January 26, 2014

Enough PaaS vs. IaaS: The cloud is really about Services as a Platform
Two things have happened since that definition was first put forth. The first is that IaaS providers, especially Amazon Web Services and Microsoft, have delivered services that blur the lines between platform and infrastructure. In Amazon’s case, it evolved a set of a services from the infrastructure up to include middleware services (RDS and Elastic Beanstalk, for instance), as well as deployment and ongoing operations services such as Autoscaling and Opsworks.

Top 10 InfoSec Careers Influencers
Each of these Influencers has a substantial impact on InfoSec careers. Their influence ranges from education and training to recruitment, research and management. Our selections include some of the nation's most recognized leaders in promoting information security careers. But they also include a few individuals who focus on growing the profession behind the scenes. How did we choose the Influencers? We queried our board of advisers and other information security thought-leaders to identify candidates, with the editors making the final decision.

Internet of Things: What Strange Things Can Happen
IDC anticipates that more than 200 billion connected devices will be in use by 2021, with more than 30 billion being autonomous devices. Cisco’s Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG) predicts some 25 billion devices will be connected by 2015, and 50 billion by 2020. How will having lots of things connected change everything? Find the answer in the infographic. With all this, Internet of Things is coming and will be here to stay soon. Whether we, the humans are ready to take on this evolution remains to be seen.

Judge Partially Dismisses Oracle Lawsuit Against Solaris Support Providers
"While a customer may choose to engage a third party instead of Oracle to provide support services on Oracle hardware, under such circumstances neither the third party nor the customer may access or use Oracle's support website," Oracle said. "In particular, neither the third party nor the customer may use official, Oracle-authored Solaris updates to support the Oracle software running the hardware."

Best Value BI Trends: BI Embedded into Business Processes and Decision Making
The key to business value from BI is that it is “actionable” -- meaning based on her analysis the business person can do something meaningful with the data. Embedding BI into business processes means the business and IT understand that the workflow needs to include analytics not as the end result of BI, but as the fuel that drives business activity. The goal is managing and improving business performance, not analyzing reports.

Information Security Management at HDFC Bank: Contribution of Seven Enablers
As an early adopter of COBIT 4.1, HDFC Bank’s IT governance journey started almost six years ago, when COBIT 4.1 was just introduced. Almost all of the 34 IT processes defined in COBIT 4.1 were adopted by the bank. Following COBIT 5’s introduction in April 2012, HDFC Bank took some time to consider a migration. Because the bank has successfully implemented COBIT 4.1 to great benefit, it will not immediately migrate to COBIT 5. However, the seven enablers introduced by COBIT 5 were intuitively adopted by HDFC Bank even before these were popularised in COBIT 5.

Think you need Hadoop? Think again
In the big data buzz, Hadoop has been the big data solution of choice leaving many feeling like Hadoop is their only option for harnessing big data. However, there are many other big data options out there that offer different features than Hadoop, and may actually fit your business needs better. Flash array storage, in particular, has made it easier to create fast, affordable storage options, so check out these other big data solutions before settling on Hadoop.

Interview: The Need for Big Data Governance
The right approach to all these problems is to have a data quality “firewall” that filters data rather like internet traffic. And you can’t create that firewall unless you first have a definition of what “good data” looks like. IT will have technical definitions of good data – no characters in a number field, for example. But ultimately, only the business knows what defines business-ready data, therefore IT has to collaborate with them to create the business rules. And those business rules need to be in place before any new big data project, not after.

Agile testing is not about automation
If you buy into the premise of the Agile testing quadrant, only roughly half of the mentioned testing practices are applicable for automation – and these are primarily technology-facing tests. Aren’t the business-facing tests just as important? I would definitely argue that they are, especially for assessing if you are actually building the right thing for your users. It doesn’t matter if the smallest pieces of your system work well if they haven’t been assembled into something your users want or need.

Top Architecture & Governance Principles for 2014
Following are some of the key architecture and governance principles that you could adopt for your project for this year 2014. The architecture principles could be seen as “guiding principles” based on which team would want to design, develop and test the applications. ... Sooner than later, it may be good idea to create a software quality metrics to measure some of the non-functional software code quality characteristics

Quote for the day:

"To have long term success as a coach or in any position of leadership, you have to be obsessed in some way." -- Pat Riley

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