February 21, 2014

Cyberattacks fallout could cost the global economy $3 trillion by 2020
That is the report's main finding—the global economy has yet to mount an adequate defense against the rise of cyberattacks. McKinsey and the World Economic Forum conducted a survey last year of 200 enterprises, tech vendors, and public sector agencies. The two other findings of the report are that executives in enterprise tech have a consensus on the seven best practices for cyberresiliency, and that cybersecurity is a CEO-level issue.

Who Can You Trust?
Contrary to common belief, integrity isn’t a stable trait: Someone who has been fair and honest in the past won’t necessarily be fair and honest in the future. To understand why, we need to abandon the notion that people wrestle with “good” and “evil” impulses. Except in cases of serious psychopathology, the mind doesn’t work that way. Rather, it focuses on two types of gains: short-term and long-term. And it’s the trade-off between them that typically dictates integrity at any given moment.

Google's Project Tango Sees All
Project Tango phones include a vision processing system, a depth sensor, and a motion tracking camera, along with the gyroscopes and orientation sensors found in other smartphones. They can be thought of as something like a mobile version of Microsoft's Kinect system. ... Given Project Tango phones, developers could create apps that, for example, tracked player movements accurately enough to determine whether a virtual laser blast from one player hit another player or an obstacle.

Microsoft's Free Security Tools - Summary
The series highlights free security tools that Microsoft provides to help make IT professionals' and developers' lives easier. A good tool can save a lot of work and time for those people responsible for developing and managing software. In the series we discuss many of the benefits each tool can provide and include step by step guidance on how to use each. Below is a summary of the tools covered in the series and a brief overview of each.

How Philips Altered The Future of Light
Listening to Philips executives map out the future can lead to a realization: Older digital technologies--the Internet, for instance, or smartphones--accentuate the impact of newer digital technologies, such as the LED. This is most apparent in a product like Hue. Internet connectivity makes the product controllable by smartphone, but also endows it with a vast capacity for improvements. "You could buy it now and it will keep getting better," observes Yianni, "because the evolution is now more in the software and in the app."

Privacy Threats You Need to Know About
A good understanding of the privacy threats is an important factor for preventing privacy violations. In order to provide such an understanding, this article discusses ten important privacy threats, namely government surveillance, data profiling, hacking of bank institutions, hacking of software companies, hacking of government health care websites, fake online complaints, using Facebook for background checking, hacking of delivery drones, hacking of cloud computing servers, and hacking of Google Glass.

Alternatives to RESTful API for accessing object storage
There are downsides or tradeoffs with this approach as well. First and foremost, there is greater latency, leading to longer response times. Anytime one interface must be converted to another, there will be more latency. In addition, the NAS experience is not identical. This is because the software conversion function is an interface convenience, not a replica of a NAS system with all of its features. The iSCSI response times also tend to be slower than native iSCSI storage (latency again) and are not accessible any other way than as iSCSI blocks.

Oral-B has a connected toothbrush. You don’t need it.
Oral-B says that the brush has a Bluetooth radio and will send your brushing data to you via an iOS or Android app, but it will also accept programming so you (or your dentist) can tell the brush where you want to spend the most time. The app also will show you news and weather or whatever while you are brushing, making those two minutes fly by. This would be so much cooler if the brush played the information while you brushed — the way my daughter’s musical toothbrushes play Selena Gomez songs.

Istanbul-based Finansbank manages risk and security using HP ArcSight, Server Automation
BriefingsDirect had an opportunity to learn first-hand at the recent HP Discover2013 Conference in Barcelona how Finansbank extended its GRC prowess -- while smoothing operational integrity and automating speed to deployment -- using several HP solutions. Learn how from a chat with Ugur Yayvak, Senior Designer of Infrastructure at Finansbank in Istanbul. The discussion is moderated by me, Dana Gardner, Principal Analyst at Interarbor Solutions.

From Imperative Programming to Fork/Join to Parallel Streams in Java 8
It is considered the largest language change since the advent of Java 20 years ago. To find detailed practical examples of how you can benefit from these features refer to the book Java 8 in Action: Lambdas, Streams and Functional-style programming written by the authors of this article and Alan Mycroft. These features enable programmers to write more concise code, and additionally they let programmers benefit from multi-core architecture. In fact, writing programs that execute gracefully in parallel is currently the preserve of Java specialists.

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"Everyone needs to be valued. Everyone has the potential to give something back." -- Princess Diana

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