February 10, 2016

London Mayoral candidates go head-to-head on technology policy

Both Khan and Pidgeon said they would establish superfast broadband as a core utility, something no one in the capital should be without, but the Liberal Democrate candidate pointed out that office space “is a bigger challenge than broadband speed”. She said the government’s “relaxation of rules” which allow developers to convert commercial property into residential use without planning permission, “needs to stop”. Goldsmith said that rolling out broadband can be “achieved relatively easy” and suggested partnering with the private sector to use Transport for London’s (TfL's) existing network to turn it into a “superfast broadband network.

Intel report puts spotlight on diversity at work

While the diversity statistics may not be cause for huge celebration, tech experts are hailing Intel's level of commitment and transparency as a possible game changer in the hiring practices at tech companies. Intel is the only tech giant to have publicly set quantifiable diversity, hiring or retention goals, according to NPR. "There's nothing here [that's] top secret or should not be shared with the rest of the world, in my mind," said CEO Brian Krzanich, who added that he hopes this transparency will spur competing technology companies to follow suit in order to prove their commitment to diversity. Claire Hough, VP of Engineering at Udemy, believes Intel's transparency to be an important step toward solving the larger problem of diversity at work.

What Managers Should Know About Data Privacy and the ‘Internet of Things’

Any business leader worth his or her salt is looking at how to gain a competitive advantage with IoT. The challenge, says Giulio Coraggio, a privacy attorney at DLA Piper Italy, is “how to ensure privacy protection in a manner that does not impair business profitability, which requires the need to get access to large databases of personal data.” In terms of risk, the IoT means the number of access points where personal information could be compromised will grow exponentially. The IoT can also, unwittingly, increase the risk of unlawful surveillance: Hello Barbie is a case in point. A hacker, potentially, could break into the ToyTalk cloud and listen to a kid’s conversation with the doll.

Cloud Computing Emerging as a Panacea for every Business Qualm

Cloud computing has been and continues to be adopted by enterprises across industries in many different ways. It represents a fantastic opportunity for technology companies to help customers simplify IT. Cloud has been seeing a lot of demand across sectors. Industries like telecom, BFSI, retail, education, healthcare and government are increasingly turning to the cloud to simplify IT. The demand for public cloud has recently shown an increase in the mobile and broadband sectors; pharmacy, manufacturing, e-commerce, retail and travel were the early adopters of public cloud. These include both the SMBs as well as larger enterprises.

How Pioneering Banks Adopt Hadoop for Enterprise Data Management

Simply put, bank IT budgets can no longer cover the same spending on specialized hardware and hosting and services. Regulatory pressures that mandate additional risk and compliance costs only compound these pressures. These regulatory forces include Basel Committee guidelines on risk data reporting and aggregation (RDA), The Dodd-Frank Act, the Volcker Rule, and regulatory capital adequacy legislation such asComprehensive Capital Analysis and Review (CCAR). These regulatory pressures force an urgent retooling of existing data architectures. These forces are transforming Risk and Compliance from a set of “check box” activities into a unique and compelling opportunity for competitive advantage.

Minimally Invasive “Stentrode” Shows Potential as Neural Interface for Brain

The catheter is inserted into a blood vessel in the neck. Researchers then use real-time imaging to guide the stentrode to a precise location in the brain, where the stentrode then expands and attaches to the walls of the blood vessel to read the activity of nearby neurons. The stentrode technology leverages well-established techniques from the field of endovascular surgery, which uses blood vessels as portals for accessing deep structures while greatly reducing trauma associated with open surgery. Endovascular techniques are routinely used for surgical repair of damaged blood vessels and for installation of devices such as stents and stimulation electrodes for cardiac pacemakers.

Where does Apple go after the iPhone?

"We believe 10 years from now Generation Z will find reality inefficient," Munster went on to write. "Generation Z will see the benefits of mixed reality headsets that augment the world with real-time information as they need it and in their field of view, without needing to look at one piece of information at a time on a smartphone." This might all seem rather far-fetched, but how would we have reacted to a prediction made, say, in 2000, that smartphones would be as huge - not to mention hugely influential - as they are now? We'd have probably thought that was far-fetched, but here we are, a little more than 15 years on, pretty much every one of us with a smartphone.

IT Automation In The Wild

“The automation angle is key to rapid delivery, and it lends a high level of quality and predictability to our development process and products,” Yochem says.  Interestingly, Yochem describes IT automation as an IT-driven strategy, the opposite of the view expressed by Maras.  “This is an IT-driven strategy, with the desired outcome being to deliver differentiating, high quality products to our clients. We are fortune at BDP in that our broader business community understands the value of business and IT automation, and have been supportive as we’ve adopted DevOps practices as part of our broader Agile methodology for product delivery,” Yochem concludes.

Flash memory's density surpasses hard drives for first time

The highest areal density for today's HDD products is about 1.3Tbpsi, according to Coughlin. Most HDD products, however, are well below that. For example, Seagate's desktop hard drives have a maximum areal density of 850Gbpsi; those drives use shingled magnetic recording (SMR), which overlaps the magnetic tracks for greater density. While still best-case laboratory figures, the NAND flash areal densities shown at the ISSCC are not far behind what is shipping today. Major SSD makers, such as Samsung,have announced what would be industry-leading 15TB 2.5-in solid-state drives (SSDs) are already on the horizon.

CISA is the beginning of a very long cybersecurity fight

The groundwork laid by laws like the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act and standards in NIST’s cybersecurity framework have served to put the nation on a solid cybersecurity footing, but it will take much more effort if public and private sector are to deter the rise of data breaches and cyber attacks.  “The level of awareness has risen, but its not where it needs to be. If you really step back and assess the threats, this goes to everything — almost every piece of equipment, every car, every refrigerator, clocks, every tool we use, let alone our computers and networks and electric grid,” said Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker.  “The challenge is to make sure that we step up our game," she added, "We’ve got to collaborate.”

Quote for the day:

"The unfortunate truth is that securing internet-enabled devices is not always a high priority among vendors and manufacturers." -- Alex Chiu

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