February 06, 2014

The Performance of the T-SQL Window Functions
Microsoft introduced the first of the class of window functions in two flavors: Ranking and Aggregates, and released further functions in subsequent releases. ... Although there is no doubt that the window functions add richness to the SQL language, greatly simplifying the syntax and queries they appear in, we’re still left with the nagging doubt as to whether they are as fast as the older methods. They’re more easily maintained, but are they faster? This is what we want to find out.

NASA CIO unable to implement effective IT governance
"NASA's current IT governance model weakens accountability and does not ensure that IT assets across the Agency are cost effective and secure," writes the OIG. NASA's governance model is composed of three governance boards that report to the mission support council; there are also sub-boards and working groups. "We found that the complexity of the board structure and a lack of documentation and training to explain the interrelationship of the boards has led to confusion among agency IT personnel about the roles and responsibilities of the boards and diminished their value to the governance process," write report authors.

Integrated Independent Testing – Alternative Approach To Software Quality Assurance
... in this paper an alternative approach – Independent Integrated Testing that helps in reaping the majority of the independent testing benefits in addition to optimizing the test cost is proposed. This approach utilizes the services of the specialized testers and at the same time tries to optimize the effort by eliminating a longer bug life-cycle process. The details of the approach are elaborated in the subsequent sections. To bring out the differences between the two methods clearly, at first the independent testing approach is explained and then the new approach.

Microsoft's Cloud Chief on Windows Azure, Tools and More
Known as "ScottGu," Guthrie is notorious for the red polo shirts he sports at events where he is a big draw in coding demos. Guthrie has spent his time at Microsoft in the company's developer and cloud groups. He worked his way up to the role of corporate vice president of the .Net platform in company's Developer Division and later became the corporate vice president of Windows Azure, which he left for his new position

Big Data, the Internet of Things and the Death of Capitalism?
Rodney Brooks, former Panasonic Professor of Robotics at MIT and founder of Rethink Robotics, says "We're at the point with production robots where we were with mobile robots in the late 1980s... The advances are accelerating dramatically." The Rethink Robotics videos show some agonizingly slow-motion action, but it doesn't need Clayton Christensen to recognize a potential disruptive innovation here. The process about to be disrupted is the manual labor involved in a whole variety of repetitive but loosely bounded activities on assembly, packaging and similar production lines.

New ITSSM Tool, or Nah?
There is no shortage of information available to help you make a decision, and the authors surmise that we tend to trust “the averages” over our instincts — but not as much as we should. We lock ourselves in an “inside view,” which is our evaluation of our specific situation. This plays out on my inquiry calls with clients, who conclude that their IT organization is a mess and that a new technology solution will be the catalyst for positive change.

The Cost of Risk Avoidance
What they are missing is that certainty comes at a cost. Certainty robs us of a just reward, the very incentive that motivates us to pursue opportunity in the first place. The fallacy that risk avoidance somehow is without cost and therefore an acceptable strategy fails to consider opportunity cost. Too often opportunity cost is disregarded because we base our decisions on superficial criteria or the immediacy of a potential negative effect.

Study Finds Companies’ Mobile Computing and Business Intelligence Preferences Changing
Organizations looking to deploy mobile BI solutions need to recognize that their existing infrastructure will certainly become inadequate over the course this this year. The folks that I’ve spoken with that have deployed mobile BI had to really bolster their data infrastructure because the existing data warehouse or whatever solution they used couldn’t handle the mobile load. People use mobile devices more frequently to query BI data. Multiply that times hundreds or thousands of users, and it will exhaust the resources most organizations have.

SATA Express marries PCI-e, SATA for faster direct-attached storage
The SATA Express specification now recognizes PCI-e as a suitable storage interface for fast storage devices. Conventional drives will continue to use the server's standard SAS and SATA interface operated through the motherboard's South Bridge chip, while new, fast disk drives like SSD use SATA Express through the PCI-e interface. While this new option helps meet the performance and capacity demands of varied workloads, servers will need SATA Express capabilities and SFF-8639 multifunctional connectors to take advantage.

Red Hat brings SOA to the cloud
JBoss Fuse Service Works provides additional tools to help administrators manage complex workflow environments that run on JBoss Fuse. It includes SwitchYard, which provides an service orchestration interface for building workflows and defining business logic. It provides tools for establishing and enforcing organizational policies, and exposing services so they can be found elsewhere in the organization.

Quote for the day:

"A culture of discipline is not a principle of business; it is a principle of greatness." -- Jim Collins

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