July 11, 2015

Researchers Harness the Power of Networked Brains in Monkeys and Rats

The researchers tested the ability of rat brain networks to perform basic computing tasks. For example, by delivering electrical pulse patterns derived from a digital image, they recorded the electrical outputs and measured how well the network of neurons processed that image. In another test, the researchers delivered information about barometric pressure and temperature and the brain network computed the probability of rain. The brain networks were consistently better than a single brain, especially when the task involved more than one computation step.

Bank’s Risk Governance Framework Needs Three Lines Of Defense: BIS

According to the revised guidance, the board should ensure that the risk management, compliance and internal audit functions are properly positioned, staffed and resourced and carry out their responsibilities independently, objectively and effectively. ... The revised guidance emphasizes the chair of the board plays a crucial role in the proper functioning of the board. It suggests the chair encourage and promote critical discussion and ensure that dissenting views can be freely expressed and discussed within the decision-making process. Thus, the third principle envisages the board to structure itself in terms of leadership, size and use of committees so as to effectively carry out its oversight role and other responsibilities.

Microsoft's new Power BI service to be generally available starting July 24

The new version of Power BI doesn't require an Office 365 subscription. Users can access it from either the free Power BI apps that it is building or from inside a browser. Those using the existing Power BI Windows app will see that app replaced by an updated one, though the existing app will still be available to those who need it. ... The idea of the updated Power BI service is to enable business users to benefit from business-intelligence and analytics without requiring analysts or other middlemen to set up or model the service and data, said James Phillips, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft's Business Intelligence Product group.

What’s the future of analytics within the enterprise architecture?

Today’s CIOs/CTOs face significant challenges. Unless they’re with a start-up, they generally have a legacy mix of IT systems supporting critical business processes, and they’ve added new analytical technologies over time. This overall mix of analytic technologies and systems has gotten so complex and engrained into the organizational fabric, that there’s an inability to change it. That’s an obstacle to becoming more digital and exploiting the latest analytical capabilities. Modernizing the "factory," as I like to call the platform supporting operations, is not as simple as just removing technology and replacing it with the latest and greatest.

CloudBees Enhances Jenkins Platform for Hybrid CI, CD for Enterprise Software

With its just-announced CloudBees Jenkins Platform, the company looks to ensure developer access to enterprise-class features, and to help companies accelerate DevOps adoption. "Customers have expressed a need for a solution that will help their organization adopt continuous delivery and, ultimately, DevOps practices at their own pace," CloudBees vice president of products Harpreet Singh said in a statement. ... The latest CloudBees offering focus on helping developers tackle many of the top to span cloud-based, premise-based, hybrid and mobile environments, to work with multiple coding languages, and to manage entire application lifecycles, from development and testing through delivery.

Probing the Dark Side of Google’s Ad-Targeting System

Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University and the International Computer Science Institute built a tool called AdFisher to probe the targeting of ads served up by Google on third-party websites. ... Google uses its data to target ads, but ad buyers can make some decisions about demographics of interest and can also use their own data sources on people’s online activity to do additional targeting for certain kinds of ads. Nor do the examples breach any specific privacy rules—although Google policy forbids targeting on the basis of “health conditions.” Still, says Anupam Datta, an associate professor at Carnegie Mellon University who helped develop AdFisher, they show the need for tools that uncover how online ad companies differentiate between people.

Disciplined Agile Program Management: External Workflow

The activities associated with these process blades are often very highly related. For example, in some organizations the activities associated with enterprise architecture and reuse management are fulfilled by a single group. In other organizations some product management activities are performed by the portfolio management team and some by the enterprise architecture team. Some organizations may choose to have a separate group for each process blade. And of course the organizational structure will evolve over time as your various teams learn how to work with one another. Every organization is different.

Top 5 factors driving domestic IT outsourcing growth

The first is diversification of buyer needs. As buyers have to support new types of services, certain types of tasks may be better delivered nearshore rather than offshore. Secondly, there may be a desire to leverage the soft skills of onshore talent. Thirdly, domestic sourcing can be a way to overcome the structural challenges associated with offshore delivery, such as high attrition and burn out in graveyard shifts. Fourth, companies may be seeking to manage certain externalities like regulatory requirements of fears about visa availabilities. Finally, there may be client-specific needs that demand domestic solutions—a local bank that wants to keep jobs in the community or a company with no experience offshore looking to start the learning curve.

Why enterprises need containers and Docker

Once Docker is in place, it drastically simplifies and de-risks the deploy process. Developers have more of a chance to work on application knowing that once they deploy to a Docker file, it will run on their server. They can build their app on their laptop, deploy as a Docker file, and type in a command to deploy it to production. On AWS, using ECS with Docker takes away some of the configuration you need to complete with Docker. You can achieve workflows where Jenkins or other configuration integration tools run tests, AWS CloudFormation scales up an environment, all in minutes.

The Right Way to Plan an Innovation Tour

The problem is, all of these good people are often guided to see a distorted reality. Not that more formalized presentations and assessments are necessarily Potemkin villages, but they often miss what’s really going on. It’s just that these actors naturally tend toward self-promotion. ... But an innovation tour can be valuable, as long as you know what to look for and think about. Entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystems aren’t simple, easily graspable objects; they are a construct we use to make sense of an exceedingly complex reality.

Quote for the day:

"The most successful people are those who are good at Plan B." -- James Yorke

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