July 18, 2015

Services and disservices – 5A: Social example (Introduction)

The Duluth Model – the supposed ‘standard model’ for this context (the contextual equivalent of TOGAF, one might say?) – holds to that perception of DV as a ‘male-only’ evil, asserting that “women and children are vulnerable to violence because of their unequal social, economic, and political status in society” and that “we do not see men’s violence against women as stemming from individual pathology, but rather from a socially reinforced sense of entitlement”. It is explicit in its assertions as to who needs help, and where the cause exclusively resides: ... It also insists that “men are perpetrators who are violent because they have been socialized in a patriarchy that condones male violence, and that women are victims who are violent only in self-defense”.

How The Grid uses AI to revolutionize web design

The Cassowary Constraint Solver is a toolkit that essentially allows web designers to design a webpage with more flexibility. Soon after, Tocchini met Brian Axe who, coincidentally, worked with Badros at Google in the past. The pair founded The Grid, an AI platform that builds and designs websites for users in as little as a few minutes. Badros ended up as an investor in the company. He said that the goal is to make responsive design accessible to everyone, regardless of technical prowess. "They are removing a key technical challenge for the majority of publishers who want to communicate effectively across a wide range of devices without the burden of bad technology," Badros said.

These 9 Cloud Computing Skills Could Give You The Next Career Jump

At the end of last year, there were over 3.9 million jobs in the cloud computing field in America alone—and over 18 million around the world. And professionals with cloud computing experience took home a median salary of over $90,000. It’s a great field to get into — but what skills do you need for a job in cloud computing? Any expertise in these 9 areas will help set you apart from the rest of the application pile. ... While some jobs only require one of these languages, you’ll increase your employability by being familiar with more than one. Yes, familiarize yourself with the many interactive coding lessons available online. Pick one of the languages and start learning!

Robot With Bacteria Brain Stalks Food, Is Your Worst Nightmare

Here's what you have to know: 90% of you, isn't you. You're only 10% human cells. The rest of you is made up of microbes that aren't you, but they are a part of your normal physiology. For instance, you have trillions of microbes in your digestive system that break down your food. While that sounds gross, it is a good relationship. They break down the food and we ingest most of it in the form of nutrients. They take a handling fee in the form of some of the food and live on. Here's the thing: We're starting to realize that not all of those microbes mind their own business. Some of them actually change our personality, control our actions, and might even be the cause of mental disorders.

Hipaa’s Use as Code of Silence Often Misinterprets the Law

Intended to keep personal health information private, the law does not prohibit health care providers from sharing information with family, friends or caregivers unless the patient specifically objects. Even if she is not present or is incapacitated, providers may use “professional judgment” to disclose pertinent information to a relative or friend if it’s “in the best interests of the individual.” Hipaa applies only to health care providers, health insurers, clearinghouses that manage and store health data, and their business associates. Yet when I last wrote about this topic, a California reader commented that she’d heard a minister explain that the names of ailing parishioners could no longer appear in the church bulletin because of Hipaa.

Object storage: why, when, where… and but.

A horizontal platform serving many (secondary) storage needs is what I have been talking about for years now, and I’m glad it is finally happening. API-based Object Storage was the first building block, but now it seems it is going to be integrated in more sophisticated products capable to do what was previously possible with external appliances or software. And this means less complexity and ease of use which, again, will drive more adoption in smaller environments (not only hyper-scale!). This new scenario is not ideal for many of the “traditional” object storage startups around, some of them are very specialized and their file/block protocols are not as good as the core part, while data services are non existent!

Seagate Intros Data Management Services for Hybrid Cloud

Seagate unveiled its Backup and Recovery Private Cloud, a multi-tenant instance of data protection software that IT organizations or cloud service providers can deploy themselves to provide up to two petabytes of storage, and Data Management Services, a service through which Seagate analyzes data usage to advise customers on what tier of storage particular data should reside to store it most cost effectively. Finally, earlier this week, Seagate revealed that it has extended an existing storage alliance with HP and IBM involving its ClustorStor appliances into the realm of high-performance computing.

8 Ways the Internet Of Things (IOT) will change the way you live

The way technology is changing it looks like you no need to worry about anything, your every device will worry about you and will take care of you. The era of Humans control devices is over now, It changed to Devices control humans . Before going further on this article, let us first see why Big companies creating business over IOT, so many Internet of things projects going on in market. Companies are forced to adopt new protocol since Internet of things became popular. ... Your vehicles now are automated, you come near to your vehicle in parking slot, it automatically take reverse and will come just infront of you. They analyse the traffic data collected over the period of time, will change the route by considering google maps data, history and will decide which route to take today.

Using Data to Save Lives  

The program recognizes organizations and individuals implementing analytics in innovative ways to improve the health of their patients and the financial performance of their organizations. The Analytics All-Stars program showcases those who are providing pioneering leadership, spurring innovation and driving improvement across their organizations. ... What's especially frustrating, Showalter says, is that he's always treating patients after their disease has put them in dire straits. In addition, even after the health system treats heart attack victims and educates them on better lifestyle choices and available treatments, 1 percent of all patients leaving the University of Mississippi Medical Center will have a heart attack within a year of discharge.

Introducing Programming Without Coding Technology (PWCT) to C Programmers

It's all about applying the principles of programming on the process of typing code itself. Yes, we are doing it the wrong way for many years, but how can we notice that and prove it at the theoretical and practical side. This article will provide the concept behind visual programming to C programmers, why you shouldn't write C code directly again, why the code must be generated for you, why you should have visual representation for your programs, why you should interact with the visual representation and become able to use visual programming to create your new code without typing that code directly. We are programmers, what are we doing everyday? We are writing code? Sure but, it's not our goal to write code, it's just the method that we use to achieve our goals.

Quote for the day:

"A bad system will beat a good person every time" -- W. Edwards Deming

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