July 30, 2015

Risk Management and the Board of Directors

The board should formally undertake an annual review of the company’s risk management system, including a review of board and committee-level risk oversight policies and procedures, a presentation of “best practices” to the extent relevant, tailored to focus on the industry or regulatory arena in which the company operates, and a review of other relevant issues such as those listed above. ... But because risk, by its very nature, is subject to constant and unexpected change, boards should keep in mind that annual reviews do not replace the need to regularly assess and reassess their own operations and processes, learn from past mistakes, and seek to ensure that current practices enable the board to address specific major issues whenever they may arise.

Best Practices for YARN Resource Management

In a MapR Hadoop cluster, warden sets the default resource allocation for the operating system, MapR-FS, MapR Hadoop services, and MapReduce v1 and YARN applications. Details are described in MapR documentation: Resource Allocation for Jobs and Applications. YARN can manage 3 system resources— memory, CPU and disks. Once warden finishes calculations, it will set environment variable YARN_NODEMANAGER_OPTS for starting NM. ... NodeManager can monitor the memory usage(virtual and physical) of the container. If its virtual memory exceeds “yarn.nodemanager.vmem-pmem-ratio” times the "mapreduce.reduce.memory.mb" or "mapreduce.map.memory.mb", then the container will be killed if “yarn.nodemanager.vmem-check-enabled” is true;

Five Tips for Eliminating Migration Migraines

Solutions that offer the most flexibility and currency of data possible while minimizing impact to users during testing and migration typically require a software-based solution that replicates any activity taking place between the production server to the target server in real-time. This allows IT to keep the production server up and running rather than freezing it or periodically pausing it for snapshots. The production server remains fully functional, data is as current as the last transaction and users continue working. IT can test applications on the new server, and prove the migration methodology and plan, without impacting the production environment. Ultimately, this makes IT more productive – all while migration is taking place.

Open Source Usage in Large Enterprises

Regarding the perceived impact of open source software on their respective industries, 55% consider that OSS is critical to future competitive advantage but only 11% consider OSS as having a positive impact for their industry at this time. But the numbers change dramatically when evaluating the role of OSS three years from now: 61% think OSS will provide a competitive advantage and 62% consider OSS will have a positive impact on their industry ... When it comes to the challenges faced developing OSS, the respondents considered that OSS requires rethinking the entire process (63%), employees need to take on new roles (61%), they need to hire new people (47%), new skills need to be acquired (44%), and there has to be a change in the development culture (44%):

How predictive analytics will revolutionize healthcare

"Coming to the hospital is not enjoyable for people," Dr. Weinstein says. "If we can keep them out of it, that would be great. We need to create a sustainable health system. I think what's happened with the [Affordable Care Act] is that all the policy work has been to get people insured and covered. Having insurance doesn't mean good healthcare. What about all the people who are healthy that we don't want to be sick. If I was really effective, no one would come to my hospital." Dr. Weinstein believes that ImagineCare will help Dartmouth-Hitchcock build a health system that focuses on health, not healthcare. Such a health system is based on value, not volume, he says.

How to Generate Big Data Revenue Without the Big Investment in a Team of Data Scientists

DaaS unlocks a vast new world of opportunities. Imagine getting streams of highly qualified prospects and even your own customers who are ready to purchase now based on their online searches or information they are sharing on social platforms. What if you could market to consumers who are searching at the moment for your competition? Or imagine the power of being able to enhance your internal marketing database with highly specialized and unique data sources for real-time multi-channel marketing campaigns. ... DaaS can be implemented across a range of industries, for both B2B and B2C. The point is truly that DaaS provides an alternative.

How to get the most out of Windows 10 enterprise security features

Microsoft’s new Edge browser improves security in a variety of ways, from running in the app container sandbox to removing ActiveX controls, VBScript, toolbars and Browser Helper Objects. That makes general browsing safer, but may require you to tweak some line of business apps (or more likely, configure employee PCs to use Internet Explorer to access those sites). And while it’s fast and implements many modern Web standards, Edge is also clearly a work in progress and will be getting a major feature update later this year. There are also security features carried over from Windows 8 that will be new to you if you’re upgrading from Windows 7 or earlier.

CIOs under pressure to generate revenue through data monetization

The goal of generating value through data might be the same regardless of whether it's for internal or external customers, but data monetization "is not the same type of animal as value generation in internal ways," Wixom said at the recent MIT Sloan CIO Symposium. Simply put, CIOs getting into the data monetization game aren't solving business problems; they're going after market share, and that can introduce new challenges. ... Feeding customer demand is something CIOs should expect and plan for when standing up a data monetization business, said Stoller, who is now the executive vice president of operations and sales support at Healthcare IQ Inc., a spend analytics firm in Palmetto, Fla.

7 Smart Ways To Leverage Social Data

While social data offers insight, it often provides more value when combined with other data sources. On an operational level, social data can be used across departments to improve operations and outcomes, whether by understanding an issue at a more granular level or embracing an alternative business model. ... Slowly but surely, social data is spreading out through companies and being operationalized in different ways, yielding different results. Some of the challenges include the relative reliability of the data, the degree to which companies have envisioned using it, and how easy or hard it is to integrate into current workflows. It's still early days, in other words.

Cybersecurity job market to suffer severe workforce shortage

Don't feel bad for the CSOs who might have engineers underneath them earning more than they do. IDC predicts that “by 2018, fully 75% of chief security officers (CSO) and chief information security officers (CISOs) will report directly to the CEO, not the CIO”. This will arguably push those positions higher up in to the salary stratosphere. Checking in with an experienced executive recruiter in the cybersecurity field aligns the market analysis and forecasts with what search firms, employers, and candidates are seeing. “The cybersecurity job market is on fire” says Veronica Mollica, founder and executive information security recruiter at Indigo Partners. “Our candidates are facing competing offers from multiple companies with salary increases averaging over 30%.

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"Charisma is the result of effective leadership, not the other way around." -- Warren Bennis

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