January 22, 2014

GRC programs on the rise with data management complexity tides
"There is so much new data they have to deal with," Gascon said. "Organizations are realizing the amount of information they are generating has to be managed in a way that they can more easily produce it when necessary, and also be able to protect it throughout the lifecycle." But with compliance already broadly deployed, new programs may be on the decline: Twenty-four percent of respondents said their organizations would implement a compliance program in 2014, down from 36% of the respondents in last year's survey.

4 New T-SQL Functions
SQL Server 2012 was released last April, making it the 11th major release of the product. Every new version has delivered new functionality that should excite developers, and this release is no different. With the latest release of SQL Server, Microsoft produced 14 new T-SQL functions. ... These functions will be demonstrated using the "SELECT" statement, so no specific database structure is needed. They can be executed against any database, in a stored procedure or other scripts, just like all other T-SQL statements.

The New Cloud Application Design Paradigm
In traditional application design, you forecast how much infrastructure you need, then purchase that amount as a capital expenditure. While it's difficult to really predict how much resource you'll need to run an application, the amortized cost of the resource is consistent: It's the inexorable depreciation of the infrastructure, which never varies whether the resources are 100 percent loaded or runs without a bit of load.

How Xerox Evolved From Copier Company to Creative Powerhouse
How exactly does Xerox get creative about imagining new education products and services? There are a few crucial steps and ingredients, says Vandebroek. First, Xerox employs ethnographic researchers to go into the “field”--in this case, a classroom--to directly observe how teachers work and how they might work more efficiently. Second, Xerox engages in what Vandebroek calls “dreaming sessions” with its clients.

Performance Tuning with SQL Server Dynamic Management Views
Some DBAs are simply unaware of the depth and breadth of the information that is available from the DMvs, or how it might help them troubleshoot common issues. This book investigates all of the DMVs that are most frequently useful to the DBA in investigating query execution, index usage, session and transaction activity, disk IO, and how SQL Server is using or abusing the operating system. Secondly, the DMVs have a reputation of being difficult to use. In the process of exposing as much useful data as possible, sysprocesses has been de-normalized, and many new views and columns have been added.

Amazon Innovates With Its Business Model, Not Drones
The essence of business model innovation (BMI) is not a new concept. Indeed, creating disruptive new business models is at the heart of many entrepreneurial start-ups. However, in most large companies and corporations, business models take a back seat to brands. BMI should command more attention as business models, above products, services or brands, are the basis of competitive advantage in the 21st Century. The implications to this are significant.

Calculating the Median Value within a Partitioned Set Using T-SQL
I’m not sure exactly what got me to thinking about calculating the median in SQL, but it was long ago and I realized almost immediately that this could be quite a challenging assignment. SQL didn’t, at the time, have available any built-in functions for the purpose and I did find quite a few competing solutions out there but no clarity on the performance of the various methods. ... SQL 2012 now offers an analytic function called PERCENTILE_CONT that is capable of calculating the median within a partitioned set when it is passed an argument of 0.5 and the ordering within that set is specified.

Walgreens CFO tug of war between IT legacy systems and tech that could 'take us to glory'
We have other legacy systems that you could argue we need to update and refresh. But the problem with some of them is that they are so massive and so integrated that it is not even an issue of whether or not we can or should afford it; the issue is how do you do it and make sure that when you pull all these things apart and put them back together, it is going to work. But I think it is really forcing IT and finance and accounting to work together -- we're partners -- to really say what is the business case here and what value will it create and what are the milestones along the way?

Siccing MDM on personal mobile devices
The mitigation came in part from the fact that users need a domain account to connect to our corporate wireless access points. We don't advertise the SSID and we have a strong password that enables encryption. But the "security by obscurity" approach only goes so far, and it didn't take long for employees to spread the word about how to connect personally owned devices to the corporate Wi-Fi network.

ActiveJPA – Active Record Pattern for JPA
ActiveJPA is a Java implementation of Martin Fowler’s Active Record pattern over JPA. It wraps around JPA and provides useful abstractions to simplify data access. With ActiveJPA, models themselves act as a DAO and interact with the database without you having to write any additional code for the DAL. Since ActiveJPA uses the JPA spec, all ORM implementations (Hibernate, EclipseLink, OpenJPA, etc.) that implement JPA can be used with ActiveJPA.

Quote for the day:

"Who aims at excellence will be above mediocrity; who aims at mediocrity will be far short of it" -- Burmese saying

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