January 24, 2015

Security principles of bitcoin
Bitcoin is dramatically different. A bitcoin transaction authorizes only a specific value to a specific recipient and cannot be forged or modified. It does not reveal any private information, such as the identities of the parties, and cannot be used to authorize additional payments. Therefore, a bitcoin payment network does not need to be encrypted or protected from eavesdropping. In fact, you can broadcast bitcoin transactions over an open public channel, such as unsecured WiFi or Bluetooth, with no loss of security.

Publisher/Subscriber pattern with Event/Delegate and EventAggregator
Publisher/Subscriber pattern is one of the variation of the Observer designer pattern introduced by GOF in software devlopment. In Publisher/Subscriber pattern publisher(entiry responsible for publishing message) publish message and there are one or more Subscriber(entity who subsribe(i.e. intested in message) to perticular message type) who capture published message. Below image desribe the senario of publisher and subscriber pattern where Publisher publisher two type of message (MessageA and MessageB) and Subscribers of the message receive the message in which they subscribed

Shout Offers A New Take On Location-Based Social Networking
“We’re not anonymous – and we don’t want to be – because I think that ultimately hurts the value of the content that can be shared over the course of an app’s lifecycle,” he says. While he believes that the trend toward anonymous social networking, popularized by apps like Yik Yak, Secret and Whisper, is more than a flash-in-the-pan, he also thinks it dictates the kind of community that results. “I definitely think it encourages a certain kind of information, and you have to make the decision: is that the kind of information you want to be shared and you want your users to share?” he says.

Gartner: APAC Public Cloud Spending to Reach $7.4 Billion in 2015
Gartner says many countries in the mature Asia Pacific including Japan region have solid reliable telecommunications infrastructure and relatively advanced technology usage profiles. Despite challenges in the global economy, Gartner expects consistent and stable growth to continue through to 2018. Increased intra-region integration in APJ across services and industries will drive public cloud usage as countries in this region break down borders through trade bloc agreements such as the ASEAN Economic Integration 2015 and the Trans Pacific Partnerships, which will drive more mobility, big data sharing and analytics and public cloud infrastructure and applications to support these initiatives.

Can I trust my data in the cloud?
IBM Cloud gathered some of the top #cloudminds in the industry for an informative discussion about hybrid cloud. In this video, they discuss trust and security in cloud computing.  We'd like to thank our fantastic panelists: Sarah Cooper, VP Business Development, M2Mi; Andi Gutmans, CEO & Co-founder, Zend; Duncan Johnston-Watt, CEO & Founder, Cloudsoft Corporation; Mark Wyllie, CEO, Flagship Solutions; Mike Dorosh, Program Manager, Cloud Technical Partnerships, IBM.

How to avoid "Hybrid Enterprise" tension headaches
For hybrid enterprises, the promise of savings mount from a less expensive physical footprint as well as more flexibility to get data and apps where they need to be and quicker—especially when you have the right application performance platform in place. If not, you'll be chasing blind spots in your application delivery chain that come from only using point solutions from the past—that is, one tool for each segment from a vendor that specializes in one thing and no integration with the overall complete picture.

Conference calls a waste of time?
By 1915, the American Telephone and Telegraph Co. network spanned the continent with a single copper circuit 6,800 miles (11,000 kilometers) long that could carry exactly one call at a time. There were already 8.6 million phones served by AT&T, but hearing someone’s voice from the other side of the continent was astounding, like being able to go to the moon, said Anthea Hartig, executive director of the California Historical Society. It was a fitting event leading up to the exposition, which celebrated the completion of the Panama Canal and the latest technological and cultural achievements of the day.

Google’s Scientific Approach to Work-Life Balance
The fact that such a large percentage of Google’s employees wish they could separate from work but aren’t able to is troubling, but also speaks to the potential for this kind of research. The existence of this group suggests that it is not enough to wish yourself into being a Segmentor. But by identifying where employees fall on this spectrum, we hope that Google can design environments that make it easier for employees to disconnect. ... Googlers reported blissful, stressless evenings. Similarly, nudging Segmentors to ignore off-hour emails and use all their vacation days might improve well-being over time. The long-term nature of these questions suggests that the real value of gDNA will take years to realize.

How we really use our camera phones
The slight male dominance in video recording is also interesting, as it could point to a perception problem for video that may have to do with the way it’s currently being presented in capturing and editing apps. Or maybe it’s just long-ingrained collective gender stereotypes. Just think back to your family parties back in the 1990s or even the ’80s, long before everyone recorded everything with smart phones. That cousin dramatically crawling on the floor with a camcorder in one hand to get the best shot? Likely a guy. And just for the record: Male Android users take the least amount of photos, with an average of just 90 photos per month.

Actionless Frameworks
Simply put, actionless frameworks are extremely prepared for future changes and can make your application behave better/look better by a new configuration. If you are using it to edit records, then if in the future you create a better editor, you can simply replace the editor registration and the new (and I imagine better) editor will be used in all places. There is no need to search all the calls to the old editor to replace it by the new one. If you are using it to convert data and now you have a faster algorithm, simply register the faster algorithm and benefit from better performance.

Quote for the day:

"Trust is the lubrication that makes it possible for organizations to work." -- Warren G. Bennis

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