January 02, 2015

Relating the IoT to Enterprise Business Strategy
According to Porter and Hepplemann, the key element of “smart, connected products” is they take advantage of ubiquitous wireless connectivity to unleash an era where competition is increasingly about the size of the business problem solved. Porter and Hepplemann claim that as smart, connected products take hold, the idea of industries being defined by physical products or services alone will cease to have meaning. What sense does it make to talk about a “tractor industry” when tractors represent just a piece of an integrated system of products, services, software, and data designed to help farmers increase their crop yield?

Zero Day Weekly: ISC hacked, SS7 mobile security, Windows privilege escalation
This week the Internet Systems Consortium site was hacked, a Lizard Squad member was caught (and released), a privilege escalation bug was revealed in Windows, SS7 research nuked mobile privacy beliefs, The Interview became an Android malware vector, post-breach perceptions of Sony and Staples were analyzed, and more.

Wearables Carve New Path To Health In 2015
"The wearables market is starting to see technology that produces richer and more precise user data than ever before. The problem we're seeing is that most fitness trackers are offering a flat world of data, without much insight beyond what an accelerometer can capture," Kenzen CEO Sonia Sousa told InformationWeek. "This is why wearable fatigue is so high. After about six months, you stop caring because the number of steps doesn't really change." Use of health-oriented wearables will almost triple between 2014 and 2018, according to Juniper Research.

Why the Software Defined Data Center is the Future
“[IO’s] approach to the data centre has been to build a physical data centre layer that is modular in its approach. Our modules can be componentised, delivered in separate pieces, at the right size to meet changing needs. Also it is configured and managed by stacking a software layer on top of the components so that you create a smart data centre – a data centre that has a path to connect to the application layer and react in a dynamic fashion. The application layer is changing, and the physical data centre can change the way it behaves to support that.”

Why Involving CFOs in Innovation Is No Longer Optional
CFOs can bring to the innovation discussion finance’s expertise and depth in data and analysis pertaining to core business metrics, especially when an innovation initiative is occurring in core business functions. In cases where an organization is considering more breakthrough or disruptive types of innovation, CFOs and finance should be at the table and thinking more broadly about the risks the company might be taking on and how those risks might impact, or relate to, other elements of risk. In addition, any time an organization assesses strategy and how innovation could contribute to the overall corporate growth agenda, the CFO should have a prominent voice in the discussion.

eBook: Securing Tomorrow – The Road To Business Resiliency
EMC’s new Business Resiliency eBook outlines why firms need to rethink their ability to consistently and systemically anticipate significant interruptions and failures while fulfilling all business commitments and requirements. Isn’t it time to prepare your business to withstand both the expected and unexpected? Read the blogs (Left column) by security experts or jump to an eBook chapter (Right column) to learn more.

Why you don't need a SAN any more
Scale-Out File Server is the logical endpoint of Windows Server 2012 R2's software-defined storage. It's fast, flexible, and cheaper than the SAN alternatives. It might not be for every network, but it's also something you can build up to, as you start to use Storage Spaces and then add clustering to your network. The end result is a storage fabric, much like that used by Azure -- and ready for your own private cloud. While it's not suitable for all workloads in this version (especially not SharePoint and other document-centric services), Scale-Out File Server is ideal for hosting virtual machine images and virtual hard disks, for handling databases and for hosting web content.

Preparing for the data center of the future
The data center of 2020 will look vastly different from today's data center in a variety of ways. As application silos are broken down and resource tiers consolidated, the result will be data centers that consist of three hardware tiers -- for processing, memory and storage. Applications will dynamically allocate resources from each of the tiers, providing the required elasticity to respond to changing demands. With the advent of cheaper memory, more federal agencies will adopt in-memory computing technology to reduce application response times. That approach has the added benefit of transferring the load from transactional databases, which can further reduce licensing and operating costs.

SQL Stored Procedure Performance improvement
In this article we will focus on basic things which are useful to increase performance of the stored procedure for fetching or retrieving data. We will try to understand what kind of precautions we should take while creating a stored procedure for fetching or retrieving data. ... Stored Procedure for fetching or retrieving data from database may take long time to execute. Following are some points which will help to improve performance of such type of stored procedures

ScALeD – Scaled Agile and Lean Development
ScALeD – Scaled Agile and Lean Development – is not another scaling framework. We see ScALeD primarily as a practitioner driven movement to help organizations to find a sound and balanced approach to agile transition and scaling questions. Inspired by Lean and agile values, driven by principles and completed through various practices and frameworks. Our main mission is to create awareness about what agility can mean for an organization. The core of ScALeD is a set of 13 principles, structured into 5 pillars. The pillars or outline of ScALeD resemble the main lean values:

Quote for the day:

"Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest.” -- Mark Twain

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