January 14, 2014

Enterprise master data management and big data: A well-matched pair?
"Applying MDM against raw, unstructured content is of questionable value," said Evan Levy, vice president of business consulting at analytics and data management software vendor SAS Institute Inc. "But distilling that content down to have some sort of meaning and then linking it to a specific customer -- that's where MDM can come into play." Companies are starting to see -- or picture, at least -- a connection between enterprise MDM and big data, according to survey results published in November 2012 by The Information Difference Ltd.

C++ String Toolkit (StrTk) Tokenizer
Tokenization in the context of string processing, is the method by which a sequence of elements are broken up or fragmented into sub-sequences called tokens. The indices in the original sequence that determine such breaks in the sequence are known as delimiters. There are two types of delimiters, normal or thin delimiters which are of length one element and thick delimiters which are of length two or more elements. Even though tokenization is primarily used in conjunction with strings, any sequence of types that can be iterated in a linear fashion can be tokenized, examples may be list of integers, a vector of person classes or a map of strings.

Scaling Storage Is Hard To Do
How do you add capacity and performance without drastically re-architecting storage systems? For the last decade, enterprise storage vendors have relied on clustering as a means to scale. Each clustered controller is locked in a “mind meld” with every other, sharing precious data maps and caches in real time, enabling customers to add whole arrays for greater capacity and performance.

Bridging Big Data and the Personal Data Ecosystem Through Privacy by Design
In order to make the interactions between Big Data and individuals more sustainable—in other words, to effectively transform this “new oil” into a renewable resource—the concept of the personal data ecosystem (PDE) has been proposed.4 The PDE is the emerging landscape of companies and organizations that believe individuals should be in control of their personal information and directly benefit from its use, making available a growing number of tools and technologies to enable such control.

Intel Announces Death of McAfee Brand. Will it be That Simple?
The decision is not entirely unexpected despite the fact that it has taken Intel longer than normal after the acquisition to resolve to drop what remains one of the two or three most famous security brands in existence. Intel is banking that attaching its own brand to the word 'security' will more than offset any loss in recognition. McAfee cost Intel $7.68 billion (at the time around APS5 billion) in August 2010, still a record price for a pure security firm so it might feel it has the right to impose its own identity.

Defining Responsiveness
When people say that something is responsive, what do they mean? I’m not being facetious. I think many of us think we know what is meant, but when you dig deeper, there is disagreement about what it means for something to be responsive. ... So by definition, Google Plus is not a responsive web design. It may look like one, but it doesn’t contain the three technical pieces necessary to be a responsive web design.

Considerations for Data Center Owners When Partnering With Modular Builders
Modular data center companies appear in all forms, from modularity at rack levels to modularity at building levels to modularity at infrastructure levels. A data center owner needs first to decide at what level they would like to engage in modular deployment. If the path chosen is a fully modular data center, it becomes significantly more important to engage your potential partner at the very early stages of concept and design.

Don't panic: The Internet is not collapsing, despite a spike in global 'attack' traffic
The Internet isn't about to collapse or crumble, despite two long threads on popular technology site Hacker News and news-sharing site Reddit suggesting (in some cases) that it might. Pointing to Akamai's Real-time Web Monitor, which tracks "global Internet conditions around the clock," many drew concern from the meter showing that attacks were — at the time — up as much as 98 percent. At the time of writing, the meter showed attacks were up by close to 107 percent above normal.

All About TransactionScope
In the real world any one you will find exceptional scenarios, exceptional issues where only a knowledge of how to useTransactionScope is not good enough. To resolve transactional issues like deadlocks, timeouts, etc., you must know each and every concept directly/indirectly related to a transaction. There is no alternative. So the concepts of a transaction and its related components need to be clear.

Intelligent Evolution: Making Change Work
When these organizations try to change, they frequently fail because we forget that they are complete creatures and need to be changed in depth. Trying to improve the practices of the engineering department without paying attention to the rest of the organization is similar to trying to change an organ within a body without understanding the impact on the rest of the body. Imagine that a surgeon performs a liver transplant without considering whether there is a potential difference between the livers of different people. We would have a high probability of organ rejection and potentially death of the patient.

Quote for the day:

"Everything I've ever done was out of fear of being mediocre." -- Chet Atkins

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