January 01, 2015

Template Method Design Pattern in .Net
Template method design pattern falls under the category of Behavioral Design Pattern. In this pattern, a template method defines a skeleton of an algorithm in terms of abstract operations. The template method can contain one or more steps. But these steps will have to be in abstract form only. That
Template method design pattern falls under the category of Behavioral Design Pattern. In this pattern, a template method defines a skeleton of an algorithm in terms of abstract operations. The template method can contain one or more steps. But these steps will have to be in abstract form only. That said, we cannot change the order of steps, and most importantly we cannot override the template method itself.

How Could Big Data Change Oncology?
The huge range in the origin and progression of each form of cancer requires a level of decision-making that might never be reducible to algorithms. ... A false negative is equally harmful, offering the illusion of good health that might cause a patient to pass the point at which treatment could have been life-saving. Unless and until the tools for analyzing cancer and the metabolic pathways it exploits are much more refined—a process that could take decades—there will be a need for the judgment of humans in the interpretation of big data. In no other area of medicine is this so clear as in oncology.

100+ Top Agile Blogs
It seems that I got a pretty long list therefore I am passing it to you. The list is ordered based on Alexa.com raking with the exception of the top three blogs where I could not isolate personal blogs from msdn.com and blogspot.de therefore the top three are not accurate. If you find any errors, or if you have more blogs to add to this list just contact me :) If you find more blogs that you think that could be added to this list just leave a comment. I hope you appreciate this list.

Big Data Knows When You're Going to Quit Your Job Before You Do
Computer predictions aren’t just about making office life a little more pleasant. Airbnb uses a variation of these algorithms to predict which renters and guests would be the best fit. The room-rental site says the technology has improved matches by 4 percent. Airbnb is currently developing a system to look at the photos of homes uploaded to the site and figure out how “attractive” they are to customers. “We are trying to promote listings with more attractive images,” says Maxim Charkov, the search lead at Airbnb. Eventually, Airbnb may offer a digital interior designer that predicts ways to enhance listings and spruce up homes to increase bookings.

IT pro's revitalization guide 2015
For seasoned and new IT leaders alike, the new year is a good excuse to pause and take stock of your professional and personal progress in our always interesting, always chaotic industry. Take a few moments to read through all the best of Computerworld's management and career articles, or click a link below to skip directly to your chosen topic.

We Need No Less Than Pervasive Leadership
We need leader-full organizations in order to thrive in the present and in the future. Pervasive Leadership combines aspects of servant leadership, chaordic leadership, and personal leadership operationalized through facilitative leadership tools and techniques. It assumes that “leader” does not presume follower in the traditional sense, and that true followers cannot be forced to follow. It also recognizes everyone in the organization has leadership potential and responsibility. In other words, we need leaders who are competent to and capable of using the tools ofauthentic power. This means that they must do as they say is best, the most difficult thing to do under difficult circumstances. Their work as a leader is first and foremost work on themselves.

Chief analytics officer: The ultimate big data job?
"When you start thinking about how to organize your analytics better and how to get more bang for the buck, you'd better be thinking about hiring a chief analytics officer," says Bill Franks, CAO at data-services firm Teradata. "You can't take analytics where you want to without someone who's accountable for those strategic decisions." There's plenty of upside in adopting a more strategic approach to big data. In a recent study by management consultancy EY, for example, 69% of companies said customer experience was vital to their growth strategies, but just 12% said they take full advantage of analytics to extract customer insights and deliver better customer service.

Samsung brings curved screen from TV to PC
The Ativ One 7 Curved is a good example of Samsung's engineering chops, but the product has some flaws. It does not have a touchscreen, which is common in all-in-one desktops from Lenovo, Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Asus, Acer and other PC makers. Samsung's PC division doesn't yet have touch technology for curved screens, Ng said. Creating the all-in-one was a challenge as the electronics needed to be behind the curved display. All-in-one PCs have processor, memory, storage and other components behind the display. Samsung installed a slightly curved motherboard at the back of the display. Samsung's PC division worked with the TV business unit to make the all-in-one, Ng said.

Hadoop Isn't for Everyone
Well get ready for your desires for the in-house capacity and staff of experts to go unfulfilled long term.Data scientists are a rare breed and the bulk of Hadoop experts in the market are being snapped up quick by companies building and offering MapReduce services like HortonWorks, CloudEra and GoGrid. And unless you have IPO stock to offer or are an attractive acquisition candidate, you will likely find it hard to win this rare breed of employee - let alone hold onto the ones you have already. The financial and skills shortage realities around big data will drive much of your desire for better customer insight and creation of predictive applications to leverage pre-built big data services that reside in the cloud.

Is Open Source Collaboration the Key to Better Communication?
Communication has been pushed to new heights with advancing smartphone capabilities and cloud-based applications and services, but are these technologies making communication better? One of the benefits of modern communication systems is the reduced friction of team and business collaboration. To fully realize the promise of these modern technologies, they must fit into daily workflows. They cannot be disruptive and must be complementary to how employees want to work.

Quote for the day:

"The value of a company is the sum of the problems you solve." -- Daniel Ek

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