February 04, 2014

A Cost Analysis of Media Consumption using System Dynamics Modeling
Compare the heavily discounted cost of $3/GB for disk to the average price of 10¢ to 13¢ per GB for tape. Or in the case of our simulation and model, $102.9M for a disk architecture and $3.4M for a tape architecture. With a difference of more than 30x the cost for disk than tape, one needs to step back and consider if they really want to jump into the world of disk based backup without considering ways to lower the total cost of ownership. The fundamental cost in the average enterprise is the retention of data that is backed up. With altering the retention level of data backed up, we can effect an impact on the TCO.

Satya Nadella's to-do list: Here are the first 10 battles Microsoft's new CEO will have to fight
And now finally Microsoft has finally ended the wait by confirming that Satya Nadella is to be its new CEO. Nadella needs to get moving as soon as possible; after months of Microsoft's staff effectively treading water while waiting for a new chief to be appointed, he'll have an overflowing inbox and many decisions to make about the future direction of the company and its products. Here are some of the knotty interrelated issues Microsoft's new chief executive will have to struggle with sooner rather than later.

Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Cloud Career and IT Skill Set
New data center demands are creating a wide array of new types of specialists. Engineers become architects, programmers become cloud designers, and database administrators become data scientists! There are a lot of new and interesting options out there to help you push your career to the next level. To be successful in the IT and cloud arena you’ll have to optimizeyour existing skill set. With that, let’s take a look at 10 great ways you can accomplish this.

Predictive Analytics: Finding the Future in Big Data
Using PA to properly assess risks based on actuarial data and proven hypotheses can mean the difference between new product ROIs and catastrophic liability. Weather models forecasting everything from hurricanes to sea-ice melt allow scientists to measure the effects of climate change and illustrate future scenarios. Crime prevention, genomics, human and knowledge performance indicators, natural resource exploration, project management, and other disciplines have stakes in PA.

The Persistent Imbalance Between Supply and Demand for Software Development Labor
We're currently in the midst of another structural increase in the demand for software development labor, this time being driven by analytics and smart devices (the alleged "internet of things", from cars to coffee pots), with the odd halo application (e.g., wearable tech) thrown in for good measure. Every indication is that for the foreseeable future, demand for software developers will continue to increase at a rate faster than the supply of software developers available to develop it. What does this mean to the business of software?

Healthcare among most opportunistic use cases for boundaryless information flow improvement
In the healthcare landscape, and in other industries, there are a lot of players coming to the table and need to interact, especially if you are talking about a complex episode of care. You may have two, three, or four different organizations in play. You have labs, the doctors, specialized centers, and such, and all that requires information flow. Coming back to the methodology, I think it’s bringing to bear an architecture methodology like provided in TOGAF.

The Enterprise IT Infrastructure Agenda for 2014
Procurement of hardware, software, and services required to operate an enterprise environment is becoming more challenging for senior infrastructure managers. Even as more procurement spending is devoted to software, many infrastructure organizations continue to use techniques developed for hardware procurement. These techniques are not entirely effective given software’s product fragmentation and relatively high switching costs.

Despite Target data breach, PCI security standard remains solid, chief says
"Any time there's a breach it sheds a spotlight on what we do," Russo said. But instead of pointing fingers at PCI, there should be more focus on working collaboratively to address security issues in the payment card industry, he said. "Everybody is looking for a silver bullet," in the wake of the recent breaches, said Russo, who is scheduled to testify before Congress pn Wednesday on the issue. "As far as I know, no silver bullet exists. It's a combination of people, process and technology."

Debug / Inspect WebSocket traffic with Fiddler
This is my first time writing code project article. Thanks for your supports. I have recently written a project using SignalR, which supports HTML 5 WebSocket. However I cannot find good tools to debug or inspect WebSocket traffic. I know that both Chrome and Fiddler support inspecting the WebSocket traffic, but they are very basic. If you have very high volume of traffic or each frame is very large, it becomes very difficult to use them for debugging. I am going to show you how to use Fiddler (and FiddlerScript) to inspect WebSocket traffic in the same way you inspect HTTP traffic.

Mobile device management vs. mobile application management
Mobile device management and mobile application management are two of the more popular technologies for enabling secure smartphone and tablet use in the enterprise. They have different use cases, but some of their features overlap, and more vendors are combining the two technologies into single products. That means mobile device management vs. mobile application management isn't necessarily the discussion you should be having in your IT department.

Quote for the day:

"If you define your company by how you differ from the competition, you're probably in trouble." -- Omar Hamoui

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