January 05, 2014

MDM and SOA: Be Warned!
At the heart is the adaptation of the existing process organization required for use as part of the MDM. The standards and parameters associated with the master data must be integrated into the company's operating and recurring work cycles. On the one hand, this affects the operating core processes and their activities, which users perform as part of their line function or roles. On the other hand, MDM-specific administrative processes and data governance must be implemented to ensure operational capability and continuous improvements in how master data are used.

An AI Chip to Help Computers Understand Images
The prototype is much less powerful than systems like Google’s cat detector, but it shows how new forms of hardware could make it possible to use the power of deep learning more widely. “There’s a need for this,” says Culurciello. “You probably have a collection of several thousand images that you never look at again, and we don’t have a good technology to analyze all this content.”

Barracuda Brings Award Winning Firewall To Amazon Web Services Cloud
The Barracuda NG Firewall had recently earned a five-star rating in SC Magazine’s 2013 Application and Web Security Group. SC Magazine had reviewed six enterprise-class solutions as part of this group test. SC Magazine had commended the Barracuda Firewall for offering customers a strong feature set, indicating that “the tool sports an extensive feature set, including most of the functionality one would expect in an application firewall and a few that raise this product above most others.”

Cloud Services: 5 Key Questions Before You Buy
If you have been charged with buying cloud resources, do your due diligence. Demand case studies, testimonials, white papers, and use cases that explain the offerings and demonstrate their value and savings. And remember, just because a resource is in the cloud doesn't mean it will be inexpensive to implement and maintain. As part of your process, be sure to include various lines of business. Many organizations rely on IT to ask and answer all the key questions. That's a bad idea. You need input from all your stakeholders.

6 Reasons Leaders Make Bad Decisions
Leaders that are focused on their own hidden agendas lose sight of the bigger picture, quickly get disconnected from their employees and fail to build a team that lasts. They make bad decisions on complicated issues with the intention of advancing their own agendas and career ambitions first. To help you identify those leaders that are not ready for their leadership roles and are prone to fall into the trap of making bad decisions, be on the look-out for the following six behavioral patterns:

Samsung Announces 'New Era Of Smart Home'
To start, the service will cover three main areas, which Samsung identifies as Device Control, Home View, and Smart Customer Service. Device Control, as you might guess, allows users to control home devices using a mobile device remotely. The feature also allows for voice commands so if, for example, you're going to bed, you could tell your smart TV "good night," and it would know to turn off and tell the lights to dim gradually. Home View will give users a peek inside their own home with "in-built appliance cameras," while Smart Customer Service will notify you "when it's time to service appliances or replace consumables."

Predictions for 2014 – the year of everything
People generally make predictions about the future around this time of year (almost as if they are asking Santa Claus to make it so!). To avoid being left out, this post provides my thoughts on some of the things to watch for in 2014. First, let’s be fair: I’ve already read other people’s predictions, and I have no scientific evidence or quantitative measures to prove that my crystal ball is close to being accurate. Without doubt my own biases have crept into my thinking, and I have a Canadian perspective.

Nanomaterials Could Enable Large, Flexible Touch Screens
3M will begin selling flexible transparent conductive films made of silver nanowires for use in touch screens. These nanomaterials could enable wider adoption of large touch screens for interactive signs, displays, and personal computers. And the flexible films may come to be used in future foldable, curvy personal electronics, too. ... The films are mostly empty space, so they’re transparent. But the nanowires and the ink are formulated so that these films are still highly conductive.

When Log Data Meets BI
"Logs will give you those symptoms," said Sarathy. "The big challenge for CIOs has typically been that they've had to search for those issues. And often times you have to know what you're searching for." In essence, the log data tells the CIO what's going on, which in turn enables a more proactive response. "If, for example, your Web server that serves a million customers the week before Christmas is overloaded, you could fix the issue before it impacts any one of those millions of customers."

Design Patterns: Magic or Myth?
Of couse, there’s a sound basis for this idea. It’s normal for designers in any discipline to later reuse positive experiences, adapting designs to meet new goals as appropriate. The software design patterns community tends to cite Christopher Alexander’s ideas about patterns in architecture as their touchstone,1 but we can see similar use of this concept in the design of motor vehicles, clothing, public transportation systems, libraries, and so on. Some uses involve static forms, but others are processes, rather like software.

Quote for the day:

"Any experience can be transformed into something of value." -- Vash Young

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