January 31, 2015

Data preparation is the unsung hero of big data analytics
When it comes to analytics, there's an old axiom that goes "garbage in, garbage out," meaning that if you throw high volumes of poorly formed data into an analytic solution, you'll get bad results. Historically, the cleansing and preparation of data has been a long, arduous, time-consuming process. When I was at Yankee Group, we migrated CRM systems, but before we could do the migration, the company spent a year doing nothing but cleaning up the records in the existing system so we didn't import bad data. Even with all the work we did, we still had a bunch of bad information that was migrated over.

China Further Tightens Grip on the Internet
The move to disable some of the most widely used V.P.N.s has provoked a torrent of outrage among video artists, entrepreneurs and professors who complain that in its quest for so-called cybersovereignty ... “I need to stay tuned into the rest of the world,” said Henry Yang, 25, the international news editor of a state-owned media company who uses Facebook to follow American broadcasters. “I feel like we’re like frogs being slowly boiled in a pot.” Multinational companies are also alarmed by the growing online constraints. Especially worrisome, they say, are new regulations that would force foreign technology and telecom companies to give the government “back doors” to their hardware and software and require them to store data within China.

Google defends policy that leaves most Android devices unpatched
According to Beardsley, the Android security response team first replied to bug reports in mid-October with the "we-don't-patch-WebView-anymore" message. Beardsley used his blog to urge Google to change its collective mind and return to patching WebView in those older editions, which by Google's own admission power more than 60% of all Android devices. ... "We provide patches for the current branch of Android in the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) and directly provide Android partners with patches for at least the last two major versions of the operating system."

The Technology Coming in 2015: a Realistic Analysis
Every year more and more watch innovations are presented, but they are still seen as products just for geeks. Why might 2015 be different? First, the French company Withings has introduced an innovation that doesn’t seem like one. From the outside it is a conventional watch, while on the inside it carries sensors that monitor activity, sports and sleep. It keeps the correct time by itself, automatically communicates with your smartphone and, like a typical watch, you don’t have to recharge it, though it will require a batter change every 8 months. This new smartwatch proposal, based on simplicity and elegance, won over the tech enthusiasts at CES 2015 and goes on sale in late January at affordable prices.

Use a SQL interface to handle JSON data in DB2 11
This tutorial focuses on a SQL interface recently introduced in DB2® 11 for z/OS® that allows extraction and retrieval of JSON data from BSON objects and conversion from JSON to BSON. With this new feature, users can manage JSON data without relying on DB2 NoSQL JSON APIs. Instead, SQL interfaces can be used for JSON manipulation. Learn about the setup/configuration and get illustrations for common JSON usage inside DB2 11 for z/OS. Hints and tips are provided to improve performance and prevent potential pitfalls.

Storage Spaces Physical Disk Validation Script
As part of a new Storage Spaces deployment, there are a number of functional requirements which each Physical Disk must satisfy before creating a Storage Pool. Further, there exists a natural functional and performance variance between physical disks of the same model (and even manufacturing lot) which can result from a number of factors including manufacturing tolerances, shipping damage, or even vibration in a disk enclosure. In a large storage deployment, these variances can be difficult to identify as the cause of a functional or performance issue.

It's Ben Armstrong and what's new in Hyper-V
In Edge Show episode 134, Rick is getting back in touch with on-premises technologies that are still very close to his heart. This episode has Rick reaching out to Ben Armstrong from the Hyper-V team to talk about all things new in Hyper-V found in the Technical Preview 1 of Windows Server. Ben outlines 2 or 3 big things and a bunch of "popcorn".

The Purpose of Silicon Valley
Such combinations of improvements in hardware and software lead to many technologies that are extremely valuable even if they get less attention than Web or mobile-app startups valued at hundreds of millions of dollars, says Tom Hayes, a marketing executive who founded the Techmanity conference and Joint Venture Silicon Valley, a group that promotes regional development. What confuses outsiders is that so much in the Valley “seems trivial, small ball,” Hayes says, “when the myth is that we are supposed to be out changing the world. In fact, our utopian idealism has shrunk in recent years as we’ve come to realize that even little innovations, in the right context, can have enormous impact … and the odds of pulling them off successfully are infinitely greater.”

Update on the DATA Act
While a strong majority of government organizations reported formal processes around data governance, planning, change management, and almost a majority had a formal organizational structure, fewer reported strong data architectures and only one-quarter reporting measuring the outcomes of their data processes. Most worrisome is the inability to hire, train, grow and retain the data talent they need – only 26% said they did. For some, implementing the DATA Act will certainly be a challenge. However, the generous timeline and the resources available to guide the process will help.

5 reasons why ecommerce is good for the Indian economy
As ecommerce undoubtedly depends on cutting edge technology, it in turn requires a quality workforce. There is a strong demand for web developers, software coders, analytics experts, content writers, graphic designers and digital marketers among other specialized tech areas. On the business side, there is a massive requirement for product and UI interface designers, marketing, ERP & SCM professionals and customer facing staff. All of this adds up to a humungous demand for over 150,000 professionals in the coming years.

Quote for the day:

"Never forget that only dead fish swim with the stream." -- Malcolm Muggeridge

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