin down. The term has come to mean almost anything. But there are cases where it represents a very real change not only in how computing power is accessed, but in how data center infrastructure is built.

What Hadoop Is. What Hadoop Isn’t.
Database vendors see it as a database and challenge it on those grounds. Data integration vendors see it as an ETL tool and challenge it on those grounds. Analytics vendors see it as a replacement for their engines and challenge it through that view. In doing so, each vendor community overestimates Hadoop’s potential for displacement of their product, while simultaneously underestimating the impact that it will have on the environment and architecture they operate in.

Transforming Three Vs of Big Data into Three Ws of Business Analytics
The three Ws are the What, which refers to the data and information itself; the So What, which refers to the analysis of the data or the process of deriving implications and meaning from the data; and the Now What, which refers to the decisions made from the data and the resulting actions.

Special Report: Amazon's billion-dollar tax shield
Amazon is channeling huge amounts of money through a small Luxembourg-based unit, largely to avoid paying hundreds of millions of dollars in U.S. and European taxes, a Reuters report suggests. There's no commercial reason for the creative-but-legal accounting, which is attracting scrutiny from U.S. officials. "The IRS shouldn't be happy about this. It sounds like they're not," says tax expert Michael McIntyre.

By 2020, the use of Big Data will improve the understanding of ourselves and the world; Nowcasting, real-time data analytics and pattern recognition will surely get better; Big Data has the potential for significant negative impact that may be impossible to avoid -- Check out the nice infographic for more.

PerfView Tutorial 3 - Resolving Symbols(Channel 9 Video)
The PerfView tool is a free Windows performance tool developed by the Microsoft .NET Runtime Performance team for investigating both managed can unmanaged performance problems. If you are having a performance problem, especially if it is a .NET application, it is hard to overestimate the value of this tool.

The first 100 days of a new CIO: Nine steps to success
“In the first 100 days, you have to make your mark. In that period, you also need to formulate a compelling vision, because if you want to lead, as opposed to executing the visions of others, you do need to come out quickly with a story that everybody can align around.”

Keynote: The New Governance
In this keynote presentation K. Scott Morrison, CTO and Chief Architect at Layer 7 Technologies anticipates the future of SOA governance in the enterprise starting from the observation that there are major technological changes in the enterprise today.

Quote for the day:

"Don't let your ego get too close to your position, so that if your position gets shot down, your ego doesn't go with it." -- Colin Powell

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