February 02, 2014

How ISO 31000 standardises risk management
Any organisation’s risk management should be capable of review and evaluation by any risk manager or auditor. ISO 31000 sets a framework for ‘components that provide the foundation and organisational arrangement for designing, implementing, monitoring, reviewing and continually improving risk management processes’. The framework of ISO 31000 follows the Plan, Do, Check, Act model, like other global management system standards.

Enterprise software marketing: Sell the value, not the box
The drive to perfect features before achieving a profound understanding of customer needs, pains, and business context comes from the mistaken assumption that technology, like idealized love, can overcome any obstacle. This mindset pushes many startups to believe their core mission is creating a great product. In a blog post and video, entrepreneur and Stanford professor, Steve Blank, challenges startups to rethink the fundamental nature of their challenge and goal. Instead of pushing for better product and technology alone

Holacracy 101: Could This Nontraditional Business Structure Work for You?
Holacracy is a self-governing, purpose-driven business structure that reassigns authority and responsibility based on the task at hand. The model recently made headlines for sparking the interest of Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh. His company reportedly will become a holacracy by the end of 2014. Here’s a brief explanation of how holacracy works and why it could benefit a small business.

2014 Enterprise Architecture: Increasing Business Architecture ROI
BAs need to focus on creating value to drive value realization as the outcome for our annual work plan for the organization. ... This model is comprehensive, fits with the BA role, and is well-accepted type of concept as it covers the value planning, value creation, and value realization process illustrated below. Simply put, BAs must align and drive the business strategy from the C-suite for realization of the expected business goals and mission outcomes.

4 things I learned from a career in tech startups
Umang Gupta is the former CEO of Keynote, which was recently acquired by Thoma Bravo LLC.Nothing in my childhood would have suggested that I’d grow up to be a Silicon Valley entrepreneur. In fact, the opposite was more likely. ... "With Keynote, I made sure from the beginning to recognize that my job, like any parent, was to give the company its roots and wings, and like any parent when the job was done, I would have to separate my own life from the company’s life. Today, Keynote is a solid, stable company that is a leader in its space, but still has a long way to go before it will have fulfilled its potential."

Building Applications With Hadoop
When building applications using Hadoop, it is common to have input data from various sources coming in various formats. In his presentation, “New Tools for Building Applications on Apache Hadoop”, Eli Collins, tech lead for Cloudera’s Platform Team overviews how to build better products with Hadoop and various tools that can help, such as Apache Avro, Apache Crunch, Cloudera ML and the Cloudera Development Kit.

What Dropbox for Business has to offer admins and users
Administrators with security concerns about Dropbox (and its well-publicized security breaches of the past) can sleep a little easier knowing that Dropbox has also taken some steps to secure data. It now encrypts all stored files using 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard protection and uses the Secure Sockets Layer protocol to provide a secure tunnel for transferring data. Administrators can take advantage of third-party tools to provide additional encryption, and Dropbox continues to support a two-step verification process beyond just passwords.

How to Hire a Data Scientist
Given the relative newness of the role, many experienced data scientists and value architects come from an experience-based rather than trained background. Because their skills will be aligned to their experience, it is important to plan for targeted training and development. Someone who is a great culture fit, analytical capabilities, and value measurement knowledge but lacks certain programming skills may need to get skilled up in-house. Being prepared to accept someone that doesn’t have every skill needed (supported by an appropriate training program) is a pragmatic approach.

An Integrated Implementation of ISO 31000
ISO 31000 has left open the problem of implementations. That is, ISO 31000 is in large normative in nature. For instances, ISO 31000 describes a generic process to manage risks, but it does not describe how to establish the organizational devices so that the process can be executed; it describes a risk management framework, but it does not explain the dynamics between the risk management process and the framework; it lists several principles reflected in effective risk management, but it does not describe how to realize the principles in implementations

How to use Workshops to Boost Creativity, Team Commitment and Motivation
To be creative, participants have to feel comfortable both with themselves and with the group. They need to know that their ideas will be accepted in the group, and that everyone's opinions count equally. They need to feel welcome in the group and comfortable with the facilitator. Experienced workshop facilitators make a conscious effort to help the participants feel safe, and set the tone that maximizes motivation and creativity in the group.

Quote for the day:

"Regardless of the changes in technology, the market for well-crafted messages will always have an audience." -- Steve Burnett

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