July 21, 2015

HTC on why 2016 is a 'critical' year for virtual reality

That's been a common reaction for anyone who has tried the Vive, the virtual reality setup built by partners HTC and Valve, according to Gattis, who shared the anecdote in an interview on Thursday. HTC will be counting on that wow factor as it pushes an entirely new product from its core business of making smartphones. It isn't alone. While HTC and Valve, best known for its Steam online gaming platform, have promised to launch the Vive later this year, Facebook's Oculus and Sony are expected to launch their own virtual reality headsets in 2016. Next year is shaping up to be when the public will get its first real look at this technology. "The industry needs a successful first year," Gattis said. "Next year is critical."

Google Fights Export Controls For 'Intrusion Software'

"It would be a disastrous outcome if an export regulation intended to make people more secure resulted in billions of users across the globe becoming persistently less secure," Martin and Willis write. In a letter sent to the US Commerce Department's Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS), Google argues that the proposed rules are too broad and vague, requiring potential export licenses for email, code review systems, instant messages, and perhaps even in-person conversation, despite assurances to the contrary. The rules, suggest Martin and Willis, could require an export license to report a bug and could limit the ability of companies to share information about intrusion software.

New PCI DSS guidance: increased compliance and cost implications

The PCI DSS’s additional guidance (released in June 2015) on maintaining business-as-usual compliance will help organisations assess and document how they maintain PCI DSS compliance on an ongoing basis. ... The DESV is intended to “provide greater assurance that PCI DSS controls are maintained effectively and on a continuous basis through validation of business-as-usual (BAU) processes, and increased validation and scoping consideration,” according to the FAQ sectionon the PCI SSC website. The PCI SSC stresses that the DESV can be used to complement any entity’s PCI DSS compliance efforts, and encourages the adoption of DESV as best practice – even for organisations that are not designated entities.

Intel's IoT future could come out of this accelerator

In an IoT future, software and hardware develop will meld into a single product - the chip that will give online life to refrigerators, washing machines, smart wearables, and the million other little things that will constantly upload, download, and analyze data to the nth degree. To succeed in that game, companies need the help of startups that can develop services, user interfaces, data analytics, and engineering to make interconnectivity work. In an increasingly interconnected world, tech firms have come to realize that they cannot do it all by themselves - and that by partnering with others, they can increase their own value a great deal more than they could by trying to keep everything in house.

Unifying Information Management – Why it Matters

Not surprising that the major obstacles continue to be the proliferation of silos of data sets, the lack of ability to show ROI and the buy-in/funding from executive management. Today’s data environment is getting more and more complex. We have evangelists for big data, discovery platforms, agile labs and cloud services achieving great success in providing capability for quick insights, realisation to value and fail fast discovery processes. However, these are often delivered as point solutions that result in further data silos. This adds even more complexity to the data environment/landscape. ... In its most basic form, every new initiative needs to be assessed as to its data asset impact.

Business cases emerge from growing pains of Hadoop 1.0

Chris Brown, big data lead at high-performance computing consultancy OCF, believes one of the issues is that the technology is simply not suitable for most organisations unless they are processing vast amounts of data – at least 1TB. “The lighthouse accounts for this are Amazon, Yahoo and Walmart, which are huge corporations – but we just don’t have that many in the UK apart from a few telcos, retailers or financial services organisations,” he says.  “So, for the small and medium-sized companies that are in the majority here, it’s huge overkill and is just too big an exercise for them to take on.” Another issue is generating a return on investment (ROI) – a situation exacerbated by the skills shortage Gartner cites, as it inevitably makes expertise expensive to buy in.

5 Questions to Ask Before Labeling a Business with the ‘S-Word’

We tend to call everything ‘sustainability,’ for the lack of a better term to describe the wide cross-section of business activities we deem ‘good.’ That does not make each fairly virtuous act sustainable. It doesn’t. Most of the mislabeled ‘good’ just compares favorably to a more deplorable, drummed-up alternative; it might be more bearable or better for the environment, but advantageous comparisons do not equate to sustainability. Consumers fall so hard for the romantic concept that at times the term is little more than nebulous and trite. More simply, few business activities deserve the ultimate acknowledgement that many readily, and without rigor, deploy.

Making the Case for Remote Power Supply Monitoring

A proactive approach to IT maintenance based on predictive analytics winds up saving IT organizations money, Edward Wirth, director of business development, marketing and sales for Power Service Concepts, a provider of battery environment support services, said. Wirth is speaking on the subject at the upcoming Data Center World conference in National Harbor, Maryland, this September. Wirth said remote monitoring also addresses a number of tactical issues. Gaining access to data centers has become increasingly problematic for third-party specialists. Background checks are now routinely required, and the time slots being made available to those third-party specialists are usually now on the weekends or after normal business hours.

MVC, Angular JS CRUD using WEB API 2 with Stored Procedure

In Internet there are lots of examples related to WEB API using Entity Framework. But in community forum I saw many questions was been asked by members for a simple example using WEB API Entity Framework with Stored Procedure. I search a lot to find a simple Article which explains a simple way to perform CRUD operation using Stored Procedure with MVC and Web API. But I couldn’t able to find any article which explains all this .I plan to make a simple web application using MVC 5 ,Angular JS ,WEB API to perform CRUD(Create/Read/Update and Delete) using Entity Framework with Stored procedure.

CEO Nadella talks Microsoft's mobile ambitions, Windows 10 strategy, HoloLens and more

We will do everything we have to do to make sure we're making progress on phones. We have them. Even today Terry (Myerson, the head of Windows and Devices) reinforced, again, yes, we will have premium Lumias coming this year. If there are a lot of OEMs, we'll have one strategy. If there are no OEMs, we'll have one strategy. We are committed to having the phones in these three segments. And I think the operational details will become clear to people as they see it. I want people to evaluate us on the phones that we produce, but not the inside baseball -- what are we doing to produce -- because that should not be relevant to our broad consumers. It may be relevant to people like you who are critiquing us. That's okay. But what matters to me is what customers care.

Quote for the day:

"Thinking too well of people often allows them to be better than they otherwise would." -- Nelson Mandela

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