January 13, 2014

MDM program needs business sense to be successful
Companies pursue MDM as a technology-driven affair. "There are far too many efforts where the IT team is pushing the MDM idea, and there isn't enough pull from the business side because there isn't a clear articulation of what the business outcomewill be," said Gartner analyst Ted Friedman. "Somewhere along the way, the project fizzles out." Aaron Zornes, chief research officer at The MDM Institute, a consultancy in Burlingame, Calif., made the same point.

5 Methods for Visualizing Unstructured Data
What can anyone possibly do with so much data? It's not even a question of quantity anymore - it's more a question of feasibility. One can put up a thousand powerful computers in parallel and crunch huge data sets to derive results. But what if the data is also unstructured? What if the problem is not in finding the solution but in finding the correct questions to be asked in the first place? Everybody can obtain a huge data set, and almost anybody can acquire the right set of tools to analyze that data, but very few “somebodies” possess the right mindset to use the data to begin solving business problems.

Hyping Artificial Intelligence, Yet Again
A.I. is, to be sure, in much better shape now than it was then. Google, Apple, I.B.M., Facebook, and Microsoft have all made large commercial investments. There have been real innovations, like driverless cars, that may soon become commercially available. Neuromorphic engineering and deep learning are genuinely exciting, but whether they will really produce human-level A.I. is unclear—especially, as I have written before, when it comes to challenging problems like understanding natural language.

Agile Database Development
Agile database development is particularly hard because databases contain state and must ensure data integrity. They are harder to upgrade or roll back than the front end of a website and so are more amenable to up-front design than continual refinement. Lastly, database developers and DBAs tend to have less experience in Agile practices, leading to additional struggle in the early stages. This article will explore the history and principles of Agile development with an emphasis on how we can apply Agile practices successfully to databases.

Demand For Fully Automated Static Analysis Solutions To Grow In 2014 Says Asaph Schulman
Application Security has become a key aspect for all organizations assessing their overall risk exposure. The reality is that due to significant historical investments made by enterprises to bolster their network security, the easier way for attackers to hack these days is through the "main door" – the application layer. By pretending to be regular users of the attacked web or mobile application, hackers abuse insecure application coding to gain unauthorized information such as the administrator's or user's credentials. This can lead to some disastrous results, including the hacking of entire networks.

Brainlike Computers, Learning From Experience
Designers say the computing style can clear the way for robots that can safely walk and drive in the physical world, though a thinking or conscious computer, a staple of science fiction, is still far off on the digital horizon. “We’re moving from engineering computing systems to something that has many of the characteristics of biological computing,” said Larry Smarr, an astrophysicist who directs the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology, one of many research centers devoted to developing these new kinds of computer circuits.

What the Heck Is a RAM Scraper?
First it’s helpful to remember that payment systems — the cash registers and credit card terminals you see in stores and restaurants every day — have a lot of strong requirements for encrypting data, pretty much end-to-end during the transaction process, as well as any records that are stored afterward. But there’s one particular moment when that data is vulnerable, and it occurs during the milliseconds that it is stored in the system memory — a.k.a. random access memory, or RAM — of the back-end server that processes the transaction.

Android vs Windows: Now the battle for the desktop really begins
As ZDNet's Larry Dignan points out, Android could break through on the desktop as it has on mobile if the cost is right and security improves. There are plenty of hurdles in the way of Android becoming a real threat to Windows on the desktop, but it's still a headache for Microsoft. If people don't buy Windows, they probably won't buy Office either, and they're less likely to buy into the whole ecosystem from Windows Phone to Azure. And the desktop is Windows' redoubt: that Android dares to advance upon it is reflection of how the battle of the tech ecosystems has gone so far.

Why innovators need a word other than failure
An experiment is an attempt to test a hypothesis, and gain new learning. The problem with the word "experiment" is that experiments are not meant to be permanent solutions, but rather short trials in which we test a solution, hopefully with a hypothesis, and then compare the results to expected or anticipated results. But what we are often talking about when we talk about "failure" is more akin to experimenting - testing, learning, reworking, testing again and finally implementing.

Emergent Change: Shifting to a complexity paradigm
The traditional approach to organizational change has been a tightly planned process with objectives established by top management. This planned approach to organizational change is reinforced with the publication of numerous best practice case studies for change, detailed guides for leading the neophyte through the change wilderness, and studies of what is needed to remove barriers (mainly employee resistance) to proposed change. Yet the majority of these change efforts fall far short of the objectives that were set by the proponents of the change

Quote for the day:

"A healthy attitude is contagious but don't wait to catch it from others. Be a carrier." -- Tom Stoppard

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