December 20, 2012

Drucker and Deming = Lean Marketing
Once this is identified and organized you are well on your way in creating a great marketing system. Now, all you have do is put it into action. Granted a well-defined problem is half the work but how do you enact it and improve upon the process.

A walk through the integrated Cloud
No doubt, Cloud computing brings great benefits such as affordability, scalability and manageability for businesses, especially for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). And that's one truism Mumbai-based Neural Integrated Systems had in mind while choosing ERPNext, a Cloud-based enterprise resource planning solution from WebNotes Technologies for their business.

Game developers need to diversify to survive
The challenge for these game houses is--apart from creating addictive games--developing a successful monetization strategy around these games to increase revenue. "No games company can thrive without these two components," Luong pointed out.

Avnet Story: How to Integrate 100% of B2B Data Sources
Avent is a large distributor of electronic components with a diverse ecosystem of customer and suppliers. Their B2B infrastructure reflects the complexity of their environment but, despite a sophisticated and mature EDI infrastructure, they were still manually re-keying invoices and product updates from hundreds of spreadsheets and .PDFs received from partners.

Chinese e-commerce sector main target of cybercriminals
According to John Ellis, director of enterprise security at Akamai Technologies, e-commerce is the most widely targeted industry in China by cybercriminals within the country. The sector is booming and growing rapidly in China generating a lot of revenue for the country, he noted, in an interview here Thursday.

The Age of Cognitive Computing
The new technologies that IBM provides this time are directly interrelated. They are all linked to the human senses. That’s why the company indicates the next era as the “the age of cognitive computing”. The computer reaches a higher level in the DIKW hierarchy. The computer already moved from the level of data processing to the level of information processing.

Cloud environments to remain low on attacker’s radar in 2013: Verizon
Increasing popularity of Cloud among enterprises may lead those in the security biz to believe that such deployments would become favored targets for hackers and cybercriminals in the days ahead, but that’s hardly the case. Experts predict that despite its rising fame, Cloud-based environments will remain low on attacker’s radar, at least in 2013.

Windows 8 Management, Security and Licensing Changes: What IT Pros Need To Know
Simply put, Windows 8 will bring new ways for IT pros to deal with client management, security and licensing. Those changes largely reflect Microsoft's moves to address a shift toward a more mobile device-centric world that is taking shape. And while much is known about Windows 8 at this point, much also remains shrouded in mystery, even at this late date.

Private cloud computing benefits occur on a case-by-case basis
"Private cloud is hard and expensive, and at the end of the day, you still own the infrastructure and have to manage and integrate it. Yikes!" said Ellen Rubin, vice president of cloud products at Terremark, a Verizon company that offers managed hosting and cloud services.

Web designer sentenced after building torrent website
What happens if you design a website and the client puts it to potentially illegal services? According to one court, you're just as culpable. First reported by TorrentFreak, a website designer who was contracted to work on a now-dead torrent search website, StudentBay, has been found guilty of copyright infringement offences.

Quote for the day:

"Always bear in mind, that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other thing. " -- Abraham Lincoln

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