February 12, 2014

For international travelers, is basic business data security enough?
Lackey said travelers may encounter a greater quantity of threats abroad, but much like how most traffic accidents happen within a mile of one's home, users are more likely to be compromised by the Wi-Fi network of a local cafĂ© they frequent than a connection they use in a foreign country. To protect devices while abroad, Lackey advised travelers to take as few computing devices as possible, especially to Russia and China, and to ensure that the software running on all machines is updated to the latest version available.

Technology plays greater role in relationships
"I think tech is mostly helpful to relationships," said Dan Olds, an analyst with The Gabriel Consulting Group. "It gives people the ability to communicate in more and different ways. Text messages make it easy to toss out those quick 'I'm thinking about you" or 'I'm thinking about you, and I'm still mad about last night' messages. Communication isn't only about good things, right?" Olds said he's not surprised that more people didn't complain about technology getting in the way of their relationships or at least irritating them

U.S. to offer companies broad standards to improve cybersecurity
Exactly one year after President Barack Obama issued an executive order directing a Commerce Department agency to compile voluntary minimum standards, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, or NIST, is due to issue guidelines, which companies have no obligation to adopt. Drafters of the framework had to allay concerns by many in the private sector that their voluntary standards could someday become regulations. The threat of restrictive rules has helped stall progress on passing a cybersecurity law in Congress.

CRM Will Be at the Heart of Digital Initiatives for Years to Come
"CRM will be at the heart of digital initiatives in coming years. This is one technology area that will definitely get funding as digital business is crucial to remaining competitive," said Joanne Correia, research vice president at Gartner. "Hot areas for CRM investment include mobility, social media and technologies, Web analytics and e-commerce." Gartner expects CRM market growth to stay moderate in 2014, following three strong years of investment. CRM software revenue is forecast to reach $23.9 million in 2014, with cloud revenue accounting for 49 percent.

Regulation leads list of top ten risks for 2014
Regulatory changes and scrutiny are the risks business leaders are most concerned about for 2014, according to a new survey conducted by North Carolina State University’s Enterprise Risk Management Initiative and consultant Protiviti. “It’s a message for policymakers,” said Jim DeLoach, CPA, a Protiviti managing director. “… The bottom line is, it does have a cost in that it does affect business and it does affect decision-making around hiring and investing.”

FATCA tax deal with U.S. takes some heat off Canadian banks
Canada has finalized a deal with the U.S. government that takes a lot of heat off of Canadian banks — but could spell big problems for thousands of their customers. Finance Minister Jim Flaherty and National Revenue Minister Kerry-Lynne Findlay have signed the agreement to implement the U.S. Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act. Introduced in the U.S. in 2010, the law is meant to track down U.S. tax cheats living abroad.

Is user activity monitoring the only way to spot stolen credentials?
Automated security tools can only take an organization so far in this battle, Chuvakin noted, regardless of what many vendors would lead enterprises to believe. ... "A lot of things can be done by algorithms, but there is still the need for somebody to say, 'That looks pretty bad,' or 'No, based on what I know, this is not a compromise.'" Chuvakin said. "That's just the context that a machine may not have, but the human analyst can figure it out."

Attackers use NTP reflection in huge DDoS attack
The attack could be larger than the one last March against Spamhaus, a spam-fighting organization and CloudFlare customer whose website was hit by a 300Gbps DDoS attack, which was considered to be the largest in history at the time. CloudFlare reported then that it caused congestion at critical Internet exchange nodes in Europe. However, other companies later challenged the reported impact.

5 Ways We Neglect Our Own Creativity - And How To Bring It Back
Building things with our hands, words, and minds can be a bit terrifying. Our subconscious is at work during the creative process and sometimes what lives there can be scary. But while your mind might be telling you to run the other way, resist the urge. As Rainer Maria Rilke put it in his Letters to a Young Poet: "Why would you want to exclude from your life any uneasiness, any pain, any depression, since you don't know what work they are accomplishing within you?” In other words: It pays to be a little tortured.

Big Data Analytics for Security
Big data analytics—the largescale analysis and processing of information—is in active use in several fields and, in recent years, has attracted the interest of the security community for its promised ability to analyze and correlate security-related data efficiently and at unprecedented scale. Differentiating between traditional data analysis and big data analytics for security is, however, not straightforward. After all, the information security community has been leveraging the analysis of network traffic, system logs, and other information sources to identify threats and detect malicious activities for more than a decade, and it’s not clear how these conventional approaches differ from big data.

Quote for the day:

"Success is less a function of grandiose predictions than it is a result of being able to respond rapidly to changes as they occur" -- Jack Welch

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