February 13, 2016

Graph API in a Large Scale Environment

REST doesn’t provide any guidelines for how authentication for the API should be done. You can use basic HTTP authentication, OAuth2 or even your own custom developed authentication method. However, most of the APIs support the OAuth2 authentication method. In addition, REST doesn’t define the format of the represented data. It can be JSON, XML or even plain HTML. A few years ago, XML was very popular and most of the REST APIs used this format to represent the transferred data. Although XML has many benefits it is more complicated compared to JSON and companies started providing JSON as an alternative. We chose REST as the architecture, OAuth2 for authentication and JSON as the resource format. 

How these communist-era Apple II clones helped shape central Europe's IT sector

"Very often, it's said the products have been copied from Western companies. That's not exactly so," Boyanov writes in his paper, History of Bulgarian Computing. He explained that the goal of Bulgarian computer makers was to create products that "had to operate in the same functional way" as the Western ones. Rather than call them copies, a better term would be "analog" machines, he says. "Sometimes the parameters of our similar products were better than the Western goods," Boyanov says. Bulgarian engineers were able to correct some of the known shortcomings of the original products, he argues.

To save the iPad, Apple needs to copy Microsoft

The iPad was nice and exciting while it was new, but it never became an essential. Now compare this to the Microsoft Surface. Here is a device that excites me, and not just because of the hardware (though I have to admit that the hardware is nice). What excites me the most about the Surface is its ability to run a full operating system, which in turn gives me the freedom and flexibility to run full applications such as Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Office, as opposed to the watered-down versions available from the app store. At the same time, it gives me the option to run cut-down apps from the Windows app store if that's what I want. It's easy to disregard Microsoft in the hardware space, especially given its dismal performance in the smartphone market.

How smart is Big Data?

In their rush to create a Big Data strategy, many companies are overlooking their existing data and not laying down the foundations that will enable the integration of all their data. Yet, this existing data is business critical data. The best analysis comes from the best data. Being able cross reference business critical data (structured or unstructured) with Big Data will deliver far more comprehensive results than Big Data alone. What companies need to consider is how to integrate Big Data with business critical data and to consider how they will integrate All the Data as early on as possible. The integration of data from all sources and all sets, is what companies need to do, to reveal the fuller picture. All the Data is this combination and integration.

Why open source can save companies from drowning in the data lake

By applying methodologies like design thinking and agile development, businesses can ensure that they focus on the right problems and develop highly viable and feasible solutions. The best way to analyse the gathered information is to build a custom analytics solution, designed to deliver the insights required. While a bespoke platform has historically required significant time and financial investment, the use of open source technology is changing the analytics landscape. Open source big data platforms offer incredible capabilities to build not only insights solutions, but also forecasting and providing predictive analytics solutions through mathematical and statistical models that have the ability to crunch through large volumes of data.

Open Source DCIM Software Project Combats Spreadsheet-Based Data Center Management

The project’s number-one goal is to take away “the excuse for anybody to ever track their data center inventory using a spreadsheet or word processing document again,” according to its website. There’s a misconception in the industry that DCIM is only necessary for companies that own and operate their data centers. In Milliken’s opinion, there’s a lot of value to using DCIM even if you’re only monitoring a single cage in a colocation facility. As more and more data center capacity is outsourced to colocation providers, it’s going to become more and more important for colo customers to be able to manage that capacity intelligently. Colo providers increasingly provide DCIM capabilities to their customers as a service, but not all of them do.

CSA: IT Perception of Cloud Services Has Increased

So how has perception about the importance of cloud services changed over the past several years? In the past, business owners accustomed to utilizing legacy storage and in-house services struggled to see the benefits of cloud computing, especially in light of recent high-profile data leaks and controversy as to the effectiveness of remote solutions. Like any new technology, cloud services were strange and different from the norm, causing those adverse to change to shy away from their use for fear of exposing sensitive information. But in recent years, cloud has become increasingly more prevalent in both consumer and enterprise use, and in doing so has demonstrated its worth as a replacement for both physical storage and traditional data center services.

7 Android tools that can help your personal security

For most Android users, the seven tools below should cover all the important bases of device and data security. Some are third-party apps, while others are native parts of the Android operating system. They all, however, will protect your personal info in meaningful ways -- and without compromising your phone's performance. Plus, all but two of them are free. ... Android's Smart Lock feature gives you the best of both worlds by cutting down on the annoyance factor while still allowing you to keep your phone secured when it really counts. You can choose to have your phone remain unlocked whenever you're in a trusted location, like your home, or anytime you're connected to a trusted Bluetooth device, like a smartwatch that's always on your arm or a stereo that's inside your car.

What Developers Want From Their Technology (But Mostly Cloud)

What’s more, developers too are also equally influenced by peers and trendiness, and the sexiness of the user experience and API, and sometimes even the prettiness of the GUI when it comes to adopting the latest tooling (remember a world before Docker?!). However, from a developer’s perspective the API is the key interaction point, and is largely the UI equivalent of an average user for judging the user experience of a new tool. This new world order dictates that if before the focus in product releases has been on core functionality and UIs, at the expense of the API’s usability - a major transgression by many software companies, that today the API is likely the most important element that will be the measure of your product’s adoption.

Ranchers guard their livestock via the Internet of Things

Cattle-Watch will incorporate Telef√≥nica’s Smart m2m, a platform for managing IoT communications. Ranchers can observe their livestock and receive all relevant information via smartphones or other connected devices. Bulls are fitted with solar-powered collars which act as communications hubs and calves have ear tags that send status information to the collar hubs via a Bluetooth network every 30 seconds. The bull collars send back information to ranchers via cellular or satellite networks. Decisions can then be made based on the information gathered, for example withdrawing inefficient bulls or increasing the number of bulls.

Quote for the day:

"A leader is a person who knows how to act when other people don’t.” -- Eraldo Banovac

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