January 03, 2014

GRC professionals' salaries increase as demand for their skills rises
As factors such as mobility and the cloud create new data security risks, GRC professionals should continue to expect their skill sets to be highly sought after, said Derek Gascon, executive director of the Compliance, Governance & Oversight Council. "Their skills are going to be unique, at least for a while," Gascon said. "All of the data that is being distributed through those mechanisms has to be managed somehow, and the governance people understand what kinds of policies are going to be necessary."

A year of living with Windows Phone: What I've learned so far
With Windows Phone my go-to-device, that aging iPhone is still part of my kit bag, only now it's relegated to iPod status. It turns out that the real tether that holds you in the iOS ecosystem is iTunes, and the myriad albums you've bought and ripped over a decade. Microsoft still hasn't delivered a workable tool for copying music from PC to phone - and while Spotify, Xbox Music and Nokia MixRadio meet my streaming needs, they're not really music library management tools.

The search for data scientists may not always mean IT
"We are focused 100 percent on data and infrastructure," Hoskins says. Hoskins agrees that big data is every bit the big deal that is being made of it. No hype here, he claims. "We are in the age of data now," Hoskins says, "and data is what really matters. I don't think it can be overstated the significance that this has for business and for all of us." More specifically, predictive analytics is what organizations are scrambling to master: turning mountains of data into identifiable patterns of behavior.

What Is Object Storage?
Object Storage is a technology where data is stored in self-contained entities called objects. Think of an object as a file. But unlike traditional file systems, this storage method is not dependent on a hierarchical layout of directories and sub-directories. Objects are given unique ID numbers which are managed in a ‘flat’ index reducing significantly the amount of metadata (data about data) needed to store and retrieve a file. Storage systems that have an object storage foundation can deliver a series of capabilities that should be of interest to data centers that need to store large amounts of files or objects.

How Big Data is changing the security analytics landscape
"The goal of Big Data analytics for security is to obtain actionable intelligence in real time," said Alvaro Cardenas, lead author of the report in the CSA press release. "Although Big Data analytics holds significant promise, there are a number of challenges that must be overcome to realize its true potential. We have only just begun, but are anxious to move forward in helping the industry understand its potential with new research directions in Big Data security."

What’s So Innovative about Innovation?
Are we as innovative as our competitors? What are we doing about being innovative? How do we get some of that innovation stuff? This author even jumped on the bandwagon by recently writing a column about successful CIOs that indicated how important the need for innovation was. However, after writing the piece a little handwringing ensued over what innovation really means, or perhaps should mean, to CIOs in the insurance industry.

NSA looks to crack all encryption with quantum computer, report says
The U.S. National Security Agency is attempting to build a new breed of supercomputer that theoretically could make short work of cracking most keys used for encrypted communications. The project to build "a cryptographically useful quantum computer" is part of an $80 million research project called "Penetrating Hard Targets" that is taking place at a campus in College Park, Maryland, according to The Washington Post. The newspaper quoted documents it said were provided by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.

A CIO's journey to IT transformation begins with 10 steps
With so much new stuff coming our way, we simply do not have the time to keep our focus on the old stuff. For the first time in the history of the world, we are the persons and teams who can help the organization own the future. ... The organization needs us to be effective in leading change, delivering value and moving into the future (because the future is all about technology). A friend recently asked me what I meant by "transformational leaders."

Fifth Third Bank Pilots Analytics-Driven Deposit Pricing
Pricing is often more art than science, he points out. "The art of it is, you can look at what your competitors are offering," he says. "You might put that information in spreadsheets so you can sort and trend it, but it's still largely art and there's not a lot of science behind it." As it brings more science in, Fifth Third will analyze millions of records per month, looking at demand curves, interest rates, and deposit flows within households in reaction to product changes, aiming to find that ideal price point based on the volume of deposits it wants to gather and the maximum amount of interest expense it's willing to incur.

Top 6 Wi-Fi Trends to Expect in 2014!
The new 802.11ac standard is the call of the season. It represents a basic change in innovation of 802.11 standard protocols that boost gigabit speeds during wireless networking. This protocol increases performance of all the 802.11 ac devices by delivering more than one gigabit every second. ... Wi-Fi specific location analytics play a big role for the organization to improve business intelligence, determine security policy as well as improved customer Wi-Fi experience. You must expect Wi-Fi to offer more than just internet accessibility. The users will definitely look for more site- specific applications.

Quote for the day:

"Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak - and to sit down and listen" -- Winston Churchill

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