February 25, 2014

Cloud security tools only half the battle against shadow IT
To get at the root of shadow IT, corporate IT must make itself more appealing to business units and beat cloud service providers at their own game. "It's really about communication and training," said Softchoice's Kane. "In many cases, that's not really in the wheelhouse of an IT person's skill set. But that can certainly change." Softchoice learned through its experience that it had to do a much better job of offering training on applications, and more importantly, communicating the reasons for security and compliance policies that it had put in place, Kane said.

7 hidden dangers of wearable computers
As with most Internet-connected devices, the growing proliferation of wearables has spawned both privacy and security concerns. Wearable technologies enable capture and collection of amazingly detailed information about an individual’s life, including their lifestyle choices, personal health, location, movement and daily routines. Without the right privacy controls, such data could end up being used in ways never imagined or intended. And without the right security controls, data gathered by such devices could enable identity theft, stalking, fraud and other crimes.

6 Skills CEOs Prize In CIOs
The better question to ask is: Which skills do most CEOs want their CIOs to have? So let's discuss what your boss will expect of you. Here's where it gets complicated. Regardless of whether the CIO reports to the CEO, has a dotted line to the CEO, or is married to and has children with the CEO, the CEO is your ultimate boss. And the CEO very much cares about the folks who run other mission-focused business units: your peers. To make matters more complex, those peers are also your customers.

The commercial case for open source software
With a rich pedigree of success in the server room, open platforms eventually moved upwards through the commercial sector and across to government in many developed nations. What open source in these (and other mission-critical implementations) demands is not only the strong active developer community that typifies any open code base — it also very often needs a level of expert support and maintenance that works at a more formalised level than that which is available for free through the community.

Are the best CIOs from non-tech background?
There are two school of thoughts that exist, one that thinks a CIO can be truly successful if he has got a technical background. But off late we are witnessing CIOs becoming successful even without a technical background and the key to their success is their business acumen. There is no doubt that knowing technology is a per-requisite to become a CIO, but with enterprises outsourcing their technology infrastructure, a CIOs prime job now is to make IT department as a profit centre. We at CIO&Leader went and spoke to some of the top management of different organisations to find out what do they think about this topic.

Interview: The Power of Collective Insight
People are really amazed with the level of collaboration they can do – in part because it’s not limited only to BI. Jam is much more advanced in overall collaboration, so you can use it as a portal for lots of activities. You can collaborate directly from the BusinessObjects Infoview to see follow reports and see people’s comments and questions. But you can also see BI content through the Jam portal, where you have it as one of the facets of everything else you’re doing. For example, a sales person can see some BI content in a sales analytics forum, post a comment, and that comment can be viewed from the BI system.

Quality Code - Book Review and Interview
... quality code is code that, in order of importance, does what it is supposed to do, is bug free, and is well-crafted. Think of it as code that is ready for today, tomorrow, and next year. Code that does what it is supposed to satisfies the business and the user. Code that is bug free tries to stand apart from the imperfect world and handles things gracefully when it inevitably interacts with an imperfect world. Code that is well-crafted can be fixed, modified, and enhanced far into the future, hopefully breaking the cycle of the value-sucking rewrite that traditionally happens every few years.

Wi-Fi roaming starts to take flight with Hotspot 2.0
While making consumers' lives easier, Hotspot 2.0 could also help mobile operators offload more data demand from their expensive licensed frequencies. But to make it real, service providers have to both upgrade their network infrastructure and forge business deals with partners, both of which can be time-consuming, said analyst Peter Jarich of Current Analysis. On Monday, Boingo Wireless announced that its subscribers with Apple iOS 7 devices will be able to join 21 airport Wi-Fi networks automatically and free of charge.

Public, private and hybrid clouds: Beware of cloud washing
Where does cloud washing come into play? Private clouds are viewed as a combination of cloud's hyperefficiency and ease of provisioning with the control that enterprise IT wants. This permits participation in the cloud while lowering the perceived risk. However, the potential return on investment is low, as it offers only a slight improvement over current methods like virtualization.

Consumers Lead Rise Of Connected Storage
The file system, once seen as a staid and boring technology, has been completely transformed by the advent of computing mobility. Laptops made it possible for people to take their work on the road… and lose it. The first attempt to protect data on-the-go was a modification of backup, a tried and true IT function. Online backup services offered consumers the benefits of a professionally run datacenter. Data had begun a journey from local, hardware-bound file systems to the cloud.

Quote for the day:

“Do not judge me by my successes, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again.” -- Nelson Mandela

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