January 23, 2014

PayPal chief on the state of digital payments: Mobile is everything
"Mobile is the territory where we want to lead and be best-in-class at across the board," Marcus said matter-of-factly, stressing a need to put developer needs first in this sector too. Marcus implied that PayPal was able to overcome numerous competitors by making strides to tap into all of these different platforms. Just one example, Marcus asserted that PayPal was the first to be able to integrate itself into Apple Safari and utilize the iPhone's camera to scan barcodes to enable purchase power.

Neural Nets: Now Available In The Cloud
“We present the N2Sky system, which provides a framework for the exchange of neural network specific knowledge, as neural network paradigms and objects, by a virtual organization environment,” they say. That’s neural networks in the cloud, to you and me. Anybody can sign in and start using a neural net in ways that have already been validated. Schikuta and Mann even want to create a search engine for neural nets. Simply type in the problem you want to solve and the engine searches for nets that are already known to have successfully tackled the problem or ones similar to it.

Microsoft says it will let users choose where data is stored, but things aren’t that simple
Microsoft’s top lawyer has said the company will let non-U.S. customers choose to have their data stored outside the U.S. On the face of it, this would be a boon for the privacy of the firm’s foreign customers. But in reality, privacy advocates should dampen their enthusiasm. ... But there are two big things to bear in mind if you’re non-U.S. and hoping Microsoft’s storage choice will let you evade the watchful eyes of the NSA:

New Techniques Detect Anomalies in Big Data
In any case, it's clear that anomalies can play a big role, for the better or worse, in optimizing system availability and performance; when a process, application, or infrastructure component fails or slows down, it's typically presaged by usually multiple types of events happening simultaneously or in quick succession. Anomaly detection deciphers how this series of events and their patterns vary from the norm and enables experts to quickly determine what it means to the business. The power behind anomaly detection is neither a single technology nor a single technique.

The Top 10 Strategic CIO Issues For 2014
The CIO job itself continues to undergo a profound transformation that is pushing business-technology leaders inexorably closer to customer demands and customer experiences and customer engagements; to revenue generation, enhancement, and optimization; and to sometimes-revolutionary new business models and operating models, and unheard-of new processes. In that spirit, I’d like to share my list of the Top 10 Strategic CIO Issues for 2014, inspired by conversations with executives at hundreds of companies around the globe.

Five best Linux applications for enterprises
Linux has been a part of the enterprise back end for a long time and is becoming more prevalent in the office-side of businesses, from small businesses to major enterprises. So, what are the best Linux applications for IT managers and business owners to use in the enterprise? These five apps will expand the business's IT infrastructure and functionality while reducing the overall cost of maintaining an efficient, reliable business.

Dell Research: Can it deliver innovation from blank slate?
According to Menon, the timing for Dell's R&D push works well with going private. "From a timing perspective this (forming Dell Research) is perfect," he said. "As we go private there's an opportunity to focus more on longer-term trends." ... CEO Michael Dell introduced Menon and his team at Dell World in December. Dell Research was formed 6 months ago. If all goes well, said Menon, Dell Research will be the glue that brings the company's various units together in a "cross Dell way." Menon doesn't have to replicate IBM's approach, but take what he's learned from his more than 25 years at Big Blue and apply them in a Dell context.

Dimension Data and Application Modernization
In Dimension Data’s case, the firm has historically been positioned as a leading professional services firm linked to Cisco products and services. These new market initiatives are helping to broaden the range and focus of its professional, consulting, managed and support services. In fact, despite the anticipated introduction of continued new Cisco-related services in the coming years, we would not be surprised to see the Cisco-related component of Dimension Data’s service delivery decline from roughly two-thirds of revenue in 2013, to somewhere in the 30-40 percent range by YE2018.

European experts divided on success of cyber security
“Cyber security is a failure at all levels, including compliance, methodology, skills and technology,” said Lacey. While agreeing that regulatory compliance is necessary, he said it tends to encourage organisations to come up with the cheapest response. Lacey said regulation does not encourage innovation and tends to recognise outdated standards and models that give the attacker the advantage. The old “plan, check, do” model is too slow-moving and needs to be replaced with a military-style “observe, orient, decide, act” model that enables the faster response times required, he said.

The Secret to Lean Innovation Is Making Learning a Priority
Lean innovation embraces a philosophy of not letting progress get in the way of perfection. It leverages the Pareto principle that 20% of a product’s features (what’s distilled down into the minimal viable product) will most likely deliver 80% of the benefits sought by customers. As an approach, lean innovation lends itself especially well to corporate cultures, often engineering ones and others strongly focused on process-improvement programs such as Six Sigma. Its straightforward, step-by-step methodology makes it relatively easy to explain and to implement

Quote for the day:

"For a manager to be perceived as a positive manager, they need a four to one positive to negative contact ratio." -- Ken Blanchard

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