February 27, 2014

An introduction to SDN can help server admins reach across silo lines
Network-specific challenges include tracking the location of production workloads within the physical infrastructure. Orchestration and automation enable horizontal scaling and can request both network and compute services based on the needs of the application. This isn't an approach for just virtual servers; it also allows for big data applications that scale their physical footprints based on the size of the data. The ability to have what are called northbound and southbound application programming interfaces (APIs) from the virtual network to the physical network is what enables these new capabilities.

Q&A: Gunjan Sinha of MetricStream on Evolution of GRC
Now there is real weight behind this stuff, and putting weight behind it is how to change culture, and to link compensation to this. The whole business of governance, risk and compliance has to become pervasive and go down to each and every employee, supplier, vendor, stakeholder, and can’t be limited to the select few trying to make this happen. A five-year headline–what I’m seeing in the next five years–is a pervasive cultural transformation of compensation linked to these cultural changes. It is becoming a proactive science rather than the reactive process and the way people were dealing with it before.

Partners with R
There's a lot of excitement from everyone at OpenBI surrounding the soon-to-be-released RScript transformation plugin for Pentaho Data Integration. With its rich, open source functionality, PDI's long been OpenBI's platform of choice for ETL, data integration and wrangling. Now its considerable capabilities can be combined in transformation flows that promote the building of R data structures from complicated inputs, as well as facilitate computations in R that broadcast to, for example, model-scoring and report-writing steps. We believe PDI-RScript can be a productivity boon for data science professionals.

A Telepresence Machine to Watch the Kids or Visit Grandma
The Beam+ is designed so that once installed in a home, anyone with the login credentials can bring it to life and start moving around. The operator’s interface shows the view from a camera over the screen, as well as a smaller view looking down toward the unit’s base to aid maneuvering. A user drives it by moving a mouse over their view and clicking where they want to go. The first 1,000 units of the Beam+ can be preordered for $995, with later units expected to costs $1,995. Both prices include the charging dock to which the device must return every two hours.

RSA's Coviello breaks keynote script, takes on NSA controversy
He used company history to set RSA up as an agent for change. He outlined RSA's early work with the government, on open source toolkits and the evolution of algorithms before he took mentioned the NSA controversy. "Unlike nearly 20 years ago when we were seen as leading the charge against the government to secure the privacy of digital infrastructure, we've been accused of being on the other side of that battle," Coviello said. He went on to say the situation called for context on the state of the industry and the state and evolution of RSA's business.

Has Hybrid Cloud Arrived ? Part 1
Hybrid cloud enables organisations to innovate faster by enabling rapid, self-service provisioning of resources, with the choice to deploy workloads in an enterprise’s own data centre or in the public cloud in a pay-as-you-go and scaled out manner. Hybrid clouds enable multiple use cases such as dev/test, capacity augmentation and disaster recovery besides control of Shadow IT. There is an increased trend towards hybrid cloud as it offers flexibility to respond quickly to business needs and allows reduction in cost.

eBook | Network Security Now
The IT Security threat landscape has changed quickly - and now businesses themselves are changing quickly as well. As mobile and cloud computing continue to remake enterprise IT, how can security keep up? In this FierceITSecurity eBook, IT and networking professionals will find practical, real-world advice on how to handle network security now. Download this free eBook today to find out: Tips for dealing with budget limitations; Keys to setting smart policies; How to educate employees; and Benefits of prioritizing risks

Flash technology infiltrates the data center with SSD systems
A growing number of companies are deploying flash technology with SSD systems. Though far from perfect, SSDs provide compelling benefits. Enterprises need to balance high costs vs. dramatic performance improvements as SSD storage encroaches on HDD storage in the data center. Solid state drives (SSDs) came into high-performance enterprise, military and industrial data centers nearly 25 years ago, for niche applications that needed real-time cache and where the environment was too harsh for standard magnetic hard disk drives (HDDs).

Get Ready for Big Data to Take the Wheel: Rosabeth Moss Kanter
Vehicles are beginning to dynamically interact with roads and each other. An estimated 900,000 front-to-rear vehicle crashes per year in the U.S. cause injuries and deaths and cost about $2 billion, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Equipping cars, trucks and buses with sensors and network connections can ensure that vehicles avoid danger, saving lives and money. Technology is also changing where and when we drive.

The Technical and Social History of Software Engineering
Capers Jones wrote the book The Technical and Social History of Software Engineering in which he provides an overview of the evolution of information technology and software development. The book starts by describing the human drive towards faster computation, followed by 9 chapters that cover developments in software engineering from 1930 until 2010. Major software failures that have happened in these years are explored in a separate chapter. The final chapter of the book describes ongoing developments and provides a projection of the future until 2019.

Quote for the day:

"Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal" -- Henry Ford

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