February 19, 2016

An absolute beginner’s guide to setting up Google Analytics for your website

Google Analytics is a free service that tracks and reports website traffic. Providing insight into the demographics of site visitors, the performance of a specific campaign, and how long people are staying on your site for, are just a few of the many things the program is capable of.  This data gives you an all round better view of how your site is doing and allows you to understand what improvements can be made to make sure you’re optimizing different areas for maximum conversion.  In the below tutorial, we will walk you through some basics of Google Analytics and what you need to do in order to get started.

VMware aims for thought leadership with new releases

The major new sizzle here though is VMware Horizon Air with Hybrid-Mode, a new cloud-scale architecture which offers a new approach to building, delivering and managing virtual workspaces through giving customers the choice of a full cloud-hosted service or hybrid service. It will consist of two main components – a unified Cloud Control Plane and Horizon Node technology that works with VMware Horizon Air ready infrastructure. “Hybrid Mode lets you run in the desktop, but also spin VMs up and down in a third party cloud, and that’s new here,” Rosemarin said. VMware Horizon Air-enabled hyper-converged appliances will let IT administrators create up to 2,000 virtual desktops in under 20 minutes.

People in CIO positions should stay off this list

The main requirement of CIO positions is to deliver and safeguard the IT systems that keep businesses running; being perceived as untrustworthy is unthinkable for CIOs. Yet, if their IT organizations have a history of failures in delivering bread-and-butter service, the business side is going to have a hard time trusting the CIO to deliver the more advanced capabilities that can provide a competitive advantage, such as big data analytics or cloud computing. A CIO also won't be trusted, Cameron explained in the report, if the IT department doesn't build systems that are "end-to-end" -- integrated into all the other applications a business uses on a daily basis. At Home Depot, Cameron told me, a checkout clerk can ring you up, of course, but he can also let you know about a sale the store is having that day or check on the availability of another item you might need.

Africa’s big banks are betting on fintech startups and bitcoin to beat disruption

There’s good reason for banks to be afraid, says Vinny Lingham, a South African serial entrepreneur whose current blockchain startup, Civic, is based in Silicon Valley. “I think the banking sector in Africa is going to be disrupted faster than anywhere else in the world. What you have with bitcoin and blockchain is a trustless method of operating. You don’t need third parties like banks operating as trust brokers anymore. It’s all built into the code. The way mobile leapfrogged fixed lines communications in Africa, blockchain will leapfrog a lot of the financial infrastructure that exists today.” In order to get ahead of that, Barclays opened the first African branch of Rise, its global network of innovation spaces, in December 2015.

Video Conferencing on Mobile Platforms: Promises, Expectations, Challenges

Technically, if device manufacturers could find common grounds with each other and stop placing frontal cameras in random places, it would not cause major discomfort at such a distance. If only we could count out the view angle from the given equation! Our reflexes tell us to hold the screen at the chest level so we could still be able to see objects in front of us if necessary. Alas, at this angle the camera will capture us from underneath, showing only the beautiful scenery of our chin. We certainly will project an impression of professional directness by looking at our partner face-on. But is it always appropriate? For one thing, it is uncomfortable and dangerous to hold a mobile device at eye level with your hands stretched out for long periods. It would be a different story if we were seated at a table: in this case, the optimal screen position is slightly below the eye level with a slight tilt.

Dwolla is Back, But Focused on Blockchain, Not Bitcoin

"Dwolla has a very interesting asset in [its] alternative payment network which they’ve had before bitcoin and Ripple," says Gil Luria, an analyst focusing on bitcoin at Wedbush Securities. Dwolla launched in 2010 and from its meager start in Des Moines, Iowa, with just a few small bank and retailer clients and two employees, it has grown to 15 employees and 20,000 customers processing more than $1m a week. Over the past few years, the company has built relationships with government entities in Iowa, speeding up the payment of cigarette stamp tax, vehicle registration and fuel tax. In October 2014, BBVA Compass partnered with Dwolla for its FiSync real-time payments platform.

Negotiating cloud contracts: A new era for CIOs

Many cloud providers will say, "Our terms and conditions are what's on our website." But providers have been known to revise terms without notice, said Colin Whiteneck, senior manager, Deloitte Consulting, who helps CIOs with cloud contracts. "You need to get them to negotiate so they give you specific Ts and Cs," Whiteneck said. "If they're not willing to negotiate, you tell them you don't even want to see their proposal." Even if a provider insists on sticking to standard terms, it's important for a contract to spell out that those terms should apply through the length of the contract to avoid having to swallow any future changes that might be unfavorable to the business.

Researchers devise method to detect location spoofing by calculating network delays

CPV relies on the strong correlation between geographic distance and network delays. With the widespread use of cloud computing, a given user would likely be connected to a geographically nearby server (particularly in bandwidth-intensive cases such as streaming video). Users cloaking their geographic location with a VPN typically experience slower performance than users in the "correct" location, connecting directly to the service provider. CPV uses a new, custom protocol to verify the forward and reverse one-way delays between two hosts on the internet. To ensure reliability, heuristics are used to improve the accuracy of delay-to-distance mapping., and reduce the impact of variable network performance on this calculation.

What Bendable Screens Mean For The Future Of UI

Called the Reflex, Vertegaal's deforming smartphone features a flexible plastic screen, coupled with some haptic motors for feedback. By bending the screen, the Reflex allows users to do things such as quickly flip through pages in an e-book. The more you bend the Reflex, the faster the pages flip, providing a navigation experience more in tune with a physical book. The same affordance can be used to pull back a slingshot in Angry Birds, allowing you to actually feel the resistance growing as you bend the Reflex. And because the screen is flexible and made of plastic, it's harder to break than your average smartphone, which generally consists of a glass screen, a rigid circuit board, and batteries.

Cybersecurity Whistleblowers: Get Ready For More

And while legal protections may not be explicit for cybersecurity whistleblowers, they exist by implication, experts say. Lance Hayden, managing director at the Berkeley Research Group and a CSO contributor, is one of several who have cited a settlement last September between the SEC and R.T. Jones Capital Equities Management over charges that the firm’s violation of the “safeguards rule” led to a breach that compromised the information of about 100,000 people. While the firm did not have to admit to the charges, it agreed to a censure by the SEC and to pay a $75,000 fine. There was no documented evidence of whistleblower involvement in the case, but Hayden wrote that it became, “a sort of catalyst,” for the SEC to focus on cybersecurity.

Quote for the day:

"One cool judgment is worth a thousand hasty counsels. The thing to do is to supply light and not heat." -- Woodrow Wilson

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