February 26, 2016

Tackling the Future of Digital Trust—While It Still Exists

And, in early 2021, auditors discovered randomly added small amounts, on the order of pennies, to countless transactions at credit and debit clearing providers, with over $100 million stolen and systems shut down for a day to fix. Also in 2021, all three credit reporting agencies were hacked, with false histories created, and real histories altered. Finally, the Electronic Payments Network and the Automated Clearing House, both organizations that process transactions between financial institutions, was hacked. ... At this point, the clearinghouses are manually checking all transactions, slowing the system horribly. People are lining up at banks and ATMs looking to get their hands on cash, and paycheck and other automatic deposits are erratic.

Visa just announced big changes to its mobile wallet

Visa will optimize the new checkout lightbox for smaller mobile devices. On top of that, users will also experience an easier process when confirming their checkout information, which should make it simpler to change and customize payment information. The company also plans to integrate a Google application program interface (API) that would facilitate address auto-completion, which would also help users with smaller mobile screens. Finally, users would be able to take a photo of their cards when signing up for Visa Checkout, rather than having to manually enter all their information. The company plans to automatically update Visa Checkout with these new features at participating locations in April.

Why an app-focused strategy could lead to mobile failure

Native apps, however, come with a cost: According to Forrester, porting that lovely Android app "adds a 50% to 70% increment of the cost of the original app for every new mobile operating system an app needs to run on." In other words, catering to consumers with a rich, interactive experience isn't cheap. Nor is it always necessary. For example, for enterprise apps, where reuse (and easy updating) of content and leveraging existing web skills may be primary considerations, turning to web apps may be the exact right strategy. ... To be clear, these developers are using the web both for consumer-facing apps and employee-facing enterprise apps. The question, as Forrester highlights, is exactly what you're trying to accomplish.

Internet of things providers set to battle over platform dominance

considerable technical and commercial volatility is to be expected. All such products are proprietary, and migration from one to another is not simple. The situation is made even more complex because suppliers in the nascent IoT market are trying to developing competing ecosystems. Although ecosystems and standards aren't precisely technologies, most eventually materialise as APIs, which can then be accessed via an IoT application. While Gartner sees standards and their associated APIs as essential to enable IoT devices to interoperate and communicate, many different types of IoT standards and ecosystems already exist. More will follow. The analyst firm predicted commercial and technical battles between these ecosystems will dominate areas such as the smart home, the smart city and healthcare.

How Storytelling Makes Robots, AI More Human

Not only would story-based teaching be incredibly easy, it promises to solve many of the fears we have of dangerous AIs taking over the world, the researchers said. It could even lead to a real revolution in robotics and artificially intelligent agents. "We really believe a breakthrough in AI and robots will come when more everyday sorts of people are able to use this kind of technology," Professor Riedl said in an interview with InformationWeek, "Right now, AI mostly lives in the lab or in specific settings in a factory or office, and it always takes someone with expertise to set these systems up. But we've seen that when a new technology can be democratized new types of applications take off. That's where we see the real potential in robots and AI."

FBI, keep out! How to encrypt everything

Don't back up to cloud services like iCloud or Google Drive; the government can get warrants to access those backups. Instead, in iOS back up to your PC or Mac via iTunes, with the Encrypt iPhone/iPad Backup option turned on for each device in iTunes' summary pane. Now your backups are safe from prying eyes, too. Unfortunately, Android users don’t have a similar option for secure, encrypted backup. Use encrypted services like Apple’s iMessage and OpenWhisper’s TextSecure where possible. SMS service from your phone company is not secured from government agencies. If you use a BYOD unit that mixes corporate and personal information, I suggest you stop accessing it for work -- especially if your company employs mobile device management (MDM) software, because it can help unlock your device and provide access to its contents.

Tech experts have their say on the EU Digital Single Market

One of the key challenges that the technology industry in Europe faces is a large skills gap. Whereas in Asia, STEM students account for up to 20% of the student population, European STEM students make up just 2%. As the application economy continues to expand, non-traditional IT companies are demanding the same skills that ICT companies have required for decades. Therefore there is an even greater demand for highly skilled tech workers. The proposed European Digital Single Market will allow not only for more mobility of people, services and goods but would fuel a more collaborative and coordinated approach to talent cultivation and enablement across borders, helping the industry tackle the skills gap on a European level. With this in mind, CA Technologies strongly supports the proposed European DSM and believes it should be recognised as one of the core priorities for European growth.

FBI Chief Acknowledges Apple Case May Set Data Privacy Prededent

The dispute between Apple and the Justice Department is part of a larger debate within Congress, the administration and the technology industry about whether law enforcement and intelligence agencies should be able to access encrypted communications. The Federal Bureau of Investigation served Apple with a court order on Feb. 16 requiring the company to write a new software program to unlock the phone used by Syed Rizwan Farook in the shooting spree in December. Farook, along with his wife, shot to death 14 workers before the couple was killed by police. The FBI wants to know where they had been and who helped them. Cook Remarks Apple is refusing to cooperate. Apple’s chief executive Tim Cook has vowed to fight the order, saying the software doesn’t exist and creating it would potentially put billions of iPhones at risk of being hacked or spied on by governments.

New 3D bioprinter to reproduce human organs, change the face of healthcare

This new solution's hardware, BioAssemblyBot (BAB), runs as a six-axis robot that is far more precise than BAT. The real difference, however, is in the software: Tissue Structure Information Modeling (TSIM), which is basically a CAD program for biology. It takes the manual coding out of the process and replaces it with something that resembles desktop image editing software. It allows the medical researchers to scan and manipulate 3D models of organs and tissues and then use those to make decisions in diagnosing patients. And then, use those same scans to model tissues (and eventually organs) to print using the BAB. "It's a big step forward in the capability and technology of bioprinting," said Hoying, "but what someone like me is really excited about is now it enables me to do so much more."

The importance of determining your CEP architecture bias

For analytics-driven CEP, there are two primary models developing, too. Some vendors view analytics CEP as a way to drive business processes closer to the decisions. This has two ingredients; the first is defining and handling event streams, and the second is event correlation and handling. IBM is one of the enterprise leaders in this space, in part because they provide the full range of tools needed for both stream management and event analytics. Like other companies offering analytic-platform CEP, IBM focuses increasingly on "stream processing," which shifts work from macroflows to something more like pure events. To respond, companies must shift to the stream computing model at the process level. Then they must project some of the stateful or contextual analytics previously done on historical data forward into real time.

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"Without courage we cannot practice any other virtue with consistency." -- Maya Angelou,

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