January 14, 2015

Obama Cybersecurity Plan Seen Needing More Company Incentives
Most of what Obama will propose isn’t new. He’ll renew calls for Congress to pass stalled proposals, such as a federal data-breach notification law and legislation giving companies legal protections for sharing information about hacking threats with each other and the government. However, the concerted push has given industry officials who support the proposals reasons to be optimistic that they will finally be implemented, potentially setting the stage for even more progress this year.

Is banning encryption a crazy plan or an absolute necessity?
Comments this week by UK prime minister David Cameron have re-ignited the debate about how to weigh individuals' online privacy against the needs of law enforcement to be able to detect and prevent crime. "In our country, do we want to allow a means of communication between people, which even in extremis, with a signed warrant from the home secretary personally, that we cannot read?" said Cameron in a speech. "Up until now, governments of this country have said no, we must not have such a means of communication."

The Cultural Impedance Mismatch Between Data Professionals and Application Developers
It is well known that there is a technical impedance mismatch between object-oriented technology and relational database technology. It is also well known, although not as well recognized, that there is a cultural impedance mismatch which refers to the politics between the developer community and the data community. Specifically, these politics are the difficulties of developers and data professionals experience when working together, and generally to the dysfunctional politics between the two communities that occurs within IT organizations and even the IT industry itself. Worse yet, this impedance mismatch has become even more pronounced between the agile and data communities.

Facebook Unveils Facebook At Work, Lets Businesses Create Their Own Social Networks
The product puts Facebook head-to-head with the likes of Microsoft’s Yammer, Slack, Convo, Socialcast, and a huge number of others who are trying to tackle the “enterprise social network” space. Even LinkedIn conveniently let drop last night that it too was looking at building a product for coworkers to communicate and share content (but not chat, as a LinkedIn spokesperson tells me). Not all of these have been a hit: Lars Rasmussen, the engineering director at Facebook who is heading up the project, had in his past once headed up one of the failed efforts at an enterprise social network, Google Wave.

Use the Windows 8 registry to reduce CPU cycle waste
The Windows 8 registry is a big repository for the operating system to store its volatile and nonvolatile information. A Microsoft OS cannot operate without the registry database. Several actions are performed in Windows, depending on what is configured in the registry. In addition to using Registry Editor for desktop configuration, you can tweak two types of registry settings to improve the overall performance of Windows PCs. Let's start by looking at how to disable the background checks and other OS activities through the Windows 8 registry.

4 ways for IT to connect better with customers
IT workers who truly understand the business are better able to design systems to support and advance the organization's mission. And what better way to help IT workers gain that understanding than by bringing them together with the users they serve? In fact, according to Computerworld's 2015 Careers Survey, IT professionals report that the ability to interact with business colleagues is the top skill outside of technical expertise that will make them more valuable. Here's how leading IT shops model their workflows and business processes to incorporate communication and interaction between IT and its customers, and how that setup benefits the company — and the careers of IT professionals.

3 Common SQL Mistakes You are Probably Making as a Java Developer
Java developers also need to understand project requirements, design and develop a prototype for the assigned project, keep themselves updated with the latest changes happening in the programming industry and also have basic knowledge of other languages like HTML, SQL and many more! Professional life for Java developers is not a bed of roses and they have to try and meet each and every challenge head on. Even the best Java developers, at times, fall prey to some mistakes that could be avoided. Take for example the mistakes they make while writing SQL. These can definitely be avoided.

Keeping Skynet at bay: How humans can keep AI in check
"Perhaps the most salient difference between verification of traditional software and verification of AI systems is that the correctness of traditional software is defined with respect to a fixed and known machine model, whereas AI systems - especially robots and other embodied systems - operate in environments that are at best partially known by the system designer. "In these cases, it may be practical to verify that the system acts correctly given the knowledge that it has, avoiding the problem of modelling the real environment," the research states. The FLI suggests it should be possible to build AI systems from components, each of which has been verified.

A Manager’s Guide to Executive Coaching: 10 Questions and Answers
At some point in a manager’s career there may be an opportunity to consider hiring an executive coach. I’ve been coached, coached others, and managed executive coaching programs for a number of companies. Based on that experience, along with the advice of others, here are 10 questions and answers that managers may have about executive coaching.

Learning Fast in Design, Development and DevOps
User testing is of course another key element in the product manager's tool box. We don’t do it systematically but month after month we test our assumptions better, by observing users interacting with our products in conditions as close as possible to the real situations. Those practices and tools may seem pretty obvious now but it still a big cultural shift from 'thinking we know best what our users want and are willing to pay for' to relying more on discovery and user testing. This movement is still ongoing, but we had really impressive improvements recently! We also favor practices that maximize learning for all the actors whether they are fromproduct, devs, or ops:

Quote for the day:

"The one quality that can be developed by studious reflection and practice is the leadership of men." -- Dwight D. Eisenhower

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